63 Days · 21 Moments · December 2017

Every day in the life

4 March 2018

Lovely morning at Carinya

1 February 2018

Walks along Gentle Rd

21 January 2018

No sprays for me tonight

20 January 2018

Paige's christening cake, progress shot of my key hanger and I note from dad which I hadn't seen til today

19 January 2018

Beaut morning on the spray reel

15 January 2018

First night in the new place last night. No photos but the brown panelling is something to behold

11 January 2018

Nan drawing at the pub. Pretty face!

8 January 2018

Visiting Kayc and the crew for a couple of days

7 January 2018

Went from 44 degrees to 27 when I drove into this little shower on the way to Canberra

5 January 2018

Shed site has been extended. Dusty as now

4 January 2018

The boys "going fishing early" after an evening of drinking in the carport.

3 January 2018

BBQ at Han's while Kayla is home. Chace colouring in. Flying a kite - Harry enjoyed this more than Chace. The bigger hats fit Jack so back to the sewing machine for Chace and Tyler
Burned the bejeeesus out of a pot of taters last night
The Harry's crew are getting stuck into the salt. Weaned and sent steers today.
Finished another hat

2 January 2018

Pumping water for the laneway cattle. The steer calves are on a truck tomorrow. Just noticed one of the Springers has pink eye. Will treat that tomorrow while we are drafting weaners and bringing the bigger heifers up for the truck.
New hats for Chace, Jack and Tyler.

1 January 2018

After Faz's 30th/New Years party. Home to bed after 2am and he's asleep with the light on