United States of America · 3 Days · 3 Moments · December 2017

My daily journal

2 January 2018

I woke up at 10, watched the puppy and ate Baker’s tostada, fries, and large raspberry tea. I have my hydroflask by me but we’re out of water. I didn’t wash my face or brush my teeth. I studied my Russian lesson on Duolingo.

1 January 2018

I woke up early around 7 because of Opal. Opal and I went to the bathroom. I used Katie’s milk makeup skincare (matcha cleanser and the de-puffer) i woke up katie and we left. I watched Opal while Dad and Mom slept more, then, I took a nap. I brushed my teeth and put on rose water and foundation. I went to Rosie’s house for the boat. On the way I worked on my first 17 words in Russian and did tomorrow’s Duolingo lesson. I weighed myself and I am 160.2 pounds. I drank as much water as I can. I can’t start the diet today and I’m think of doing it when my family starts it. I took of my makeup with Burt’s bees sensitive skin cleaning wipes and used Murad’s cleanser. I didn’t brush my teeth and went to bed around 2.

31 December 2017

12/31/17 Goals : - have a good daily routine - eat healthy - exercise - learn Russian daily - become more positive - listen to subliminals Привет! I listen to boosters and five life subs. I did the first Duolingo course. I learned that I have to learn about 17 words a day to reach 1,561 words by March. I studied some today. I’m eating everything that I can before my diet. I can start tomorrow because I have a family party