United States of America · 33 Days · 10 Moments · November 2017

My daily journal

20 December 2017

It is 7am December 21st 2017, father I want to thank you for thinking of me when you gave me this life. I want to remember right now to be as thankful as when I get a gift or a trip I really enjoy. Something that makes me so joyous about life that I can’t wait. That’s exciting and I can’t sleep bc I’m so passionate about it. Thank you lord for life to be able o breath and meet new people. Will be daring and passionate about life. There is much to be said still. There is good to be done and the gospel of Jesus to be preached. Thank you Lord for my wife that is sleeping right now. Take real good care of her. She is the amazing gift you have given me. Thank you Lord

17 December 2017

Today I’m excited to post something new. I’m coming to the realization that health isn’t only spiritual or physical but these are as important as our emotional health of thinking, our beliefs toward ourselves, to be able to get healthier it is important to include a time or times where we tell ourselves affirmations, because most of the time as nice as we want to be toward others we are not as good and nice toward ourselves. We don’t realize it but most of the time we are thinking or telling ourselves that we can’t do something, that we are not enough when God has giving us the unique gifting to be part of a community where we bring something new to the table. Your inside conversations will be your beliefs #affirmthetruth not what we think is true. We are who we see ourselves to be 🤓🤙🏼

15 December 2017

Father, today is the recital for the kids. Let every student shine more than calm them bring them peace and love for their craft. They are truly a blessing. Let them rejoice because we start realizing that time is very valuable and that life is very short. If I’m not doing what I love I’m wasting my time. Thank you bc in my life I have never looked like this. I’m Jesus let me help people to have a healthier lifestyle not only physically, emotionally and get to the spiritual side

11 December 2017

I want to change the world. Live of a suitcase travel meet new people make a difference bc God is Great. Health is a lifestyle all around. There is more than fitness more than books more to life there the believe that together we can make a difference

6 December 2017

Lord there is a purpose in our lives and it is to make disciples and go to the ends of the world. If we pass Vlogmas. It would be great to create something like the Daily CoupledLife

27 November 2017

I am doing what I love to do!!!

23 November 2017

To thanksgiving breakfast. Thank you God

20 November 2017

Today is Monday, 3 days before thanksgiving. There is a reason why this day exists now a days and it is to calm down my world and concentrate on things that are worth living for. I probably focus nos of the time on things that I don’t have than on things that I have or moments I have lived that I am greatful for. Today I focus on my wife and the how blessed I am to have had met her. I focus on my health and how strong I am and focus on my mom and brother and how loved I am by them. Thank you Lord:):)! Achieve today: -post my pic -post a YouTube video on our channel

18 November 2017

It’s 3 am each morning brings my glory to God. I’m thankful for what he has United this weekend. Thank you Lord for Victor and Kayla!!