8 Days · 15 Moments · November 2017

Visual Diary in Chengdu

19 November 2017

The atrium space is full of sense of rhythm. I like the flowing design,fashionable,dynamic and neatly simple. Different from other buzzing shopping malls, IN 99 is more like a hidden gem in the city with few people even at the weekend because it just opened for about half a year.
Kids areas
Fascinated by these rhythmical water pipes, I entered the amazing corridor to explore the end,guess what, it is the way to the restroom. Really like this kind of streamlined design.
Spent the weekend indoors at In99 Mall due to the rainy weather. We came to have our lunch at an exquisite restaurant named WEHOUSE where the decoration style appears to be a mixture of post-modernism and neoclassicism. Fine dining with fantastic lake view,this western style restaurant offers a cozy ambiance. More importantly,the scrumptious roast sausages and mouthwatering steaks are absolutely amazing! We had a pleasure lunch time there.

18 November 2017

Night view in southern Chengdu. The blue one in the distance is the Inter Continental Hotel and the black taller one is the Sichuan Radio and Television building.

15 November 2017

After getting in the entrance, you will welcomed by a duplicated gate which is originated from the ancient gate of Sichuan University in the history,standing in front of a central water way. Walked through the doorway,a vast long waterway lined by the yellow ginkgo trees will give visitors a fantastic first impression.

14 November 2017

The scenery looked outside as standing behind the southeast entrance of Sichuan University Jiangan campus.
Campus tour. This is fountain at the southeast gate of Sichuan University Jiangxi campus.The throbbing spray of water together with the yellow ginkgo tree leaves added a beautiful autumn view of the campus. The school motto was engraved on the oblique granite surface of the long but short cultural wall originated from the desk calendar.

13 November 2017

Another sunny morning,took some pictures in Sichuan university.

12 November 2017

We had our dinner at this Taipei style restaurant in Taikoo Li Chengdu,a famous commercial property where the tradition meets with modernity. My kid loves to eat this sort of crusty pancake and soybean milk,but it's not too easy to eat that, because there are always many tourists lining up there for it's tasty treat.
Here are some attractions in people's park.the tea house is featured as local characteristics with grey bricks wall and bamboo chairs. The second pics is a spontaneously formed dating corner. What's interesting is that nearly all the participants are parents instead of their marriageable children. They are talking to each other, full of enthusiasm,with the hope to hunt for a satisfied future son-in-law or daughter-in-law. I quickly captured a picture and walked away. The last one is a monument for special revolutionary event happened in Chengdu's history.
Went to the city center by subway line 2 in the afternoon. The first sight to see when came out of the exit from the underground metro is the panda post on your right side. If you look carefully you'll find a roaster standing on the roof of the house at the opposite street corner. It's said to be a revolutionary themed restaurant opened for decades. Walked across the zebra lines we arrived at the people's park to see the chrysanthemum show and.....of course the children's amusement park mustn't be missed. My lovely one enjoyed a lot of fun there.
Seeing a magic show in Wanda Plaza shopping mall on Sunday noon. There are many malls in Chengdu,people are likely to hang out with friends or family members in kinds of shopping malls instead of the traditional city center nowadays. The clown was performing to attract children and parents whom are the target customers of the sponsored formula powder company.

11 November 2017

We had our dinner at nearby Global Center Mall after dark. The cinema is at the same floor with the restaurants, as we hunted for our dining place we roamed past a sculpture of ape riding on a horse, I said"oh look at that,so interesting!" Then my wife gave me a contemptuous look and told me that it is a recent hit film-the rise of planet of the apes. Oh, I am so out of dated: (
Sunny Saturday, went to the Jincheng Park to cycle with my family. Just enjoy the leisure weekend afternoon.