India · 110 Days · 5 Moments · January 2018

My Office diary

17 May 2018

Meeting schedule showcase of available employees
Employee top picks of the month for each workforce Sentimental analysis for good and bad reviews - advice to management from employee and vice versa with good chart Blogs suggestions based on domain or industry Employee benefit reviews sentimental analysis - four benefits .Get the important point and show them Gamification with all competitors and also the employees showing their work , leave , his reviews , severity level of job attended , no of jobs took and reliability for his stay in office Chatbots that can be asked for his reviews , his domain related news, blog Bad review showcase the point that makes him bad from review of the customer Updates about employee job performance and show his improvement from the past Revenue and cost spent on his domain by competitors Job allocation automatically Best picks suggestions for each job which could accommodate employees from all domains

14 April 2018

Micro services which helps make application built by separate modules which is called modular components. Modular meaning constructed from small pieces . Micro services opposite is monolithic architecture - building an application as a whole and not as modules. Micro services enable each service to be isolated,rebuilt,redeployed and managed independently. Microservices architecture is building an application which is divided into services Microservices is a suite of many services suite meaning is collection

1 April 2018

Machine Learning going in good way ..... First priority to ML then learn Django in one month Learn MongoDB basics in one month

27 January 2018

Learn python and Mongo db with full dedication Learn Machine Learning and show progress in each week Learn react js