United States of America · 79 Days · 10 Moments · August 2017

My exchange year

21 October 2017

Had my first really American barbecue. What can I say: lots and lots of meat. We spent the afternoon at the pool and I went down super steep slides. One of them was one of those „Drop-Slides“ where you fall down through a trap door. We ate in San Antonio and walked along the river walk. The restaurant was beautiful. +Texans are obsessed with their state

19 October 2017

San Antonio, Texas. We flew commercial on our way there and I watched „The night manager“. On Friday, me and Yukari went to see the Alamo and later we got German food in Fredericksburg and visited the cute little Town of „Comfort“. In the evening, we went to eat Tex-Mex and the lamps were sombreros! I also bought my very own pair of cowboy boots and this boot store was crazy

14 October 2017

First real sushi experience. It was really good but it took forever. The cook/staff was so lovely, when I asked them to give me on of the paper table cloths as souvenir, they also gifted me a really pretty sake-box. (+they gave me all of the different table cloth designs)
Back again in LA. We saw Kaia for the first time and she was so tiny and cute. We had lunch at „Malibu Seafood“ and it was amazing, even though I had to get up early in order to do it. We went to Santa Monica Pier and while driving there I saw Dolphins in the ocean.

8 October 2017

Went shooting. Liked the pistol better. The photo of me looking confused is an actual representation of me with a rifle. The snow was really beautiful, but damn cold. Had my first driving lesson in a car-like ATV and I did good. We then watched „Moana“ in the Ranch-Movie Theatre and now we‘ll eat dinner. (Cat didn‘t move a centimeter and I just love her so I took more pictures)
Rainy Day at the ranch. Fell in love with the dog (Gronkh, but you probably write it different) and finally got a little bit control over Newt, the horse. Afternoon we‘ll go shooting

7 October 2017

Wyoming. The middle of freaking nowhere at Red Reflet Ranch. We‘re driving around in ATVs and It was my first time horseback riding

13 August 2017

-Added later- Visiting Family in Illinois. A really typical suburban town with big houses with big yards and America flags. Spent a day in Chicago and did an architectural boat tour. In the evening we ate at „Next“ with the Theme Hollywood. Loved the trip.

7 August 2017

First trip of many. Attended Yuki‘s baby party and then on Sunday went to the Warner Brothers Studios. It was awesome even though we discovered everything is fake (they tie the branches to the trees...they literally tie branches to trees so they can take them on and of). In the evening we went to a concert at Hollywood Bowl from Belle and Sebastian. Trip was great, but I was terribly jetlagged.

3 August 2017

Beginning of the big adventure. Flight was great, I watched two movies („Split“ and „Life“). At the end we had two fly above Lake Michigan for about two hours due to weather conditions. Second flight was delayed and I got super tired. -Added later-