North America · 152 Days · 254 Moments · January 2019

My daily journal


Last four are views from our campsite in Valemount BC.
Entered Jasper National Park. Please excuse my many pictures. WOW!!


2 days ago

Entered Alberta, heading towards Jasper National Park.

3 days ago

Sunsets here have such brilliant colors in every direction.
Made it to Dawson Creek where the Alcan (Alaska) Highway begins. We might have done it backwards, but we did it, made it to mile zero! 1,523 miles one way! Amazing!
British Columbia is very beautiful everywhere we have been! Even on a rainy day.

4 days ago

Stone Mountain Provincial Park
I do not edit my pics, just post them in order of how we drive. Weather is always changing in the mountains which makes for some awesome pics.
Muncho Lake is one of the largest natural lakes in the Canadian Rockies.
Muncho Lake BC, elevation 2,690 ft. We followed this lake for over 7 miles. Absolutely stunning!!
Northern Rocky Mountains
Left Liard River heading to Fort Nelson.

6 days ago

The cloud-cover made for some beautiful pics.
Few pics from today’s travels leaving Skagway, heading east through the Yukon.

7 days ago

Very scenic area!
Skagway, gateway to the Klondike. It's home to gold-rush-era buildings, now preserved as part of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park. May through September, Skagway sees over 1,000,000 visitors who contribute over $100,000,000 in taxable revenue. This revenue provides over $5,000,000 in City revenue, with a population of 1,000 people. Amazing fact!

8 days ago

Most pics are taken through the window as we drive, since we wouldn’t get any where if we stopped every time I wanted a pic 😜
The drive to Skagway is unreal, tops the list! Totally amazing! There’s only one way in so we will have the pleasure of taking this scenic drive again.
Emerald Lake!
Heading back through Whitehorse Yukon to Skagway Alaska.

9 days ago

On the road again. Check out the cool sky changes. I don’t alter any of my pics. Great camera in this phone.

10 days ago

Beautiful views from the Midnight Dome, Klondike and Yukon rivers, and the area where they are still mining gold.
Staying in Dawson City, a town on the Yukon River in northwest Canada. A base during the 19th-century Klondike Gold Rush, the town has several preserved frontier-style buildings. Bank, Post Office, and hotel were established in 1898. The SS Keno is a preserved historic sternwheel paddle steamer, 1922.

6 June 2019

All my sweet girls are together this weekend in Denver for Charisa’s birthday. 🎂🎉 Lucky Travis!
Crossing the Yukon River on this free ferry. You know where to find us if we don’t make it. 😳🙃
Stunning views in every direction. Definitely feel like your on the top of the world, with nothing for miles but beautiful open country!
Top of the World Highway, another gravel road but with amazing views for hundreds of miles in every direction. Beautiful!! Ends in Dawson City.
Back in my beautiful homeland! 🇨🇦 Canadian customs, nicest officer, lives at the post. Dirt Highway continues on to historic Dawson City.
From Chicken to the Canadian Border is 40 miles of dirt road, Taylor Highway.
Heading back a different route through Chicken AK, a gold mining town which began in 1898 and still mining.

5 June 2019

Tok is where we began, one huge circle. We have certainly enjoyed every place we visited. Hope to come back some day!
Heading east to Tok. Our final views of the Alaska Range.

4 June 2019

North Pole Alaska.

3 June 2019

Visited Pioneer Park, Air Museum & many old homes built in the early 1900s. Plus the Morris Thompson Cultural Visitors Center, very unique!
Heading to Fairbanks.
The evening sky around midnight as the sun sets.

2 June 2019

Beautiful view from high up of the Denali area. Few funny signs along the dirt road going up.
Went to see a dog sled demonstration at the park, only national park with active sled dogs. Fun to see how excited the Alaskan Huskies got when they were getting ready to choose which dogs to pull the sleigh.

31 May 2019

The terrain was so much dryer than expected.
The roads were gravel and very narrow (1 lane) in places. Check out the last 2 pics, zoom in to notice the roads on the mountainside.
The size is so impressive.
Only way into the main part of Denali Park is by bus - 7 hour trip. Saw lots of wildlife.

30 May 2019

Since it was such a nice day, we did a short drive into the Denali National Park (6 million acres).
Amazing views all day! Everything is so massive!
Leaving Talkeetna heading towards Denali National Park. Again we got a clear view of the big one. We are so blessed!! South and north viewpoints.

29 May 2019

AMAZING! We saw Mt McKinley (Denali) 20,311 ft tallest in North America. We are approximately 60 miles away. Doesn’t happen too often! Oh My Heart!!! Massive. You can’t put it into words. We were awed!
Hatcher Pass
Heading north.

28 May 2019

Found this amazing gem tucked away in the mountains, Lake Eklutna (1 mile across 7 miles long). Find the people in the first pic to get an idea of the size. Pics are from the end of the lake.
Took a scenic drive to the Chugach State Park, with a great scenic overlook of the Anchorage area.

27 May 2019

Followed the Turnagain Arm Bay.
Stopped in Portage, Chugach National Forest, to see the glaciers.
Another day of amazing views while driving north to Anchorage.

24 May 2019

Nice evening ski.
Salmon are running so we figured that’s why there are so many eagles. Fun to watch so many so close.
Staying in Anchor Point for the long weekend. The beach is just down the road. Two active 11,000 ft volcanos across the bay. Closest I have ever gotten to a pair of eagles. 😳😊
Sad to leave Homer. So far our favorite spot to camp. Another beautiful day!

23 May 2019

The skies here are amazing, changing constantly. The last one is an active volcano 60 miles from shore.
Had dinner with a couple (friends of Marty’s family) who Marty stayed with here 45 years ago, and hasn’t seen them since then. Crazy but fun.
Today we were able to get a great picture of the Spit from the end of the bay, and as you come into town.
Moose tend to be a nuisance here, but check out the twins.

22 May 2019

Staying on the Spit that extends 5 miles from Homer, on the Kachemak Bay. Right on the beach. Cool little town.
Headed south to Homer along the west coast of the Peninsula with beautiful views of the mountains across the bay.

21 May 2019

Headed back to our tiny home. More beautiful lakes.
We saw Orcas, Porpoises, Puffins, Eagles, and Sea Lions.
Went on a 4 hour cruise on Resurrection Bay which is known for its many Fjords and Glaciers.
Another awesome drive! Kenai Lake again from the east end.
We headed to Seward, on the coast.

20 May 2019

Kenai Lake which is 22 miles long, most of it is inaccessible except by boat.

19 May 2019

Our little peanut is 6 months now and eating avocados.❤️
Took a walk along the Kenai River in Cooper Landing where we are staying. What a view!
Heading to the Kenai Peninsula.

18 May 2019

Our campsite view tonight. Marty’s enjoying the homemade cookies I just made.
Check out the fun facts about glaciers.
Lots of glaciers on our drive today!

17 May 2019

Heading towards Anchorage. Another beautiful drive! Saw a couple moose.

16 May 2019

Entering Alaska!
Views from today driving through the Yukon.

15 May 2019

Another beautiful evening by the fire with my niece Torey and her boyfriend Damien who live in Whitehorse.

14 May 2019

Heading to Whitehorse Yukon.
Coffee by the lake before we head north.

13 May 2019

Oh My Heart! Taken at 10:30 pm.
THEN we arrived at Boya Lake Provincial Park in the middle of nowhere. What an amazing surprise!
These are taken out the window as we drive.
There is just something about water and mountains...I can’t seem to stop😜 Several of the lakes were still frozen.
More beautiful lakes!
Another amazing day, glaciers, mountains... Saw a few black bears, several grizzlies and a moose.

12 May 2019

Also went to Hyder, Alaska. Try to find that one on a map. It is where the Portland Canal ends separating Canada and the US.
Staying tonight in Stewart BC, small town on the farthest western border. Stunning views
Another awesome day. Snow capped mountains in every direction.

11 May 2019

Beautiful sunset!
Tonight’s view from our campsite!
We finally made it halfway through BC!

9 May 2019

He thought he would go for a swim 😂 Couldn’t even keep his feet in 🤔
Amazing lakes and rivers!
Breathtakingly beautiful!
This lake is my favorite😳
BC Discovery Coast Highway, heading north from Whistler is the most amazing drive so far. Beautiful!!

8 May 2019

Rode the Gondola up Whistler Mt.
Brandywine Falls Provincial Park, Whistler BC

7 May 2019

He did it, got in the icy river!
Amazing views in every direction!!

6 May 2019

Shannon Falls Provincial Park, 1,100 ft high. Find the rock climbers in the last pic, gives an idea of the size.
Squamish BC
Heading north
Hello mainland.
Sad to be leaving Vancouver Island.

5 May 2019

Our last evening on Vancouver Island. Such a beautiful view from our campground. Check out the eagle.
Neck Point Park in Nanaimo. Lots of hiking!
Pipers Lagoon Park in Nanaimo.

4 May 2019

Nanaimo BC, Strait of Georgia
Saanich Inlet

3 May 2019

Beacon Hill Park, (created in 1882) worlds largest totem pole -173 ft.
Victoria, BC

2 May 2019

Visited the cute little town of Sidney, BC.

1 May 2019

Our precious granddaughters are growing up fast!

30 April 2019

Out for a ride on our bikes and found yet another beautiful beach. Rode the beach for a good mile or more.
Today we just hung around on the beach and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Marty enjoyed flying his kites.
Our morning coffee view. We just can’t seem to leave Tofino. Another gorgeous day!

29 April 2019

Took a day trip to the natural hot springs in the Maquinna Marine Provincial Park which is only accessible by water. It was a 1 1/2 hr boat trip up the coast, 2 mile hike through the forest to the hot springs. We saw Gray Whales, Orca Whales, & Sea Otters. Amazing!

28 April 2019

Ucluelet, Pacific Rim, Lighthouse Point

27 April 2019

Beautiful kite-flying evening.
Biked to town, hiked through the rain forest to this beautiful beach.

26 April 2019

Nice evening by the ocean.
Beautiful views from the campgrounds where we are staying.
Visited some of the beautiful beaches in the area. Saw several surfers.

25 April 2019

Tofino BC
Kennedy Lake
Sproat Lake
Port Alberni
Cathedral Grove, most ancient Douglas Fir trees, in MacMillan Provincial Park.
Heading to Tofino on the Pacific Rim.

24 April 2019

Staying at Qualicum Beach. Beautiful evening with all the snow peaks visible on the mainland.
Campbell River/Lake
Elk Falls Provincial Park
Miracle Beach Provincial Park.
Off to explore this beautiful island!! And, it’s a clear sunny day! 😎🇨🇦

23 April 2019

I think I found my new home. Vancouver Island is awesomely beautiful. No words to describe. And we just got here.
Great views on the ferry ride.
Taking the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Vancouver Is.
🇨🇦 Here we come!

21 April 2019

Birch Bay State Park

20 April 2019

Nooksack Falls
Mount Baker

19 April 2019

Birch Bay

18 April 2019