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14 March 2018

12 March 2018

I have been thinking that I need to go somewhere and my own children far away from this planet that My children and I need to disappear far away from ???? And ????and ?,?,? Just to brainwash them far away from my children and I just like jarkit because they are already getting into my own case. Full of bugs and paranoid activity.
Moral lessons I learn from my own mistake that help vs help of lending a person that people need to watch out down in the lower class structure that there some are nice and some are mean and sabotage you
I have been thinking about weeks, years and months that I cannot get out of my own system that I begin to suffer with depression before and during the final judgement that I have been craving food and hunger of the triangular theory but I keep on hoping until there is no hope left for me on this planet earth. For me coming back I just why sol and conrand Talla jr Nicole Anderson and chelsi and jois Kay lee Talla that I have been victim of abuse and no words for me to say left to them. I am still deciding by myself to think of what I want to do with my life
Sol birthday party boring and I am 😴. But I thought about the last time that I am in New York in 2013 about my break ups with chance, the gossip about my friend Richard it is not always that easy for me to connect back to my own frenemies because they are already getting into my own case and the rumors about my own boyfriend Jessie with the Hollywood celebrities Nicole Anderson and my own best friend Jennifer Lopez.
I can wait I finished the book of Catherine the great, natural selection, twilight and les miserable. Oh wait I enjoyed New York to Canada’s to Boston with my real family and relatives and totally enjoying my real mom step and Kim. β™₯️β™₯️ meet new people along the way except oh oh and still upset about seeing my own favorite celebrity actor more than Freddie stromatolites, Orlando bloom, and Johnny depp.
The hundred acre wood πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ of laker game πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜¦mmm yeah getting boredom. The game of lifespan in the basketball game πŸ˜€πŸ˜…πŸ˜¦. Nay. I wonder if there is a one guy in the world that is althetes that challenge themselves to everyday of situations.mmm sweets dear brother Michael Phelps and Conor are like brothers but they are adorable together. Dancing in the moonlight under the stars, coments, and the rocket ship. Boost self esteem to everyday and setbacks to overcome barriers.
I am listening to a song called too good in goodbyes by Sam Smith right now but when I first listen to New York City and it made me feel good about myself in the tower when I am eating for breakfast. But I thought about my own future that will hold for me and of course my own Prince Charming and my own children. I am still deciding about what to do for the rest of my life. The crystal ball say that time pass by and the clock begin to tick and ringπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ. 🀒 headache. The rest of the day feeling 😐. But I am still here I still exist in the world and even my Prince Charming still here for me

11 March 2018

Hey googli bear

7 March 2018

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22 February 2018

I meet up with princess Elsa and we were talking about fill in the blank that made me realize the big word grant and honor and society and tribe
When I return back from Cerritos college I was working on my photography and film and I bump into doofey and we play tic tac toe but I really have to go to class. So anyway I kinda want to meet the Disney character from finding Nemo the turtle named trump and princess Ana

20 February 2018

Ask the lost slipper I had English 72 and I have Timothy and Mia and Peter. Timothy ask your own boyfriend if you two can spend quality time together but I did not want to because sol and conrand have been my own case and even their own daughter chelsi and Nicole Anderson and Kelsi. I ask Timothy if he can pretend to be my own boyfriend and now it is both of our own case.
Ask for the lost shoe that fits in my film class we draw and draw that Dr k ask to draw a picture about your own boyfriend so I did sketch and draw in my pad in black ink light and then shade. When I was working at my own homework I ask Katy if she knew Richard genre that goes to school in usc and Logan sweet in UCLA. And I will start to wonder about my very own Prince Charming
Ask for the lost shoe that fits that in photography I meet some nice people like Jacob graham that he can be a big brother to me that is my own part to be a little sister. The thing that I loved the most is able to work as a team and working alone sometimes but he always think of a way to brain wash me from my own work. At the end I can erase my work and double check all over again. And missing a day or two of what work to turn it in.
When I get back ask about the lost shoe that fits in the person of the act of integrity and loyalty for dating and loving someone dearly not torn them apart. I heard some rumors when I get back that it is always been about sabotage and betrayal of the other women just like me which concern me a lot with Anna popwell and I and Nadine lustre and dolynn Abrando. I meet Christian Meyer that he can be mean sometimes but he turn out to be okay as a gentlemen when you really get to know a lot of better just not to go haha with him but he ask me if I want to do math homework with him and even though we just take a look at each other work in each step but I learn to ask him to explain to me after I recieve lower grade in the quiz 2 and go over some review which it help very much just the calculator problems
Ask about lost shoe that does not fit into categories during my senior year orientation in a junior college. It was monster university with mike McKenzie during college orientation in Cerritos college. So many guys have been asking me out on a date or get married yeah right you must be bluffing. You can fool me twice and you can fool your selves but does it make you feel better at the end. It does not make me feel better when I fool my own professor and at then end I feel a lot of guilt to use faking just tell the truth and be honest to your own selves. I honest was my dad Ivan that I keep the hydrea flower that remind me of true love for a kind kind that have integrity to his own daughter

19 February 2018

Joan have been asking me when are you going to transfer mmm maybe later in 2019 or 2020. Oh come on you. Stop playing around with me. I am going to tell your own boyfriend. Fine. Minute later Joan ask Nadine to talk to me and she asked me the same question over and over again. Okay hold on Joey me see I just do my speech introduction this semester and English composition on the fall semester. And then let me of what can I do to the trouble maker and child like behavior and all it better. One more Nadine about the trouble maker you know how trouble maker are that I despite their own action and behavior. I love my bio mom irin more than all of you. Little bit better and she was okay
Lei want to go to a university right away and take courses and courses that will drive her own boat thanks to Steven brown. For me everyone have been asking what drive Clarisse boat?????????? I told my best friend lei and Joan mmm let me see common sense, tolerance, respect and courtesy not like child like behavior. I told Joan can you see what is in usc? And Grand Canyon university? And UCLA ? And other CSU and UC university and San Jose state university and New York university yeah right no thank you. Change my mind since I have two illegal guardian who are child like behavior and they keep on blocking me. I am about to had it with the adult who are acting a child like behavior and I will put them into grounding mode. My head is twisted like licquiorice with child like behavior. This time I want to go to university British of Columbia, oxford university and King Arthur university
Lei love to play women and health of the cause and the risk of eating and intake of medicine that I use daily and weight of naming species of what kind they are like rosters and chickens belong to what kind of species. YikeπŸ˜” and naming of what kind of pain to reduce stress and frustrations so anyway I just decide to play with Brianna, Jenny, nelly, and Kylien , lei and sylin from San Fransico state university called communication with jazzmine and Amber from usc.
Nadine graduate in 2015 in nursing in usc and cal state fulterton and now we are playing a new game with my friend may, dolynn, lei and I called giving instructions to your friends but I always loss and may graduate 2016. Dolynn, lei and I are playing a new game called disorder and treatments and she graduate as a social worker.
Joan achieve and graduate school already but I am still playing with Nadine, may , Leila , dolynn and I a new game called a social worker and a speech therapy. There is a couple of rules like giving advice, listen and communicating and thinking of what else to say and do before you spill that it is not supposed to come right out your own mouth
Dolynn, nadine, joan, and I still playing the pandemic game to show the sign of symptoms that is happening across the globe and we love it a lot because we can cure particular people if we got it right by our own words and actions as we fly the plane to understand the symptoms however we have to communicate with people and then we listen to people of what they have to say but if we got the answer wrong there is a new symptoms to appear
I am reading the communication of speaking in speech 130 that it have a meaningful to my own career pathway and also for transportations and technology. I am thinking that communication is important for people to understand and listen to keyword to the given problem in history. I understand the keyword for me is being aware and concentrate to the instructions just like the ambulance ringing everyday when I get home but I went to the bus but it remind me of section by section called road block and ice breaker to overcome my own barrier in life.
The time I remember that we have a school dance that no one did not even bother me of asking me out to go out for a dance date that my best friend Nadine lustre said that you should never ever missed out and your own boyfriend Richard genre is going to be there during preschool in Singapore and WHS and Bishop Amat high school that I decide to go because I just need a little fun of intellectual enjoyment for my life that I can really trust her that no one cannot tell and judge me by my own appearance but I am prepared of girls who will judge me just like chelsi and mock me for the rest of my life but my best friend will be there to support me in every step of the way that my mom oraganized a movement to in power and represent of women and also for men across the globe that the sign of victim of abuse in the mass media and real life
Dennis Quiand explain that making of friendly greeting can make a difference because that one person can be your own friend for the rest of your own lifetime that will company you when you feel down or upset. I mean that I watched the news of virtual pictures that one professor can feel down by her own husband that it feels good having a companion that always be there for a friend that have loyal heart of kindness that will turn your negative into a positive quality that you will never be alone during bad times that a friend can lean on you and always have your own back when needed and your own Prince Charming is away for vacation just like the time when I comfort my best friend Joan and Joan comfort me

17 February 2018

When I meet my best friend mana that she ask me about what I like about my own boyfriend. Cheese I do not know and how about you that what you like about your own boyfriend. She said hot and smart. Giggle. Years later until now that I can answer her own question of what I liked about my own boyfriend that I love when Richard and my other boyfriend is a loyal friend, genuine and respectful with honor and courtesy when with my own family and etc. that I admired their own personality traits. that I am still searching for my own Prince Charming like what I did with my old life. That all guys would like to take me by the hand but likely prefer to wait longer not too long or else grrr. Why you buy you know long for me just to see their own personality and responsibilities of an adult not like child like behavior
My favorite movie that I admired is the gladiator and Romeo and Juliet that can be inspiring by winning the audience heart of looking at the tragedy of what happpened to human kind. Blood, sweats, tears, and lost and secrets and lies and sabotage. When people speak about secrets I come across lies about for me that is not true that I keep secrets because it can be valuable to others and even hurtful to others that sometimes I can be straight forward but sometimes I keep secrets because I do not want my Prince Charming Richard genre to know what I have been hiding about that is coming from blood, sweat and tears from Rome and during the holocaust.
My memorable moment of my life will be the time that I went to New York when I was little child that every time that my sweet parents called me cupcake that most people will pick on me because my nickname is cupcake that I lived on the beautiful neighborhood in Mathattan that it got me inspired with the beautiful scenery and the view and the lifestyles of the lower class structure that every time that I looked it was the act of kindness that brings the Statue of Liberty to have freedom of choice, speech and rights
The time that I hang out in school that I am an international celebrity that I have been going to school and most guys are attractive with beautiful women and this guy in high school just come up to me and ask me out in a senior lua out that it was nice and a companion and I bring him to Hawaii and he become my own fake boyfriend and a loyal best friend that he can fake it until he can make it that he love to be a singer. I wonder if tom cruise have a loyal best friend?
The first time that I went to high school that I should be here because all teachers include a roster for every class and in my head that I said I am in the wrong class and when I check it I am in the right class. I wonder if one of the Hollywood celebrity such as Jennifer Aniston ever feel this feeling when she was a child
My second date however it did not went well that he is always thinking about himself and about the other women that she is better than I am and now it went in my head that sol and conrand and their own daughter Nicole Anderson, chelsi and Kelsi is just acting like them that oh great so I set up a goal to represent the women equality that a women are the same. I wonder if Hollywood celebrity such as victoria justice ever have this feelings before?
The most embrassing that I ever received is my first crush that we went out on a date and I did not know it was going to be windy and my hair got blowin and my skirt of course and then it is raining that I did not have an umbrella and my best friend just laughed and laughed but my boyfriend Andrew help me out by providing un umbrella and kiss me on the cheek
My most nerve racking when it comes to people is when meeting people the first time that we meet like introduce myself and greeting others at work and myself. What is most nerve racking that macy ever done in her own lifetime?
I told one of my big brother to hang out with Richard genre and David in English 100 and my own frenemies in his other class with you know who. I got something from my big brother mark oh boy oops yikes. Giggle xoxo giggle oops. I have that info about Richard genre does not like girl who are sassy and expensive just like sharpay and the Kelsi from high school musical. Test it out that guys can be just like girls that they will judge and criticize about other appearance. Guys you are not the only one.

16 January 2018

I have been busy doing work and I have been working on communication that is important to everyday of life. Communication is important for traveling, searching on the web to talking with people. promise can mean valuable vs promise to a stranger can be different things. For an example I promise to buy new ring on amazon that a form of communication for a gift for a special someone. πŸ˜‡ The other promise would be the act of devotion and love for a wedding partner for a marriage and a couple to love one other