3 Days · 3 Moments · February 2018

04/02- 07/02 wonder// carousell// jb

8 February 2018

Also caught wonder!! I was really looking forward to catching that movie in the cinemas but didn’t get to in the end!! Was so happy to find it on the new television machine that oldies got and we all gathered around to watch the movie on a Tuesday night. It was a really good movies with lots of feel good vibes! Everyone is fighting a battle of their own, so never underestimate what they’re going through. Love the optimism in this one, especially in auggie!! Jack will in the movie is really good looking too though!
It has been a really busy past few days!! I’ve been rushing carousell orders, watch movies, getting my dissertation done and yesterday, a short road trip to Malaysia (albeit just a companion & head count)

5 February 2018

So I rushed out 12 birthday cards for an order within 24 hours, it wasn’t the most ideal timeframe but I got it done nonetheless!! Was really tired at the end of the day but all is good now🤗