Indonesia · 1 Days · 8 Moments · January 2018

06/01 batam!!

6 January 2018

tried this horribly thick and über sweet “murtabak”. We really wanted to get the salty flavours which where not available, we definitely did not finish this at all. Got the chocolate + cheese + banana combo- the cheese was pretty weird by otherwise, it was 👌🏻 taste wise!
caught the greatest showman which was 10/10!!!!😍😍 (go catch it if you haven’t!) Good plot, good soundtrack, adorable kids, good price, good company.
took photo booth style photos which was only S$2.70!!
and ate like crazyyy. We came across this stall selling oyster omelette on our way to our hotel after dinner and couldn’t resist the temptation. It was really really yummy btw😋
all we did was to play time crisis and in all honest, I was terrible at it, we actually cleared all stages of it btw #geekwithnolife
and we went back for our hotel for room service, dancing in the room to digest all that eating and watch supergirl. This probably sounds like the most boring trip ever but it was a really really slow-paced and chill vacation that we both needed after all the drama last year.
finally embarked on our very first trip of the year that we’ve been looking forward to since last year. It isn’t a fancy trip to Europe nor was it an exciting trip to climb mountains by it was what we needed to recharge ourselves for the next year~
🚦🚦🚦 At the grocery store getting some milk and my mom refused to get any with a 7-day expiry looming ahead it. After much deliberation, dad had to get it from a 7-11 and... With the same expiry date 😂😂 “Which milk is able to last for more than a week anyway?”