China, Thailand · 138 Days · 43 Moments · January 2018

My daily journal 2018

19 May 2018

My Lunch for today’s Pizza at Tube Station Pizza 🍕 with Not, Tee, Ying and Prame but Prame don’t eat it because have shrimp 🦐 . Today I’m full !!!

12 May 2018

Dinner for today with Not, Ying, Prame, T and Me. This dinner has 5 dishes with 5 people 🍮🍗🐟

5 May 2018

At Lunch, we eat Japanese Food at Huahe, Aocheng. I AM FULL UP because in 2 hours 30 minuets we eat a lot. The first time I eat, I feel very happy and after eat i feel over full 🐵🙉🙊

21 April 2018

Welcome to May And Ying’s Birthday Party 🎉 🦒🐳🦖🦄Today is Animals’ Theme 🐶🐼🦁🐵 Thanks for Today, I love it, this is quality time in Tianjin.

20 April 2018

Today is Last day of 26th years old and Tomorrow I’m 27th years OMG 😲 Just 3 more years for 30 years old Ohhhh Noooo. Today we go shopping 🛒 at Careful and markets because tomorrow we will have a “Birthday Party” 🎉🎊 Let’s goooooo

27 March 2018

Badminton 🏸 Evening Exercise with Pin, Pat, Plai, Prame, we will diet 55+

24 February 2018

Dear DK ❤️👰🎩 I can’t believe you are finally getting married! We have talked about this day for so long and congratulations on your for big step together and wishing you have wonderful life Love You 😘

23 February 2018

Get away from it all. . . SA-WAD-DEE KOH SAMUI, THAILAND 🇹🇭 Samui First Time with TripDakMBT, Focus to eat eat and eat. Go to the sea but don’t play the sea 🌊 Tonight we sleeping at Samui Caravans (Samui Caravans is caravan on the beach & Sea view) we eating seafood barbecue and Suki very vey delicious 😋

19 February 2018

Day 2 Nok Aen Cliff

10 February 2018

9 February 2018

Recharge yourself in nature 🌿🍃🌱⛰
This is a very old and historic trail about 5.5 km in length, climbing the southeastern flank of the mountain. It starts from the main park office in Amphoe Phu Kradueng, at an elevation of about 300 m. There are many places to rest on the way up. These rest plateaus are called Sam (ซำ). At each rest area there are several vendors selling food and drinks, and some provide toilet facilities and medical services as well. There are eight of these on the way up.
Phu Kradueng National Park (อุทยานแห่งชาติภูกระดึง), located in the Phu Kradueng mountain area in Loei Province. It is one of the most famous national parks of Thailand, with a high point of 1316 m (4318 ft) above sea level. Every year tens of thousands of people come to make the climb up this famous mountain. Pu (ภู) comes from the Thai word Pukao (ภูเขา), meaning ‘mountain’. The name Kradueng (กระดึง), or Krading (กระดิ่ง) in the local dialect of Loei Province, can be translated as Rakhang Yai (ระฆังใหญ่), meaning a large bell. This name comes from a legend relating to a Buddhist holiday. During the holiday many of the towns people heard the sound of a large bell.
Are you ready for tramping 🏕🍃🌱

1 February 2018

THE BUDDHA’S FOOTPRINT ON KHAO KHITCHAKUT, CHANTHABURI. Pay respects to the Buddha’s footprint on the sky-high mountain peak of Khao Khitchakut in Chanthaburi province. It is believed that an act of making a pilgrimage to the Buddha’s footprint equates to appearing before the Lord himself and is considered as a great meritorious deed. Consequently, thousands of people have ventured to the peak of Khao Khitchakut, to pay respects to the footprint of the Buddha. From the starting point at Phluang temple, you have to get a four-wheel pickup that takes you on a steep eight-kilometre route. Then, you need to walk for another 1.2 kilometers. On the mountaintop, it is possible to see several geological phenomena related to Buddhist myths including the stone pagoda, the stone in an upside down monk’s alms-bowl shape, the hermit cave, Indra’s motor racing tracks, as well as gigantic stones that look like a turtle or an elephant.
Time to eat 🤗🤫🤭
First Trip of 2018 “12 Hour with Bangsaen & The Buddha’s footprint on Khao Khitchakut, Chanthaburi”
Let’s go . . .

31 January 2018

Muay & Moo with Thai Food at Nara Thai Cuisine, Siam Paragon . . . Miss you love you 😍

30 January 2018

Sa-Wad-Dee Thailand 🇹🇭 Welcome Food from My Fam at Copper, Bangkok. That is Buffet restaurant
First Time to see. I love you my Carviar ❤️
First Time to see my CarViar ❤️

28 January 2018

🍲🍚🍿What a delectable meal 🥘 🥦🥕🌶 Freezer Day...

27 January 2018

Dinner meeting...
Second Date ❤️ Shabu-Shabu with My Hippo. Thank for lovely meal na kaaaa

26 January 2018

23 January 2018

We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone..... #Tianjin #China
Italy 🇮🇹 take a moment 📷🎞 she’s my new friend
~ 🇮🇹 Italy Town in Tianjin, China 🇨🇳 ~ Today very very cold is -7c ....
🌨 First Snow ❄️ @ Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine...
Say Hello 👋 First Snow ❄️⛄️

22 January 2018

🌨☃️ Snowflake on The Frozen River ❄️⛄️At Tianjin, China 🇨🇳 Today is the first snow of the year 2018, Everybody’s very happy right now and came out for a walk.

21 January 2018

BBQ Buffet TIMe, Thank you for lovely meal
What a delectable meal 🥦🥕🍆🍢🥘
Finished Final Exams, we go frozen river very very cold but happy moments
Are you Ready......

18 January 2018

Thank you for this lovely meal 🥘 Have a good time 😘😍 nice to meet you. . .Malaysia Friends

14 January 2018

Sushi Time 🍣 Just 15 more hours for Final Exam, The first subject is Acupuncture.... fighting ✌️✌️

13 January 2018

Hello Children’s Day In THailand 🇹🇭 what a delectable meal 🥘 Thanks

1 January 2018

The First day of 2018, New Year’s Day 🎉🎊 Today first page about “Nice To Meet You”