Australia · 2 Days · 5 Moments · May 2018

My Birthday Weekend at Wilson’s Prom

27 May 2018

Next we stopped at ‘Eagles Nest Lookout’ where we could pretty much see where we had been staying on the opposite side of the bay. We could also see the caves. Our last stop was at a secluded beach at ‘Shack Bay’. Ben got his feet wet in the water and again was wishing he had his wetsuit to do some snorkeling while I looked for pretty sea shells 🐚 And that was it, a long drive home and a relaxed night on our own couch to end the weekend 😋 We had the best time at this side of Victoria! An awesome birthday weekend 💕
We got a late checkout today and relaxed in bed until it was time to go 📖 😴 The mountains were so clear today so the view was so beautiful! We’re sad to go but hope to be back one day. We then headed to Venus Bay to check out the beach there and it was so nice to sit around and watch the waves roll in 🌊 We headed off to Bunurong Coastal Drive which felt like a mini Great Ocean Road. The first stop were ‘The Caves’. The tide was a little too high so we couldn’t get into the caves but it was fun hopping on the rocks and around the rock pools 🦀

26 May 2018

We went back to the house and played board games and ate junk food 🍫 🎲 When the sun started setting we went looking for koalas 🐨 but we didn’t spot any, just a lot of cows 🐮 We went down to the beach again and were so happy to see the sky turn pink. A lovely end to a perfect birthday 🎉 And Ben cooked me a BBQ dinner 😊
Today is my birthday and I slept until 10am. It was great! Ben took the first early morning photo while I was still asleep 😴 It was a glorious day!! ☀️ The best weather in a while and probably the last nice day with winter starting next week. I got up and made us breakfast before hopping back in bed to read and relax. We got ready and went down to the beach. We did a lot of walking and exploring the rock pools. Ben was so wishing we had his wetsuit to go snorkeling but he lent it to someone and now can’t find it 😔 It actually got quite warm and with a short uphill walk back to our house, it was good exercise 👟

25 May 2018

It’s my birthday and Ben is taking me away for the weekend! Somewhere I’ve never been before, Wilson’s Promontory 😍 We left work early and beat the traffic to get here in 3 hours. Bear Gully Cottages are in the middle of nowhere so no eating out this weekend. We bought all our food with us and after settling in I made us some pasta for dinner YUM! I always enjoy cooking when I’m relaxed and have time for it so I’m looking forward to eating in. We had a relaxed night and watched the storm and some TV before bed 💤