Austria, Croatia · 15 Days · 16 Moments · August 2017

My adventures in Croatia

21 August 2017

Today I flew home. What a 7 weeks this has been! I really can't believe how fast the time has gone. Despite the ups and downs I've enjoyed every city I've visited and would definitely do a trip like this again! I've learnt so much about Europe and it's history and I've seen how beautiful the world really is. I've also learnt about myself, I've proved to myself that I'm capable of doing things like this and that I just have to battle the fear because the other side is so much sweeter when you do! I still don't know what I want to go onto do, but I do know that I want it to be around travel. I feel that travel is quite a massive influence on my life because it's the first thing I've set my mind too and I've completed. I've proved to myself that I can finish what I start if I'm passionate and I put my mind to it. So whatever I go onto to do now, I really owe it to this trip because without these past 7 weeks I'd still be sat behind a desk, in a dingy office with only ideas in my head.

20 August 2017

My final day in Dubrovnik and the final day of my trip. Holy moly where has 7 weeks gone?! I started my day off right...went for the breakfast at the same place as yesterday...and the day before! Good ol' Congo restaurant! I then got the ferry over to Lokrum island! Now before I'd even walked anywhere on the island I got the worst stomach cramps and nearly shat my pants. It was like sex and the city when they're in Mexico, no joke! Thankfully I made it up to the fort in pain took some pictures and came straight back down in a panic that this could be the moment i shit myself in public. But when I started on one of the other trails I found FREE public toilets! There is a god! I was totally fine after that hahah. So I walked toward the "Dead Sea" and did a bit of rock climbing before heading back to the ferry. It's a nice island if you're going swimming but otherwise it's not great. I then bought myself the most expensive salad at Congo which was delish and then headed back.

19 August 2017

So this morning I headed out for breakfast and went to the place me and Sam found yesterday because it was so good! After I went to check out the ferry for Lokrum island as I'm going to do that tomorrow. I spent the day getting lost in the side streets (which are adorable) and meeting loads of stray cats (which are also very adorable!) I managed to meet up with Sam again before she leaves and we had lunch with someone who was on her Central Europe tour and is currently in Dubrovnik which was nice! Also managed to get Alex a little souvenir (even though I sent him pictures and asked him if he wants it) I got him some coasters for his new house which have an embroidery image on them. Tomorrow is my last day of this entire trip! How crazy, where have 7 weeks gone?!

18 August 2017

My first day in Dubrovnik! Decided to do the 30 minute walk into the town, which was lovey but so so hot! I'm sure it was about 31 degrees by 9am! I paid to do a walk of the city walls which was incredible! The views are just breathtaking! After that I got to meet Sam! We finally had the same dates in a city so we went out for breakfast and then took a walk around the town to see the cathedral and Monastery. After we went on the Cable Car for even more breathtaking panoramic views of the city! We did lunch in the old town too which was delicious and then we went our separate ways as she wanted to do the city walls. Walking back to the hostel was so incredibly hot, this heat really is something else!

17 August 2017

My journey to Dubrovnik. What a journey. Hopped on the bus at 8am and had to change at Benkovac bus station. We were due in at 10.30 and didn't get in until 11ish. My connection was meant to arrive at 11.30 and didn't show up until 12pm. Whilst at Benkovac and old Croatian man came up to me and tried to talk to me. I told him I didn't understand and so he just loitered next to me and kept staring at me. He then held up his wrist and pointed to ask what time it is. I showed him the time on my phone and then he put his hand on my arm and kissed my cheek! This has to be the only time on the whole trip I've felt not in danger but felt that I'm in a bad situation as a solo female. There were some guys arguing too and they tried to involve the guy stood by me, so when they did I walked to the other side of the station! It wasn't a massive station-maybe half the size of Paignton- but I was at the other end! A nice hostel for my final city. About 30 mins from old town but view of harbor!

16 August 2017

My final day in Split! Although I've only spent 3 days actually in Split I've totally fallen in love with the city and everything around it. All of the day trips I've done have been amazing and just show how beautiful the world really is. There's some things I've found out you can do here that I haven't had the time to do so I will definitely be returning to visit Vis island and Omis to do the zip lining! Croatia has generally surprised me as a country so I'm excited for my time in Dubrovnik! Anyway, I spent my last day having my chia pudding breakfast...again! And I enjoyed some gluten free ice cream (summer berries). Now I'm just going to top up my tan and enjoy the views of Split before heading back to the hostel to pack for tomorrow! I went against doing my washing today as I have 5 days left (ish) and I just counted my clothes to make sure I had enough traveler!

15 August 2017

Unfortunately my day trip to Bosnia was canceled at about 9pm last night so today has been a bit of a 'wing it' day. I took a walk through the town this morning and grabbed some breakfast - orange juice and chia pudding (chia seeds, yoghurt, fruit compote and fresh fruit)- and then walked through the market. Not all the stalls were open as it's a national holiday today, but I managed to buy some lavender souvenirs for Grandma and nana. I then decided to hike up Marjan hill. It was baking hot and the middle of the day but the views were totally worth it! Split is just such a picturesque city no matter what angle, weather or time of day you see it. Although I'm gutted I haven't been able to visit Bosnia, I'm so glad I did this walk today to see more panoramic views of the city!

14 August 2017

Krka Waterfalls National Park. Complete beauty. Despite having issues with my ticket (I had been emailed the receipt only-the staff had to find my ticket online) I got there around 8.15am. I got the bus to the national park early so that I could (hopefully) get pictures without people in them...that didn't happen! Height of season must mean people are here by about 8am! Once you get to the entrance you have to get a boat to the actual waterfalls! Nevertheless, the waterfalls are absolutely beautiful! I did a walk around the park and you were able to see where the main waterfall starts and how it just continues running down. The colours are beautiful too but not as vibrant as the colours at Plitvice Lakes. Very glad I did get here early though as it was heaving by about midday and there was basically nowhere to sit and chill out! I didn't swim in the waterfalls, mainly because I had nowhere to leave my bag where it would be safe, but to see it all from a distance was enough!

13 August 2017

Did a bit of island hopping and visited Hvar today. What a beautiful place! The water is so clear and clean, so many different kinds of boats...more so the rich kind! I came across on the ferry and got here around 8.45 so I headed straight for the fortress to get the view across the island...holy moly is was beautiful! You could see 3 other islands and the whole of Hvar from the top! Definitely worth the 40 kuna to get in! Absolutely breathtaking. I've then had a walk around the town and the markets and then just sat around the port watching the world go by. I also had the best breakfast at restaurant Vita - homemade gluten free granola with frozen yoghurt, nuts, fresh fruit and dry fruit and a strawberry, banana and frozen yoghurt smoothie. Hvar definitely didn't disappoint! It's so relaxing, nothing is fast paced and everyone's just chilled out. I'm pretty sure I've burnt everywhere though because it's about 900 degrees! It's the island that gets the most sun throughout the year!

12 August 2017

A day trip to Plitvice Lake, National Park. It did not disappoint! Although the weather was not on our side and it was quite cloudy (and rainy on the drive in) the lakes were absolutely beautiful! It also meant that as you turned a corner the colours would stand out more because you almost weren't expecting it! The water was green, turquoise, jade, emerald, blue...just a mixture of everything! And we saw Croatias largest waterfall at 86m high! I also got talking to a girl from Australia who was on the trip and she took my picture at the waterfall. After the day trip there was an "optional lunch" and we sat with 2 American girls and it was so nice to talk to different people and hear about their trips and experiences and where they are going next. Such an amazing day! Now for the picturesque journey back to Split.

11 August 2017

Oh Split, I'm in love! I got up early so I could go out and see the Palace and market while there were very little people around and it was bliss! Bought a lovely handmade stone keyring from a stall too! I decided to pay and climb the bell tower of the Cathedral of St Dominus...the views are insane! The climb didn't seem very stable but I made it! I explored some of the lovely little side streets and found a gluten free ice cream place so cooled off there for a while. It was already 30 degrees at 10am! The heat is pretty intense. I decided to buy some Gf food and came back to the hostel for lunch and video called mum and dad at nana and grandads. They were really interested in my travels. I did a little more exploring this afternoon, walked along the harbor front and saw some of the Sail Croatia boats! This city is so unbelievably pretty and reminds me of Mutrah in Oman. I cannot wait to see what other beautiful things I can discover in my week here!

10 August 2017

So I'd slept so well the last couple of nights I thought I'd sleep well again last night. I was wrong. I'm now working on about 4 hours sleep thanks to the ridiculous temperature of the room last night! Seriously can't believe they had no air con! I so hope the next hostel is gonna be cold from lovey lovely air con! Such a long long journey. But what I have learnt on this bus trip is that Plitvice is only 2 hours from Zagreb...I've booked a day tour there from Split. That's gonna be another looooong journey! My planning really is bad. So Split is really effin hot! But so beautiful! The hostel is fab and is actually air conditioned! It's right in the Centre and about 5 minutes from the beach so I really can't complain! Haven't explored much but I'm going to wake up early tomorrow and go out when there's less people around! I've also booked a trip to Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina for Tuesday as it's a national holiday here so town will be rammed! So excited for my time here!

9 August 2017

My final day in Zagreb. I have to say the only thing this place has going for it is the Upper Town and that can be seen in a day. Its not a city I'm going to recommend unless it's a one night lay over because there's really not a lot to do here! But, having said that I'm glad I've seen it and it's been nice to rest and not walk as much as I have been. Plus there's a really good salad bar that I've quite enjoyed here and it's so cheap! I'm very much looking forward to heading to Split tomorrow!

8 August 2017

I FINALLY HAD A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP! Although it was still quite stuffy in the room last night I must have just passed out and then woke up around 6.45! It's a bloody miracle! Another day in Zagreb not really knowing how to pass time, but I found a cafe this morning that did Gluten Free breakfast so I killed about an hour there and then I've walked around pretty much every souvenir shop in the city. I have no idea how I'm going to fill my time tomorrow! But for now I'm sitting by a fountain watching the birds... Okay so I found a Gluten Free cafe and got to have CHOCOLATE CAKE! It tasted like sunshine and rainbows! Yes Zagreb, 10 points! So I spoke to mum this morning and she said Grandad said to her I should write a book or a blog about my trip and then I've been messaged this afternoon by a girl I worked with at Beverley 2 years ago, who had questions about traveling and has said as well that I should write a blog....maybe I need to scrub up on my writing skills!

7 August 2017

So first impressions weren't great and I was sat having a coffee in town dreading the next 3 days. But I joined a walking tour which took us to the Upper Town and it was beautiful! So much history and amazing architecture, it really made up for the shops and skyscrapers I'd previously seen. After my tour I grabbed an (amazing) Caesar salad and took it to a park and chilled in the shade. Then I went to do my 360 degree observation deck. What a disappointment. The outside was covered in prison bars so your view was interrupted and the building just didn't feel safe. Having already done the A'dam Lookout this should have been a doddle but I couldn't get my sea legs and I felt really unsafe so I was back on the ground within a couple of minutes! So I took a walk by myself back through the Upper Town to get some pictures and then sat in the park again watching the world go by. I also got a henna tattoo and completely freaked mum out so that was fun!

6 August 2017

So I set off this morning to Prague Main Railway station and after panicking that I was at the wrong station and spending around 45 minutes trying to find the bus stop I needed, I was on my bus to Zagreb! Why I thought a 9 hour journey on a bus would be a good idea I don't know! Although this time it's a double decker bus it actually feels more cramped. I also had a lady sit next to me for about an hour, but her bum was so big she was sat on part of my leg and it was all just very uncomfortable! My hostel is, eh, alright. I guess it's what you get when you spend £52 for 4 nights. At first I really thought it was A'dam all over again and just wanted to leave but the other girls in my room are alright and once I got them talking the atmosphere was better. Absolutely no AC in the rooms though and last night was like 100 degrees! We have a desk fan to cool the room and it does not help. So I tried to get to sleep around 9.30 and I was still awake at midnight watching the storm outside.