Norway · 28 Days · 6 Moments · March 2017

my adventure on a small island in norway! ❄️

27 April 2017

the golden sea! 💛🌅 this is so beautiful?! every time I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the sea, again and again. every night the sunset is different and individually beautiful. I can not express how i feel when i see it. I am grateful!

16 April 2017

wild camping in norway! 🏕🌿 for two days roger and I went outside on another small island. we just had our backpack and tent with us, and let's go! we went hiking in the forest and started to climb a mountain. it was not that easy for me as I am a beginner. but the view was totally worth it. I want to learn more about hiking and practice it as I enjoy it so much! during the sunset we build up the tent for the night. we made our own food with a small cooker. we had pasta and soup for dinner. we also tried to make a fire but we failed as it was to wet and the lighter broke 😜 i really like this kind of lifestyle. sleeping and eating outside in nature, it has something liberating. back to the basics and living together with nature. there was one eagle that was flying around the mountain really close to us. these animals are really impressive. it was a good experience and I really look forward to some more and longer camping experiences alone or with the right people! 🙂🌍

15 April 2017

easter fire! 🐥🔥🐣

13 April 2017

camping outside on top of the island 🏕🌿 yesterday evening roger and I took a tent and sleeping bags and started our way to a small hill on the island! when we build up the tent, we saw the beautiful sunset in the background. it was so windy and freezing ❄️ 💨 and this is how the night was, cold and freezing and my feet felt like ice. but it was totally worth it. we woked up with beautiful sun and the view was awesome. it has something really special sleeping outside in nature and it was a good experience. hopefully more adventures to come!!

12 April 2017

WORKING WITH WOOD ~ my secret passion 🌳🌿 today was a good day. the other workawayer roger and I cut a lot of wood together. we used a saw, then brought it to the barn and made a pile out of it. we want to use it later for the fire place. 🔥 I love everything that has something to do with wood! just walking around in the forest and enjoy nature (there is nothing more beautiful than the "böhmer wald" in austria with snow). or working with wood like cutting or building. For me the forest has something magical that I want to protect. for me a sustainable and respectful wood work is the most important.

31 March 2017

my daily life on a sheep farm in northern norway! 🐑 since the 28th of March I am living on the small island langøya together with gunnar and barbara :) if you try to find the island on google maps you won't find it. so it's really in the middle of nowhere and I love it! there is a public boat three times a week and we have two own boats, but when the weather is bad you are stuck on the island 😉 and the weather is crazy here, changing every 10 minutes! they have a small sheep farm with 25 sheeps and two aries 🐑. the two of them have their own island, how cool is that?! my task is to feed and take care of them, but they only get food if there is a lot of snow and they can't reach the grass. in the morning they get hay and in the evening some pellets. in the afternoon i take my cutter and cut some fresh branches for them because they love the bark 🌳 this is the old norwegian sheep breed and they are very tough and can survive the norwegian winter ❄️