North America, Europe · 65 Days · 59 Moments · April 2015

9 weeks-11 countries✌️

29 June 2015

Home bound... Its been a ball europe!!💃🏻💃🏻

28 June 2015

Last meal and our trip has come to an end! 🙈😭

27 June 2015

Sintra, quinta de regaleira and octopus dinner!

26 June 2015

Belem and cascais!

25 June 2015


23 June 2015

Glendalough, wicklow mountains and andrews international comedy tour😋👏👏

21 June 2015

Today was filled with beer tastings... 🙊 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪 hello dublinn

20 June 2015

Ou lala paris paris! Louvre, sacre coeur, notre dame, montmatre, la duree, Luxembourg gardens!

19 June 2015

Birthday in Paris 🎈🎈 feeling 22💁🏼👑

16 June 2015

Visited the town of Fira , the red beach and a few small traditional villages built around venetian castles with our trusty ATV! 👌🏻🌻☀and went to watch the new jurassic world movie in a theatre🎥

15 June 2015

The infamous sunset of santorini🌅 woahhh
Day excursion on the dionysis sail ship to the (still active) volcano of santorini! We climed the volcano and swam in its hot springs👌🏻🏊🏼😍 finally took the local donkey taxi up the hill to the town of Oia!

14 June 2015

Touched down in santorini at our beautiful villa hotel on Perissa black sand beach!
ATV'ing around mykonos island!🏊🏼💪🏼👌🐟💃🏽

12 June 2015

Mykonos paradise beach in our little prison cell cabin for the next few days🙌🏻🏊🏼🏊🏼 party island we are ready💪🏼

11 June 2015

Fish pedicures, olympic stadium, froyo and souvlaki! Mmmm👌🏻👌🏻🙈🙊🐟🐟🐟

10 June 2015

Temple of olympian zeus and a typical old distillery in athens👌

9 June 2015

Athens!! Acropolis and the ancient athenian temples✔️✔️😎

6 June 2015

Mandatory Trevi fountain wish ! Even if its under construction...
Yesterday we did a tour of the vatican and today the colosseum! With some mandatory stops for gelato in this heat!!☀️☀️

2 June 2015

Explored venice and enjoyed the best pasta ever... Italians know how to make a tomato sauce!! Now having a little picnic at our campsite😋
We made it to venice and are finally at our camping village resort outside the city👏

1 June 2015

Wine tasting tour under the tuscan sun!🍷🇮🇹👌🏻🌹

31 May 2015

Watched the sun go down in florence!👌🏻 and had the best panini sandwhich ever!

30 May 2015

Spent the day in portovenere and dinner at the seafood cafeteria by the sea!🇮🇹👏

29 May 2015

Hiked between the costal towns of cinque terre today! It was hot and difficult at times but the 6 hour trek revealed breathtaking views of Monterosso al mar, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riogiammore 👌🏻💪🏼🏊🏼🇮🇹

28 May 2015

Arrived in La Spezia today to our wonderful airbnb apartment ! We made dinner , spent some time on our balcony and explored the ports!⛵️⛵️

27 May 2015

Mediterranean beach day today in the town of st-rapphael☀️🏊🏼
Crêpes in old Nice!

26 May 2015

Drove along the french riviera today into Cannes where the international film festival just ended☀️ i could definitely live along the cote d'azur 👌🏻🏊🏼😎🌻🌺🏰

25 May 2015

Drove up to Turin, Italy yesterday and had lunch up on top of a small town called Pino Torinese! Drove back to Nice through the french Alps after going through many unwanted tolls:)

24 May 2015

Grand prix formula 1 in Monaco! What a fun race day in beautiful Monte-Carlo

23 May 2015

French riviera!

22 May 2015

We made it to Nice😍

21 May 2015

Went to a seafood restaurant last night in Barcelona where you order whatever fresh seafood you want and they cook it for you to eat there! So delicious and fresh 😋 mmmmnomnom! Now we are on the train in the south of france on the way to Nice!
Flew into barcelona today! Went up to the top towers of the sagrada familia, found a great butcher and off to find some paella for dinner!👌

20 May 2015

Flamingos en la mata!

19 May 2015

Some wine tasting and shopping at the bodega today!

18 May 2015

Took a little trip into the sierra espuña national park and the santuario de la esperanza church built into a mountain⛪️🌳🌲🌿🌺

17 May 2015

Made it to the grandparents im Benferri!

16 May 2015

Lion king in Spanish today😊 and of course stopped by San Gines Chocolaterie for some famous churros! 😋

14 May 2015

Back in madrid for a few days :)

11 May 2015

Went to a really cool ruin bar with our hostel friends last night and spent today on a walking tour exploring both the buda and the pest side!

10 May 2015

Made it to our hostel after hours of roaming around lost🙈and enjoyed a few hours in the Budapest roman thermal baths!👌🏻
Bus arrived in Budapest at 5 am and since everything was closed and we couldn't get wifi anywhere we walked an hour and a half in the wrong direction since we read the map wrong🙈🙈🙈 now its 8 am and we finally found a McDonalds with coffee and wifi to help us get to our hostel!! #welcometobudapest

8 May 2015

Beautiful day yesterday with yummy czech treats, beer and reading break on a mountain and cooked our first meal!
Czech goulash, potato pancakes and local beer!🍻
Prague castle!

7 May 2015

We finally made it to Prague!😀train ride was beautiful and it was an adventure finding the keys to our airbnb but its very nice and our host has everything we need💪🏼except wifi...
Train company is on strike here in Germany so our train is cancelled... Hmmmm how to get to Prague?!!?!??🙈🙈🙈🙈

6 May 2015

We had a great day yesterday exploring berlin ! We spent some time looking through the beautiful art along the berlin wall and andrew got a chance to perform a stand up routine on stage!

5 May 2015

Berlin were here and already had our first curry wurst!😋

2 May 2015

Biking through the city today🚴🏻🇩🇪

1 May 2015

Saw both my aunt and uncle on stage last night!!!One in a theatrical comedy and the other with his band 👌👌🎶🎭🎶

29 April 2015

Dinner 💃🏻
Bought some flowers for our host and nice 5$ raincoats today at Andrews new favorite store in Koln!( because its so cheap..😎)

28 April 2015

Today we flew into Cologne, Germany to visit my aunt Elke! We did a little tour of the city and ofcourse passed by the Kolner dome, Europe second highest church .. which took 500 years to build!

27 April 2015

First day here and my last minute decision not to bring a raincoat was misguided ☔️... Nonetheless it turned out to be a great day to catch up on some sleep to avoid the spring showers and visit some friends for a traditional dinner ! Our Spanish friends prepared tapas specific to their home town of Murcia😀delicious range of seafood and tortilla of course!

25 April 2015

Impatiently waiting to board my flight to Madrid with Air France! Having written my last university exam for the semester a few hours ago, i should be ready for a nap after that much needed all night study session i pulled... Yet, i am a little too excited to reunite with my boyfriend and start the first leg of our trip!!