North America, Australia and Oceania · 45 Days · 46 Moments · August 2017

Murray's voyage in United States of America

9 October 2017

Papeete , Tahiti. Toured Papeete in a car train & saw a small run down dirty city in need of repair. Had a good time but not our favourite place . Then took a catamaran out to the reef & the surf break of Teapooho. Only small with only one guy out on a board but another place I really wanted to see.

2 October 2017

Oahu- Hawaii. Chalk & cheese. Honolulu , Waikiki side- tourist capita- commercial & crowded. Sunset Beach, Pipeline & Waiamea Bay side is absolutely fabulous plus it has surf.

30 September 2017

Unbelievable- rented a 650 Kawa plus ride mate / tour guide & travelled right round the large part of valley island- Maui. Dry brown coast changes to lush tropical forests and greenery. Tour guide , Andrew was great , showing us places you may not find. Venus Pond - open to the surf water hole, Jano even jumped off the entry cliff into pond. Rode for seven & a half hours- all went well & a thanks to Maui Moto who we organised through. Finished off hitching a ride back to boat in a convertible Mustang- 36 miles. Had to shout the couple celebrating their 70 th birthdays ( Garry & Linda ) a couple of drinks for that.

29 September 2017

Birds eye view of. Hilo on big Island Hawaii. Half the island is covered with lava the other half incredibly lush fed by a huge rainfall feeding a network of streams & waterfalls.

28 September 2017

Arrived Kona ( big island Hawaii ) yesterday to a beautiful crystal clear blue flat ocean & glorious sunshine. Went on a Zodiac ( rubber duckie ) tour- snorkelling etc- fabulous. Last nite cruising st 11pm , only active volcano on big island had a lava flow into the ocean. We were close to sure , had a great view & steam rain. Once in a lifetime event. Onto Hilo now for another chopper ride . Vog( volcanic organic gas ) covers mountains on the big island. 5 volcanoes- 1 active

25 September 2017

Stopped raining yesterday. Suns out, seas are calm & were over our hangovers. Cruise is going great. Arrive Hawaii in 2 days. Still living the dream

24 September 2017

Hangover today after wet & windy day yesterday led to excess partying, even dancing at midnight. The waves create natural rhythm. Meeting really nice people & having a ball. Hope the body hangs in. Cheers

22 September 2017

Bye Vancouver
Belter skelter. Again not enough time to properly explore Vancouver. Did hop on hop off bus earlier & saw many sights we needed to do but simply no time. Will have to have return Canada trip. Just boarded Celebrity Solstice to head for Hawaii- Yippee. Cheers

21 September 2017

Another room with a view taken from the 16 th floor of the Chateau Victoria, Victoria, Vancouver island. Not a rival for the Marriott Niagara & then Bellagio Vegas, but still nice.

20 September 2017

Back to. Vancouver today board Celebrity Solstice for down to & around Hawaii cruise tomorrow. Jano & I need to re energise so looking forward to R & R.
Flew from Vancouver out to Victoria Vancouver Island by sea plane. Hundreds of islands en route which you could spend months boating around. Absolutely freezing here at sundown. Just had the nicest salmon ever cooked in honey, soy & ginger. Loving this trip. Cheers
Left Toronto for Vancouver at 5 am. Got upgrade to 1st class for $85 each. Will be a problem going back to cattle class. About to board sea plane for Victoria Is now. Stage 5 has begun

19 September 2017

Special night in Toronto. Toilet cistern was broken on check in. Too late for maintenance so I told reception l. Could fix which I did. Next thing we got a call saying they were thankful & they had 2 tickets for us to the Toronto Blue Jays v Kansas City baseball game tonite. Crowd we're fully into it- Blue Jays won 5-2. Another unbelievable day- Yeehaaa
About 15 klms downstream of the falls is a a peaceful upmarket village- " Niagara on the lake ". Ritzy boutique wineries, grape & fruit growing orchards on small acreages with mansions along the tier & lake after Niagara- stunning. Then, drove up about 120 klms to the metropolis of Toronto. Motel in heart of city so we're off to a baseball match tonite
Niagara on Viagra- did the boat bit right into the horseshoe of Canadian falls- this is incredible

17 September 2017

New York to Binghamton New Tork today , approximately 4 hour drive. Saw dead skunk in the middle of the road but highlight was $3 pints in Binghamton,. Niagara tomorrow. Cheers
Before leaving N Y Yesterday Jano had to do the 9 storeys of Macy's- HUGE. Then stopped at The Guitar Shop- Wow. Then drove off for Niagara. Saw the proverbial dead skunk in the middle of the road & stopped for The nite half way at Binghamton. Delicious meal at local pub & beers were $3 a pint-- Wow

16 September 2017

Today in New York- 28 degrees , perfect tourist weather. Got up early to fit in a big day. Open air double decker all round N Y. Empire State Building first up after city, got off bus & got fortunately lost as we found Wall St with Bank of NY, Stock Exchange, where Washington signed American Independence declaration & St James Cathedral plus the eerieness of ground zero. Back on track & boarded Hudson River ferry to see the 3 budges ( B, M, W ) & Statue of Liberty. The old Architecture of the buildings comes to impact when you come across sky scrapers built in the late 1800s.. Finishing up late arvo back at the Row hotel only 2 blocks from Time square on Eighth, the whole area has been closed off for the biggest street markets imaginable. People everywhere. Reckon we passed 10000 people walking the 100 mtrs from motel to Broadway to see Bette Midler in " Hello Dolly"- absolutely awesome Cheers

15 September 2017

In New York. Friday evening & the place is just alive with a mass of people, cars, cops firies, & crazy dudes on motorbikes playing stunt kings amongst the unbelievable amount of traffic- wheelies , burnouts etc. Will do the tourist trip tomorrow. Cheers
First cruise is over & we're back at Miami Airport , heading off to New York. Plenty of Yanks have given us the good oil on what to see & do. Janos kean on a broadway show so we'll hit Central Park to hopefully get a cheap good show. Cheers

13 September 2017

Had a.ball cruising Caribbean/ Windies & would have to recommend. Great food, staff & a relaxed lazy time. 2 days cruise back to Miami & off to Zoo York. Used the gym, sauna , relaxation & steam rooms regularly so only added about 5 kg instead of 10 so off to keep partying now... Cheers

12 September 2017

Today cruise W I Island of Antigua, Cat cruise of a truly beautiful cosstline, couple of rums & settle back back into the local lifestyle. Another recommendation. Cheers

11 September 2017

Visited the French Island , Martinique today, larger population therefore more human damage- needs a face lift. Visited my cousins- the monkeys at a very botanic zoo & then a rum tasting at the Niessen Rum distillery. Now time for R & R after such a hard day. Cheers

10 September 2017

Today in the W Indies toured by large cat around the island of St Lucia. Out of the town areas the steep volcanic, tropical landscapes are a bit like The Whitsundays. Great trip on reggae party boat followed by tequila, ginger liqueur, run , blueberry & mint Slurpy on the pool deck

9 September 2017

Barbados- shopping mall absolutely packed with Jamaicans, reggae music blasting & hot. We did a trip around the island. Found paradise- Bathsheba beach- no resorts, no high rises, not many people & surf (Atlantic Ocean ). 4 to 6 ft , glassy & not crowded. Could stay here longer.

8 September 2017

Jan & I are so relaxed that if we go 1 pace further we'll be comatised

7 September 2017

Left Curacao last night & now heading out to another island. Our route has changed again to be less impacted by the second hurricane "Irma" which is a big bugger- bigger than the last 8 hurricanes all put together. We dock in Miami next Thursday- maybe- Miami has been evacuated as they expect a disaster Sunday/Monday. Still enjoying the cruise immensely. Curacao very pretty port & coast but the island is a volcanic , coral based desert.

5 September 2017

Life's a beach- calm ocean & total relaxation

4 September 2017

Goodbye Miami
Bye bye Miami- we're on the good ship Venus" celebrity Equinox headed for the Carribean.
Boys con dips amigos. Goodbye Miami- hello Celebrity Eqinox

3 September 2017

Beautiful white sand, no surf beach of Miami. Plenty of people & Surf Rd along the beach is all restaurants. Nice hot place.
Room with a view in Miami

2 September 2017

Still in Vegas. Plane broke thankfully not in the air. Airline is paying for stay at South Point plus meals @ transfers. Day longer in Vegas, day less in Miami.
Saw " The Greatest Rock Show " at the Stratasphere- Vegas. Full dress look alikes- Van Hayley, Springsteen, Kiss , Meatloaf & more- pretty good show then down to Old Vegas. Heaps of bright lights, buskers , street dancers , magicians, saw 1 live band. Many many people. Another great night. Off to Miami next. Cheers

1 September 2017

Another day in Vegas. Saw the musical" The History of Vegas" last night & off to see the " The Greatest Rock Show " tonight then Clearmont street- Old Vegas which is supposed to really rage. Helicopter out to the G Caanyon via Hoover Dam. Actually flew down Canyon & landed. Truly awesome again. Pics attached

29 August 2017

Having problems adding photos to Journo so am relying on Facebook
Went to Napa Valley- big boutique wine area. Visited Castille Di Amorossa winery where we did a wine tour of an amazing hand built castle of love. Authentic looking castle outside but with 4 stories of cellars & cats underground. Tried some really nice, expensive wines. Jano bought 2 Sav Blancs. Lake Tahoe was an inexpensive follow up. Right on the Nevada border . Friendly, relaxed & peaceful. Massive lake with clean gritty beaches- we had a motel beach pass otherwise would have cost $7 to get onto beach-- scam or what. After a day in Tahoe headed off for Yosemite National Forest. Stopped at an old gold mining town called Murphy. Damn hotter- 106 degrees F- didn't last long at Murphy so back on the road to Yosemite. Still hot as but somehow the resort pool is cool and the hiking is through massive pine forests so in the shade most of the time. 2 days here absorbing true beauty in awe. Yosemite & bridalveil falls are amazing. 1000 ft cliffs with incredible melted snow waterfalls top
These pics bring us to Vegas

25 August 2017

I'll try journi again after a bad start. To date- San Francisco was hectic . Great feast at fishermans wharf. Awesome time in Napa- visited Castelle Di Amorossa winery.- excellent wine tasting tour. Across to Yosemite- amazing national park easily matching Aussie's best. South to Vegas through Death Valley- summed up by " if anything could survey there it wouldn't want to- but we've now done that. Now at the Vegas glitter strip in the Bellagio. Checked out Caesars Palace , planet Hooywood. Etc. very ritzy & the fountain is dancing amazing
More pics attached