Europe · 26 Days · 36 Moments · August 2017

2 September 2017

So this was our journey / journi... A lot happened we had a lot of funny but also serious moments... I think a lot of us learned things on our trip but mainly we saw cities and met people which we will remember when we think back to our interrailgang 2017 🙌 Thank you for watching/supporting and commenting our posts it really meant a lot when we saw that people reacted to our pictures or gave us tips on what to see. Everybody arrived safely at the place they were supposed to. Alexandra is in Marseille and Steph as well as Lea and Me (Muriel) are in rainy LUxi now. Thank you!! Have a nice day - until our next trip ❣️🍷❣️
bye Lexi ❣️ we are still on our way to lux... 7 hours to go 🙌

1 September 2017

today we are making some pancakes for breakfast 'some' we ended our last day by eating at the beach

31 August 2017

Currentky sitting on top of pur building (10 storeys) on our balcony and enjoying breakfast

30 August 2017


28 August 2017

Arrived in Bologna yesterday. Still very hot and no climatisation in our room. We are "schlendering" through Bologna's city:) because it is too hot to do something else. The view of the 94 meter high tower of Bologna. I (alex) have never seen so dangerous stairs to get up there but the view was worth it. Enjoying a green coffee afterwards.

27 August 2017

Our only wish ist that soneone just gently grabs us and dips us in a bath of mosquito cream. Today should be 36 degrees so cold mosquito cream would be even better.

26 August 2017

even if Steph is physically still in Ljubljana she's with us everywhere we go💜
Yesterday evening we went to an opera called Tosca in the Arena of Verona. It was a wonderful experience and we want to thank Georges again for the idea and the financial aid ;) Today, we will visit two of the biggest museums in Verona because we hope that tgey will have climatisation. We cannot stay outside as we have 34degreesC

25 August 2017

so... we had to continue our journey today... this is what it looks like when you have to catch a bus at 3 and get to a sleeping city at 4:25... You sleep on the ground We have seen the Dom of Santa Maria matricolare, and the casa the giulietta. After that we have seen the museo miniscchi-erizzo that showed us the inside of a typical verona palazzo. We were lucky enough to be the only visitors so we were able to completely forget the inside world and feel like italian girls from the 18th century.

24 August 2017

So, today we had a rather stressful day. Steph wasn't feeling so well, so Alex accompanied her to the hospital. She is one of the toughest people we know and she managed to stay calm through all the tests she had to go through even though it must have been hard to communicate. An example of that communication problem is that for almost 45 min. Léa and me, Muriel, were in the same hospital as Steph and Lexi - but noone could tell us where [Stèchhannje] (this is how they pronounce her name) was. Anyways, we finally found her and are spending our time doing what we do best: annoying our roommates... We are laughing and waiting for food mainly... We love you Steph - we will travel lots of times together this is not the last time ❤️. You are not alone we'll think about you and send you lots of pictures. We will miss you so much !! Just remember our hashtags .... an äddddi ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
Léa and I are visiting Ljubjana

23 August 2017

we washed our stuff and are currently annoying our rommies because we have taken over ever single available spot to hang or lay our clothes on it besides that - we just participated in a walking tour and will visit the castle later on

22 August 2017

in ljubjana
last morning in Zagreb - we visited the market, packed and after our coffee we will be on our way to get our bags because our train leaves at 12:37 our destination? Ljubijana (?) we are now in the train to ljubijana and we feel a little bit like Harry and his friends right now (see pics)

21 August 2017

So today we got up early and took the bus to the Plitvicer lakes, where we will spend our day. Pictures will follow we are still on our 2 hour drive there. We had to wait 2 hours and 30 minuts to get in the park. But we had enough snacks and played cards to pass our time.

20 August 2017

in Zagreb
tired but fit we started our day by oversleeping whoch meant that we only had 5 min i pack our bags... we then ran into other troubles that made us almost miss our train finally we did arrive safe and sound on the platform where we ate grapes and where steph and I (Muriel) had a little morning Yoga session at 6 o'clock (pics will follow)

19 August 2017

here we go to visit buda Enjoying our last evening with this wonderful view sitting next to a statue that kind of looks like the "gëlle fra"

18 August 2017

after singing with some street musicians and starting a flashmob like spontaneous choir we headed to the castle on Buda and the history museum we will probably be going to a termal batg tonight but haven't decided quite yet 🙌

17 August 2017

budapest 🙌 Discovering the beauty of Budapest
happy to go to Budapest today

16 August 2017

food of the day @léschn's mom 'ce n'est pas son petit ami' ☺️❤️ alex and me (muriel) we went to the national library in Vienna because we had already seen the Egon Schiele exposition which the others are currently visiting... we are currenty walking through Vienna enjoying the nice weather We get enough food don't you worry about us and that what you see is alcoolfree beer i swear

15 August 2017

We arrived in Vienna and after a little coffee we will go for a swim
spread thoughout the train but everybody is safe and well and especialky... hungry

14 August 2017

we swear it's water... even in the coffee 😷 steph found her place on the john lennon wall #svm and we are currently drinking coffee and so in the john lennon pub 🙌🙌 we don't know what the wierd cakes are that everbody eats but we didnt want to feel left out so we HAD to eat dessert before dinner i mean why else would we be travelling without our parents if we can't eat dessert whenever we want

13 August 2017

sunny day in Prague🌞

12 August 2017

Today we baked our pizza in our neighbour's oven because ours was broken
Getting food provisions. Decisions, decisions...
direktion prag what we learned today: - dont listen to cfl lady that tells you you don't need to reserve seats (aka always reserve seats) - dislike deutsche bahn - there is no klimatisation in between the rail cars - shower parties are a must after riding trains - sleep is very important steph and the others have rejoined us and we had pizza for the night but... without having an own oven we made some friends borrowing our neighbour's kitchen

11 August 2017

berliner mauer tour

10 August 2017

we are still alive 🙌
Klengen Kaffi mat bleck op den dom

9 August 2017

any suggesions? what do we HAVE to see in Berlin?

8 August 2017

@Laurent's in Berlin - everybody is safe and Cederic has arrived as well
starting off @Luxembourg Gare Cedric, Steph, Anmol and Erik will join us later on our journey <3