Canada, Cuba · 93 Days · 19 Moments · April 2017

Murdock's adventure in Cuba 2017

8 July 2017

First skinned knee from the bike.

14 April 2017

Finally got back on the internet. Got a late check out. Getting primed for the longest day. Feeling pretty lousy on the bottom end.

13 April 2017

Took a walk to the park entrance. The man at the gate suggested that we walk up the beach from the resort. Otherwise it would cost us 8 cucs. Saw a few old cars parked there.
Survived the biking 🚵. Gas cost us 3.40 cuc. The rental was 18 and 13 for an hour. We went down to the aquarium. About 30 km in total. First car we see leaving the resort was Edwardo. He remembered us.
Getting ready to go for a scooter 🏍 ride. Up to the park.

10 April 2017

Here's the pool by our room.
Big trip today into Remedias. Edwardo picked us up at the front of the hotel at 10:30 and took us to town. We went to the main square, hit a couple of bars and I got my haircut. Then we went to his house for ice cream and coffee. Way better than the resort. Then we went to the next town from the resort and saw the beach. Did some shopping at the local department store. Colleen got some shoes. Then we came back to the resort. It was about 6 when we got back. Pretty tired.

9 April 2017

At aunts house
Took the local bus to the market. Bit of a tourist trap. Had lunch and climbed a tower for the view. The return trip went to the end of the island before bringing us back. Took quite a while. Found a guy to take us to Remerois tomorrow.
Went down to the a la carte breakfast for privilege members. It was ok.

8 April 2017

Took a walk down to the beach. Then went to the beach bar on the left side.
Our view from the room. Our room. And the plate of welcome food. The resort has a lot of walking. Going to go for bfast now. Ate at the snack bar last night after our 3 hour checkin. It was very good. Tuna sandwich for wifey and ham and cheese for me.

7 April 2017

On the bus to the resort
Checking into the hotel:)
Here we are flying over Florida. Colleen slept through most of the flight. Just up long enough to have a sandwich.
A little browsing at the Halifax airport...
Me and Len hanging out
Made it the airport and checked in.

6 April 2017

Leonard and his luggage