Saudi Arabia · 1 Days · 20 Moments · February 2017

Nushie's adventure in India

16 February 2017

Transportation in india WWOW
Indian drinks Jal jeera yummiest drink ever its made in a fabulous way
Just relax
Nature in goa
Night life in goa
Hi I'm nushie from america I love adventures so I went to india last mouth it was fabulous we went to temples and mousqes and restaurants and malls and more
These are my favorite movies and tv series
Streets in india
Grocery store it has everything you need
If you went india you can't leave the ccenima I watched sultan and my name is khan and chennai express
This is henna witch is named mendy in india and that is me wearing saree
This is the women of india namaste
This is th holly color festival qich celebrate the coming of winter YEAH COLORS

15 February 2017

We went to a lot of hotels in kashmir and delhi movambik and aghra the ancient city of india and farida abad and kurla and goa
If you go to india you have to make friends this is swara singh
Indian wedding not bad you have to go
Bangles and sarees really have to buy if you went india
Indian food yummy ummmm
This is kashmir it is a paradise on earth it's beautiful
We went to the taj mahal and the mini one and the golden temple and a mousqe from 3000 years ago