Germany · 1 Days · 5 Moments · July 2018

Munich, Germany

19 July 2018

Easy day today. Didn’t do much. Started off with a subway ride, a train ride, and a super crowded bus ride to a consecration camp. It was very moving stuff and i didn’t take a lot of pictures, sorry. We grabbed a snack there. I got a tiny fudge brownie ice cream and a Nutella muffin. Ik I’m very healthy... Went back to the hotel for like an hour and a half. Took a nap. Headed back out for a early dinner at a beer garden. The menus were all in Germany so we didn’t really know what we were gonna get. I ate the pork knuckle and dumplings. We then went to Olympic Park where the olympics were in 1970 something. We looked for the kids place there but couldn’t find it and Dino land was closed so we didn’t do much. I tried some candy but it wasn’t very good. Took the subway back to the hotel and stopped for ice cream again, at 9:45! I got lemon this time and it is delicious. Good day overall, even though we didn’t find the kid’s place. Not really ready for the early morning tomorrow. Oh well..
Fav T-shirt and a cute pic of Kaitlyn
Old Olympics
Dinner: pork knuckle with potato and bread dumpling
Concentration camp