United Kingdom, Cyprus · 12 Days · 45 Moments · November 2018

Mum & Nadia’s tour through Cyprus

12 December 2018

Holiday just about done eating loads of celementines as thats what we've got left ..Merry Christmas now once we leave ..flight delayed for 1hr 40 mins x Arrive Edinburgh at midnight .

11 December 2018

After looking for this store for mum we found it again. It’s a surprise as I don’t think either of us have a great sense of direction. Mums off to buy some Cypriot style things to match her amazing new tan (joke) 😝
Fantastic last full day , Limossol is a real mixture of old and New .Loved wandering around the alley ways.

10 December 2018

Quite night after a wander round limossol had a take away lovely hot chocolate from 'Angel 'then into ceramics gallery .Back at house left over food of black eyed peas and vegetables cup of tea and night nights :))) Great Day x
Spent an amazing day in Larnaca. Ate an amazing breakfast with a new cat pal. Met up with Christina & part one of my Cypriot passport application done. Christina showed us the salt lakes with the flamingos, then the mosque and then into the town itself.Cristina provided us with some typical CY food at her home, in the back garden which is right beside the sea with fantastic scenery. Now off to Limassol,transport provided by family.Lovely sunset on the way.
View from our breakfast area!
Meze the cat at the boutique island hotel we are staying at. We have been very spoilt by our family here & feel very grateful as well as pampered.

9 December 2018

Leaving hotel in Nicosia saying goodbye to Acis and then arriving in Larnaca. Sad saying goodbye to family in Nicosia but looking forward to tomorrow with Christina . Hotel is beutiful right by the sea..blue mood lighting tonight ,see more in the morning x
Last few days have been a good whirlwind. Decided we should never leave Cyprus, I’m pretty sure we could live quite happily with the cats (maybe not mum, she’s not as much of a fan). Eaten beautiful food - meze, fish & amazing salads. Seen where my grandad grew up & heard stories about him& the history of Nicosia as well as Cyprus. Gone on adventures around side roads & fallen asleep to the sound of the sea. It was even warm yesterday & mum was super happy. I met all my cousins & they are such funny, kind and lovely people. Will be sad to not see them so often.
Elvina picked us up to have lunch with Alki , nice having the time to get to know one another in a relaxed beutiful setting..felt real family connection. Family as generous as ever getting lunch for us..said they must come to Scotland so we can be hospitable to them and see them again soon :)

8 December 2018

New hair cut a birthday present can't say who sworn to secrecy lol ..plus a healthy dinner of 3 crepes as Nadia got carried away with an order double chocolate and coffee wow buzzing tonight :))
This morning had a walk around Nicosia and then onto The Byzantine Museum .Had a lovely lunch with Zoe and Costas.

7 December 2018

Acis drove us around Nicosia explaining some of the history of Cyprus .We went onto have dinner at the Oyster Bar with champagne to celebrate Nadias birthday.
All awake a ready to meet up with Acis tonight x
Now in Nicosia. Just off to see mums cousin Zoe for lunch.
Off to Nicosia to meet the family. Well technically for the second time, the first time we met I was way too small to remember. So we said goodbye to the cats & were picked up by a lovely gent Roshan who is originally from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 and is now a Buddhist. Then we met some of our relatives at their law firm & went off to lunch. Zoe, Christina and Alki are all super beautiful and you can certainly see the resemblance with everyone. Zoe - mums cousin. Christina & Alki my two cousins. Acis- uncle
Feta joins.

6 December 2018

Today we don’t have a car & it’s intermittent rain, thunder and generally not beautiful outside. So we are just going to chill with the cats.

5 December 2018

Art cafe.
I’m really sad and have completed my chocolate milks of the world. Solid 5/10
Today we ‘did a bit o culture’ as mum says. Off to the tomb of the kings, which was really cool if a bit creepy in places. The sandstone was so worn in places and sheltered enough to show the ancient carvings in other sections. After that we went to the Paphos archeological site that has a few different ancient houses where we saw Roman & Greek mosaics. I also made friend with Dionysos the cat. The reincarnation of Dionysos who owned one of the most expensive houses with the best flooring. He was very mew. We went up to Polis through the mountains again. The actual village wasn’t too exciting but the run in the car was amazing again. In polis was the Marion museum which had lots of pottery from a religious site not too far away. Then we had lunch, then cake at an arty cafe. It was very... errm... arty. They had paintings of the Mona Lisa naked and I think drawings of Julia Roberts? We also went to a couple of harbours.

4 December 2018

Relax night of Birthday meze and face packs x
Ham & chips & egg. They live outside the British cash and carry.
Church of st George. It was all done in the 60’s but was really superb. Weather was awful so we went into the mall, I got my nails done. All orange now.
30, cat pals and a Byzantine church.

3 December 2018

She tried to kill me !!!
Me and mum decided to go for a wee drive after the zoo. After having some nice bass the lady who served us recommended looking at the port & a small village nearby. The port was stunning & had sea caves. Aptly the area is called sea caves. Much to my amusement and joy we may have taken a few too many wrong turns, missed the village completely and ended up on a tiny hardly listed on a map, deserted road going up the mountains. Totally stunning & amazing. Mum wanted to kill me. Saw a house from 1915. A man on a motorbike, 2 cars and loads of olives, oranges and hills. I thought it was amazing and give the experience a solid 10/10. Not sure how mum feels about it.
Zoo Paphos x
Mum let me buy cat food. Hummus my second fave is very excited.

2 December 2018

Road out from apartment with loads of fruit trees ...lots of bananas in blue bags !
Also found Omelette at the cafe (don’t tell the other cats it’s my fave so far)
ok ok will slow down with pics of food but first since plane yesterday x
Old lady swimming in sea while we have breakfast ...bit like 'where's wally 'in picture for lady x
Oh and we now have hummus. All three purr tons.
We got locked out of the apartment so I climbed through a window.
Made friends with olive and pitta. Pitta is the one sleeping.
Morning view from balcony

1 December 2018

Just arrived at the apartment. In true style we are in the middle of nowhere, couldn’t find reception at all & I have made friends with the local cats.
Nearly there and the sunset is beautiful.
Off on travels 💕💕

30 November 2018

Off in the car to Edinburgh. Vroom vroom.