Germany · 9 Days · 5 Moments · June 2016

Muhammad's adventure in Germany

16 June 2016

Bye Germany!

15 June 2016

Beautiful city of Bonn

9 June 2016

So I survived the gruelling 21 hours, so proud of myself. I arrived in beautiful Cologne and guess what? I got lost! But it was fun and eventually found my hotel to join my friends. The Koln Dom looks majestic as always and the weather is little bit chilly which I like. I just got to sleep for 4 hours as I had to catch a train to Paris at 7am. Looking forward to experiencing Paris.

8 June 2016

Cologne Dom in all its glory

7 June 2016

Started my journey from Islamabad, Pakistan with 6 other colleagues. Destination is Cologne via Istanbul. 4.5 hours drive to Lahore airport, 5 hours flight to Istanbul and a lay over of 6 hours there. 21 hours in total, should be fun :p