Japan · 14 Days · 75 Moments · October 2017

Japan and Korea October 2017

21 October 2017

Beer and wine stop at oyster bar
Shopping centre toilet seat with privacy noise button that drowns out your bottom noises.
But can’t get in
Went to Imperial Palace

20 October 2017

Richard went to local underground shopping area under Tokyo Station to discovered it was three times larger than we thought. Found Pokémon store.
Posters on the train. Exciting train ride back Richard was up front looking out drivers window people thought he was strange as train was empty with lots of spare seats.
And back we go
Lunch venue
Candy Lane and Vending Machine art
Side street
Kawagoe - thought this was a little town but it’s an outer suburb of Tokyo. Train then bus to tourist area starting st - Renkei-Ji Temple.

19 October 2017

Poor mans Ginza area also red light district lots of strip clubs.
Stairs and corridor on way out. Fish tattoo with gold fish biting girl on floor
Robot Resturant awesome show. Such small stage and caged in in a basement (so much for fire safety) one of the highlights of the trip. See videos we took.
Off to Robot Returant had lunch near by cold so had soup. Very large Japanese man and three girls come in to table next to us we think they were working girls or strippers and he was their minder sorry didn’t take a photo.
Went to craft store near Tokyo Station found it but nothing really special. Back on Metro to anime area at Akihabara cool but really wet and very expensive for everything so didn’t really buy much. But heaps of shops 5-6 stories high millions of figurines. No Manga and couldn’t find much Final Fantasy stuff a number of Sega Shops. Great area shame about it pissing down with rain ruined it a bit and our umbrellas inside out and failed.
Wake up and on to Ginza line in peak hour was crowded but we thought not as bad as we thought it would be. Then at next station 1 million people got on the last 3-4 in carriage get on arse first to push people back we was well squished. Man next to Kath trying hard not to touch her too tightly but we were all squished he seemed happy though. Great to experience it. Then searched for Diaz Discount Department store which trip was all about hard time finding it thought it was like a department store but was a little discount shop not as good as Crazy Clarke’s so big squishy trip for nothing.

18 October 2017

Outside resturant. Also you can (we don’t) smoke inside restaurants right next to anyone including us. Must have good exhaust as didn’t stink.
Richard had this always wanted to try it since reading a novel about Japan and their relationship with whales. Glad I did like meat but soft and not bloody and melts in mouth. Won’t have it again for political reasons but happy I tried and enjoyed it. They had horse meat too but we didn’t try that.
Statue of Richard and his rats
Lots more on other camera
National Park World Heritage Nikkō Home of a million temples and here are a few
Off to Nikkō today about 2-2.5 hour train ride north of Tokyo.

17 October 2017

Paella for lunch at underground shopping centre at railway. In the department store heard loud yelling and then Kath saw big fat security man hard tackle a lady about 30 wrestled to ground held by three men and lady taking photos. Later saw lots police level above.

16 October 2017

Then big party in atrium and bag of balloons come down and we boogie the night away well maybe a tiny bit

15 October 2017

Lunch of local foods was good.
Samurai Street shots. Nice but too many people. Got to look around two houses with 36 million other people. Some of the Samurai houses have large number of buildings ie armoury cold stores etc. they had one storeroom with masonry doors 6 inches thick no idea how they could open and close these doors.
Samurai House in Samurai Town
Leaving Port
Akita Stop Take a step back in time at the Kakunodate Samurai District, a living museum that celebrates the samurai lifestyle and culture. A 1.5-hour drive takes you to this charming district that once housed about 80 samurai families and is an excellent example of samurai architecture and lifestyle. The samurai were warriors who worked their way up from the ruling military class to become the highest-ranking members of society in the Edo Period (1603-1867). Stroll along wide streets and enter homes that have remained intact. Return to port along a scenic route.

14 October 2017

Welcome back committee. They had lots of stores including one selling Japanese kitchen and other knives they seemed to be incouraging Kathy to buy one to deal with her husband.
Vegetarian lunch down the road pretty good for vegetarian food. Recognised most of it best which we hadn’t had before was deep fried thick seaweed.
Temple complex it’s a working Zen Buddhist Monastary. 200 Monks. Shoes off big walk around many buildings interconnnected. Gardens look cool Moss floor tall trees
Ichijodani Asakura Clans Ruins. Interesting site old village partly re built to show what it was like. Nice area in a valley. Not much more to say really Richard is a bit sick.
More welcoming committee
Eiheiji Temple & Ichijodani Asakura Clans Ruins Travel back in time on this full-day adventure centered on the heritage and culture of Fukui prefecture. A one-hour drive brings you to the Ichijodani Asakura Clan Ruins. Here, you'll stroll among the partially reconstructed ruins of Ichijodani Castle Town to gain a deeper understanding of life during the peak of the Muromachi Period. Peer into such buildings as the walled homes of samurai, craftsmen and merchants, which line a 200-meter (656-foot) street. Several interiors have been furnished with authentic period pieces. Then, it's off to Eiheiji Temple, the largest temple in Japan and head of the Soto sect of Zen Buddhism. Although not all of the 70 buildings that comprise the Eiheiji Temple, an active monastery, are open to the public, you will enter through the grand reception hall and follow covered walkways into such key rooms as the Buddha hall, the founder's hall and the main lecture hall, where you'll listen to an informative
Awesome welcome off the boat and we got presents.

13 October 2017

Lighthouse stop funny looks like any other lighthouse no Pikachu on top or anything special but coastline looks good. Drive was along a windy 40km/hr skinny road that the coach took up most of and cars the other way had to stop a few times. We had good mango ice cream we had a bad drink from vending machine looked like mango in the picture tasted like cats piss. We met a corgi and his owners and had a pat and showed photos of our three dogs which they though was pretty cool I think or that we were just dicks.
Buddhist Temple complex nice but crowded set in base of hill in forest. Lots of rabbit statues
Stop for lunch lots of individual dishes was good 🍣
Izumo Grand Shrine & Lake Shinji leaving from Sakaiminato

12 October 2017

Took Kathy done a doggey laneway massage parlours etc and dark but all cool no one harassed us
One of our street foods but after eating Kath saw the lady getting more frozen ones out of a plastic Home brand type bag. ie purchased from local supermarket. We also had fish cake kebabs they were genuine but tasteless really and special sauce was ketchup.
Fish Market Busan everything is alive no dead fish mainly farmed but has all sea creatures and quite a few we don’t recognise
Pet Shop
Our tour guide is great she was explaining there are seven bitches in Busan where you can swim and lie on the bitch. Then she discusses food and unusual pernus which this time was meant to be dogs penis and they eat them. POST NOTE they don’t it hog penis it’s a sea creature that looks like a dogs penis that they eat and we saw it and it’s a good description. We are going to Fish Market next and next to that market is the pooftar market and we still have no idea what the pooftar market really is. She keeps saying it.....don’t know why everyone isn’t laughing.
Leaving temple and off to the markets pretty wet at temple up in mountain hopefully less rain down at the markets. The whole South Korea stop over is a lightening visit 5 hours only then set sail again.
Beomeosa is a head temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism in Cheongnyong-dong, Geumjeong-gu, Busan, South Korea. Built on the slopes of Geumjeongsan, it is one of the country's most pretty cool lots of buildings and cool statue guards
The fat Buddha at the temple gate
Welcome to Busan. Second largest city in South Korea and fifth largest container port in the world. Lots and lots of high rise apartments.
Heading for Busan. Dinner last night in Resturant we have table for two so we don’t have to talk to people but tables are too close together so no inappropriate conversations which means Richards got nothing to say. The Vietnam Vet sitting effectively next to Kathy doesn’t shut up talking to people on other side of him makes dinner kind of shit. Richard was sick cold headache block sinus Kathy doesn’t give a shit well that’s wrong she seems happy in his misery or doesn’t believe he’s sick. This morning buffet breakfast which was ok. Kathy saw old BRISBANE work colleague so we had to run away. It’s raining cold wavy on sea today nice. Left late from yesterday’s stop over so Captains cranking it. Going to fish market and another Temple in Busan South Korea this afternoon. Be rainy but hopefully cooler weather.

11 October 2017

Obi Castle area no actual castle but castle walls and old wooden buildings and nice gardens. Still hot. Got back to boat all of boat tired and hungry and only one place to eat lots of angry people.
The welcoming committee at Obi Castle.
Udo Jingumae Shrine - bus drive to Shrine lots of steps up through tunnel and down again. Nice shrines next to the sea main Shrine in a cave. Good but fucking humid and hot.
Arrived at Miyazaki / Aburatsu, think Miyazaki is the port and Aburatsu is our excursion for the day. Room service breakfast (free) on our balcony. Dock is a timber mill dock very tidy.

10 October 2017

After the formal dinner we did not attend we went through the formal champagne party and Kath stole champagne and soft cock Richard didn’t.
Pizza beer and the big screen with some band I don’t know. Had nice refreshing swim. But over next few days got sick sore throat etc don’t swim or pilot head under public pools. It’s formal dress night for dinner felt strange in my togs in a lift full of people in formal wear ie. full on suits and dinner dresses.
Day at sea just had breakfast shared table people from Sydney BNE and Virginia USA. USA talked a lot but nice people.

9 October 2017

Leaving Yokohama
Went to electronics store 11 levels met a robot who Kathy wanted to replace Richard.
Our subway station see all the exits 32 in total I think we worked out we are exit A3 wrong exit is a 0.5 km walk.

8 October 2017

Dinner at Sushi Place bar tried all sushi never seen before most pretty good one fail.
Nissan Display Ginza Concept car. Also saw Lamborghini Ferrari and Rolls Royce pimped up driving up the Ginza
Subway to Ginza really crowded and it’s a Sunday night. Shopping area for the mega rich and the the not so rich just looking. Pretty amazing cool lights.
Lunch at underground shopping area at Central train station.
Note about subways they can have for one station 20 exits and one exit can be two blocks 500m from another exit. So memorise exit number. We even got stuck going to exit which was in Tokyo Towers and then spent ages trying to find daylight/street level.
Then street parade
Zogogi Temple they are having a community party and parade and Richard got a free sample bag from a Tokyo Sewer Department so good.
Five storey Pagoda
Toshogu Shrine in Ueonoonishi Park
Gojoten Shrine in Ueonoonshi Park
Buffer Japanese breakfast yummy

7 October 2017

Arrive late get to hotel around 9:30am. Late Dinner first night in Japan waitress trying to explain kitchen closes at 10pm at The Rose & Crown English Pub. We had lamb skewers and fried chicken legs very authentic Japanese night out? with British lagers.