India · 35 Days · 4 Moments · April 2017

Moumita's adventure in Jejuri, Maharashtra

15 May 2017

The bliss in the palace, the sight of Malhar, helps energise our dreams that were counted with each step towards the heavenly palace. With the blessings of Malhar and Mhalsa (Shiva and Parvati), we steppedout of the temple in the premises of the palace to take blessings of Banubai, the human incarnation of Ganga. It is believed that Shiva, in the form of Martanda Bhairav, killed two demons Malls and Mani. As per Malhari mahatmya, two shivlings appeared at prempuri where Khandoba killed the demons.
We started walking towards the hill. One by one shops passed by. The shops were selling various offerings for the diety-the almighty. We came across the gate guardian diety of Jejuri fort-the abode of lord Shiva. We offered turmeric which is the prime offering at this place. After our prime worship to Nandi we moved towards steps up the hill to the royal fort. There was a crowd of devotees, all climbing the steps with golden hopes. Slowly, one by one, climbing up the golden steps to the palace, our feet were covered with turmeric which devotees threw in air as a sign of paying respect to the king of the palace. As we entered the grand entrance to the stone palace, our facinations came to live. The golden floor shining under the bright sunlight-turmeric carpet, led us to the shrine of the king of the kings, the lord of the lords as well said, the human incarnation of Shiva-"Khandoba".
Rush hour!! It was time when we decide all of a sudden to visit this golden place, Jejuri.. 12:45 pm. It was a sunny day. Vishu was almost ready to head towards her office cab when we flipped the plan to head for train to jejuri. At the nick of the hour, where we had to board the train at 1, we took an Ola to Pune railway station. The heavy traffic on the way worked the devil's role. The fantasy to climb the fort added to our excitement. The Ola guy broke all the signals to get us at station in time. And holaa..We reached station!! And moreover, to our surprise, we also got tickets (usually unavailable). After 1 hr of journey, we jumped of the train straight on the road which was Jejuri station (as there was no platform) Next, we took a shared auto towards jejuri hill. We were dropped at a small market place which was the base to start up the hill.

11 April 2017