Thailand · 20 Days · 10 Moments · December 2018

Motais On the Move in Thailand 🇹🇭

23 December 2018

Today we got picked up from our hostel around 8 AM for our 4 islands tour. We would be going by long tail boat to Koh Chueak, Ko Mook, Ko Kradan, and Ko Ngai. Our first stop was Koh Chueak for some snorkeling. The water was a beautiful turquoise color and we were surrounded by massive limestone cliffs. The snorkeling was meh - the visibility was minimal and we only saw a couple types of fish. The next stop was Emerald Cave at Ko Mook where we swam through a narrow 80m tunnel which ended in a secret lagoon. There were a ton of tourists but was still really cool! The third stop was Ko Kradan for lunch and more snorkeling. The water was crystal clear and stunning! The snorkeling was better as we saw a lot more fish - including Nemo and a really long skinny fish. Our fourth stop was Ko Ngai for beach time and more picturesque views. All in all, it was a great day! We felt it was a little rushed at times but it was great to see all the little islands that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

22 December 2018

Today we slept in, got breakfast, and then booked our 4 island tour for the next day. We decided on the tour that goes to Ko Kradan for 700 baht (~$22) per person and includes snorkeling! We hung out at Long Beach all day and then decided to get a massage which was offering a promotion - 250 baht for one hour Thai massage. This was the lowest price we have seen for a Thai massage (they are usually 300 baht for 1 hour). Our massages turned out to be TERRIBLE and we regretted coming there. My lady barely applied any pressure. Sometimes it’s better to pay more for good quality! We saw another amazing sunset and ended the day eating panang curry, lemongrass salad, and a Thai pancake for dessert! Yum 😋

20 December 2018

Today we woke up at 6:15 to make our 7:00 AM bus to Koh Lanta. The journey took around 2.5 hours and we even went on a quick ferry at one point to cross the water! We arrived to Aule Guesthouse and met Jojo, the owner. Our first impression of Jojo was that he was a really chill Thai guy who did things on his own time. That being said, our room wouldn’t be ready for another couple hours. We got breakfast of muesli and a bagel with cream cheese, tomato and cucumber (a real treat for me!) and then checked out the beach. We are only 100 meters from the beach and it is gorgeous!! Today was the first day in Southern Thailand that we actually had perfect beach weather. Aaron and I definitely got burnt 🥵 but it’s almost worth it! We spent the day laying out, enjoying the water, and seeing the beautiful sunset. For dinner we went to Thai Cat and I got red curry with barracuda and Aaron got a delicious noodle dish with lots of vegetables. Looking forward to what tomorrow brings!

19 December 2018

Today we woke up and left our hostel around 9 AM for a 3 part tour in Krabi. First stop was the Krabi Hot Springs. It was very crowded but the water was nice and hot. Next stop was the Emerald Pool in Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve. This place was also very crowded but the water was refreshing and was crystal clear. We swam for a bit in the natural pool and Aaron worked on his floating. The last stop was Tiger Temple where we climbed 1,260 steps up to the top where we were greeted with stunning views over Krabi and a huge golden Buddha. It was worth the effort and I told Aaron that I felt like it wasn’t as hard as when I climbed 600 steps up Piedra de Penol in Colombia - it must mean I’m in a lot better shape! (That’s what I’m telling myself) 😜💪🏻 We spent our last night in Krabi at the night market and I had the best boba tea I’ve ever had! Tomorrow morning we leave for Koh Lanta and we are so excited 🤩

18 December 2018

Today we woke up around 9:15 AM and planned on going to Railay Beach. Our morning involved walking to Klong Jirad Pier (about a 30 min walk from our hostel) only to find out it was better to book our trip to Railay through the hostel for 300 baht per person. They were trying to charge 400 per person at the KJ pier. So we walked back to the hostel and waited for the mini van to pick us up to the other pier. The boat ride was under an hour and we got to Railay a little after 1:00. The weather was so bad and I was feeling really disappointed. After a bit of a drizzle we decided to rent a 2 person kayak for 2 hours. We went to Tonsai beach and Phra Nang beach. Despite the weather, the beaches were gorgeous! The limestone jutting out of the water against the turquoise waters was visually stunning. We were so glad we went! We got the last boat back at 5:00 PM to Krabi Town. We ended the night with some delicious snapper, rice, and mixed veggies at Poo Dam restaurant and the best boba tea!

16 December 2018

Today we woke up, had an American breakfast at Thai Boat Restaurant and then came back to the bungalow to pack. We were planning on heading out tonight for Krabi on the night boat at 2100 but found out it was full. We had to then decide which time we wanted to leave the following day. What better way to make decisions than over food! I had seen this place called Bingo rev 2.0 on the way to Aaron’s haircut place yesterday and it got great reviews. I got the masaman curry and Aaron got the spicy green curry. Absolutely delicious! Since it was our last day on the island we decided to take a taxi boat to Ko Nangyuan to see the viewpoint I had heard so much about. We got there RIGHT before it was closing so there was no one there but us. Admission was 100 TBH per person (~$3). The views were stunning and I was so glad we went! We spent the last night on Koh Tao hanging out on the swing, drinking fruit shakes, and getting another Thai massage!

14 December 2018

Today we woke up super early to go diving! It was Aaron’s last day in his course and I came along to do 2 fun dives. Just as we were about to enter the water, a huge storm approached. Cold, hard rain came pouring down and the seas were incredibly choppy. No thunder or lightning so it was safe to go in! Aaron didn’t handle the current very well and got anxious. His instructor wanted him to perform the skill of taking off the mask in the water and placing it back on and clearing it. He really struggles with this one because he feels like he is suffocating without his mask on. I also struggled with it in my refresher course but I just had to remind myself to breathe slowly and stay calm. Anyway, Aaron wasn’t able to do the first dive but he did the second dive just fine! His instructor told him that he could do another dive in the AM and we are praying he has his certification by tomorrow :) The rest of the day was spent resting, and of course eating! 😋

13 December 2018

Today was a day of relaxing on the island. Aaron had his third day of his diving course and I slept in and then met up with him for lunch. We had falafel wraps which were pretty tasty! He then returned to his course and I went back to the bungalow and worked on the travel blog for a couple of hours. The home page looks pretty awesome and now I just need more blog content! We ended the day with some delicious roasted duck over egg noodles. Tomorrow Aaron and I will go diving together at 5:45 AM! Oooof that’s early 😅 We are hoping for calmer conditions, clear water, and lots of fish!

8 December 2018

What a fun day exploring the Khlong Lad Mayom Floating Market just 10 km outside of Bangkok! We didn’t let the rainy forecast ruin our day. We got there by taxi and spent around 4 hours exploring the massive market and taking a boat ride through the canals. Today we tried mango sticky rice, sticky rice in a bamboo log, fresh OJ, grilled snapper, papaya salad, and of course, coconut ice cream! Tomorrow morning we fly out to Koh Tao and we are so excited to finally relax on the beach 🏝

7 December 2018

Today was a great day! We woke up late, ate noodles again for “breakfast” and then took a metered taxi to the Grand Palace. Admission was expensive (500 BHT per person) and imo, it was overrated. There were just way too many people there and I saw just as much beauty at Wat Pho for a lot less money! Oh well... I can say I’ve been to one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bangkok. After the Grand Palace we went to lunch at The Sixth and got jungle curry, shrimp egg rolls and papaya salad. So good! Then we went to a shopping mall to buy SIM cards. They were $5 each and unlimited data. Such a steal! We ended the night by going to China town and meeting up with our friend Gabbi that we met in India! We had a lot of fun trying new foods and drinks from all the various food stalls. We got fresh OJ, fried morning glory, chicken basil, watermelon juice, black grass jelly drink, and stuffed toast with sugar butter. Everything was delicious! Bangkok is a foodie’s paradise 🤤