United States of America · 24 Days · 38 Moments · May 2017

4 weeks. 2 sisters. 1 dog. And a tent.

4 June 2017

We made it to New Mexico to visit Sam!
Snuck into federal Native American land at 5 in the morning to watch the sunrise from the Four Corners Monument. Had to run about half a mile to and from the monument, scared that we were gonna get caught the whole time. Definitely worth the sunrise though

3 June 2017

That moment when you dig your car out of the sand
We tried back country camping near lake Powell in Arizona. Turned out Morgans car wasn't made for sand. Got stuck (Morgan got bitchy) but eventually my muscles helped push the car outta the sand and we made it so a more sturdy camp area for the night. We had to use a little hand held shovel to dig ourselves out too, it was a great time

1 June 2017

Camped in the back country of Joshua Tree National Park last night and made do with the portable shower we brought along with us. (That black bag hanging from the tree would be the shower)

29 May 2017

Drove down the pacific coast highway to enjoy some views & camped along the Big Sur River last night

28 May 2017

Hiked to the cliff overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge (in windy and freezing weather) the get the perfect shot. Visited Lombard Street as well and Morgan tortured Auggie by making him a purse dog (jk he actually loved it)

27 May 2017

View from the tent tonight: drive in theater outside of Portland, OR
The sunset right outside Portland, Oregon as we made our way to California
Took a short hike up to Elowah Falls. The trail had been closed for a while due to a washout and the "closed" signs were still up. However Morgan & I being the badasses we are chose to venture further and found the trail had actually been opened back up and therefore we got the whole waterfall to ourselves and our photoshoot
Morgan admiring her vegan hotdog she got in Portland, Oregon 🌭

26 May 2017

This Is Us
Picnic pit stop in Astoria, OR
Hundreds of these little coffee shacks line route 101 along the coast and I love them!

25 May 2017

View of the beach in Olympic National Park, WA
Olympic National Park

24 May 2017

We've made it to Washington. Currently waiting to get on the ferry! (FYI that is Morgan, not Greta)

23 May 2017

Relaxing by the fire before we head to bed in the 40 degree weather 😲
Today in Jackson Hole

22 May 2017

Night drives through Idaho. Home of the potato museum

21 May 2017

Ended our last night in Utah with a gorgeous sunset
Spent the last two nights in the deserts of Moab, Utah. We camped along the Colorado River and certainly enjoyed the view from our tent.

18 May 2017

Went from getting sunburn in Chicago to frostbite on the way to Denver. All within 36 hours. These pictures are from the drive through South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado during the storm.

17 May 2017

Found a pair of sheds while exploring the woods of Black Hills National Forest
Black Hills National Forest. Its raining and 35 degrees.... greta doesn't know it yet but I bought a flight home tomorrow morning.....
Drove through Badlands NP. Were planning to camp here but they don't allow dogs so we flipped them the bird on our way to Black Hills National Forest πŸ–•.
Such a ruff life 🐾
5 hours into our roughly 15 hour drive.... in the middle of a thunderstorm.... somewhere in Minnesota.....surrounded by miles of farmland.... and not a soul around. Oh and our gps keeps warning us to turn around because these roads aren't mapped. Good. Scary movie storyline or our current situation?

16 May 2017

Stopped in Boone County, Indiana to check out the main atttactions: Wal-Mart and Roadside Chef. World renowned travelling chef known for making unbelievable PB&J's out of the back of her car in Wal-Mart parking lots. Auggie was a fan!
One of the coolest places I've ever "bean"
Lunch with a view! Chicago Riverwalk
Can you find Auggie?

15 May 2017

Pictures from the first tent launch
What type of person doesn’t love pizza? A weirDOUGH.
We've made it to the land of deep dish pizza πŸ•
Spent 15 hours in the car today. These dorks spent 10 of them like this...
4.5 hours from Chicago! Lunch at a highway service station.... living a life of luxury

11 May 2017

Our humble abode!