North America, Africa · 4 Days · 14 Moments · May 2017

Morgan's adventure in Ghana

7 May 2017

DAY 4 cont. As we continued along, Francis told us we would be attending the church in Asokwa! Then we get close and he started pointing out the rice fields, chicken poultry, and I began soaking up the lush, fertile areas that surrounded us on all sides. Francis then tell me it is farming area, and the community I am preaching in is a farming community. I immediately felt at home, and this was how I connected with the people before I preached! God is so good!
DAY 4 Today I preached! I didn't know when or where I was going, I just knew I was being sent. We (Stanley and myself) left with our driver and translator, Francis! This was my first time in Ghana not riding the tro tro or with Yaw as my driver. It was amazing! Francis taught us about the Gold Mine where he use to work, and how the people want to reopen the Gold Mine (with a better plan to run it), so the local economy doesn't just plummet. I can tell he misses the Gold Mine, and his passion for reopening it. I pray God will! He also taught us an old tradition that when you go to someone's house and they are not home, you leave a palm branch with a rock on it to let them know you came by. The thinking is a branch cannot put a rock on itself, so someone must have put it there. A signal as he called it. This has translated into Palm branches being layed on the side of the road to signal something ahead, a wreck, broken down vehicle, etc. It was an incredible experience.
DAY 3 Cont. 06.05.17 While at the hospital Pastor Samuel learned the wife of one of his leaders was at the hospital to have a baby. We went to see her, and could through the glass window only! But the babies.. Just after the best vegetable spaghetti dinner (must add ketchup), I had the absolute pleasure of hearing Danielle practice with the worship team from Pastor Samuel's church! I feel like my words to describe this moment are weak and lacking at best. The keyboardist began to play, and then the drummers, Danielle was in the front with 10 beautiful ladies and 1 gentleman for backup. Mind you, Danielle hadn't met these musicians or singers until about 2 minutes prior. She opened her voice to sing, and those singing backup began to shout! In all my opportunities to hear Danielle sing, I have never heard her sing like this. The group as a whole were like angels from heaven. The beauty of their voices will forever be in my mind, and I pray God blesses each one richly in all they do!
DAY 3 06.05.17 Today we led a children's outreach at Pastor Samuel's church (Victory Charismatic Center)! We had 76 kids that were led in song, games, and two Bible stories. The leaders from the church were amazing, and so much fun to work with. The afternoon brought about some needed down time, kind of. I had to prepare to deliver the message at one of the village churches. My first time preaching would be on foreign soil. I could not be more humbled and honored to be asked to do this. Now, I understand all the warfare prior to my leaving. Debra, Sherri, Danielle, and myself all had the opportunity to go to the local hospital to visit Eunice (Pastor Samuel's 2nd oldest daughter). She's having stomach issues, and we were blessed to be able to pray over her, and for Danielle to minister in song. While there, we met Cecila, Pastor Samuel's elder sister. She is a beautiful lady, and equally as kind. It's such an honor to meet extended family.
DAY 4 Church at Asokwa
DAY 2 (CONT.) 05.05.17 After filling our bellies with the best dinner of chicken, rice, and watermelon for dessert, we all swiftly unloaded the van and changed clothes for our night outreach. The REMOTE village of N'Saoum welcomed us with open arms. We traveled for an hour over the worst road I ever experienced to meet with these wonderful people. We sang and I prayed to start the evening. Then we watched the Jesus movie. At the end of the night we prayed over some who came forward while Cody shared his story. One man gave his life to Christ! All glory be to God and may He bless our new brother, surrounding him with those to help him grow on his journey. DAY 2 was long, but we ended the day with a new brother in Christ, and rest, so it was a great day!

6 May 2017

DAY 3 Danielle at worship team practixe
DAY 3 Children's Outreach

5 May 2017

DAY 2 during evening outreach in N'Saoum!
DAY 2: Accra to Obuasi Our flight from JFK to Accra has been pleasant. Dinner was ok, sleep was hit or miss, but I had a lovely seat mate! The sunrise is gorgeous! Nothing like watching God start a new day! Breakfast of an egg, cheese, spinich combo was quite delicious. We will land in about 15 minutes or so, and I can't believe I'm here again. It's like going home, and like I've never been all at the same time. I'm emotional! It was so good to reunite with Yaw, but we had a long day of travel ahead. Soon after the hugs, kisses, and game of Tetris (aka packing bags in/on the tro tro), we were off. We stopped at Linda Dor for quick lunch and a toilet break! Then in the road again! 5 hours and one more toilet stop later, we arrived in Obuasi! Everyone was so glad to be here, and our of the van. I was so glad to see Pastor Samuel and eat Grace's cooking, which was ready for us as we entered their abode.
Flight Tracker on the plane!

4 May 2017

Day 1-TRAVEL DAY 4:30 a.m. wake up Leave with Rich at 5:50 to meet our team in Monroe Get to our meeting spot to find out Danielle's passport/Visa were in route to her, and she could leave with all of us! Scream, cry, do happy dance, praise God! Pick up Sherri and head to Airport Check in and security were a breeze Plane was delayed because President Trump was flying to JFK- FAA stopped all air traffic not already in flight. Boarded a little before 2pm and took flight at 2:45pm Flight attendant (OTIS)who gave on flight instructions was very entertaining - He said, "There is no smoking on the plane, but we do offer a smoking area on the wings where they are showing the classic Gone With the Wind." 😂😂😂 Arrival to JFK in time to catch our shuttle, head to the restroom, and board. The K9 cleared us for boarding, and I ran into an old friend, one of our flight attendants from last time.
Rivers of Mercy Mission Team (Danielle, Sherri, Morgan) at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport
Danielle and I on the van on the way to the airport!