Brazil · 10 Days · 2 Moments · August 2017

Morgan's adventure in Brazil

29 August 2017

27 August 2017

It's been a week and a bit! 😂 so much has happened in the last week! I started school, went to the ranch, my hair turned green from the pool, I met so many people that love my hair and eyes 😂 they are all so nice and I can't wait to be able to fully speak with them all soon! School is so different and I love it.. by the time it's 10 in cranbrook I'm done school and having lunch.. yeah.. pretty great! The ranch was amazing and hot!! Yes the pool turned my hair green and then I put tomatoes and vinegar in it.. seemed to work 👌😂 thanks google! each day comes with its ups and downs and each day I learn new things and in the past week I've probably learned more about my self and about life than I ever would in cranbrook, I'm glad in here, but yes of course I miss home! Brazil is teaching me so much.. in just one week! Let's go! About 46 more weeks to go! Can't wait! Lots more happening soon! 💕

20 August 2017

Well I am in Brazil! It's crazy to think that just a couple days ago I was in Canada, and now in a completely different country with a completely different and difficult language! Flying by your self, man that can be scary but all was well and there were no troubles which I am oh so thankful for! I can't believe that all of this has happened in such little time! Let me tell you when people say they love travelling I think they really mean love being somewhere else because the car drives, trains, and flights are really no fun at all! As soon as I arrived in Brazil all three of my host families were there to greet me! It was amazing and it felt so good! There were lots of hugs and kisses on the cheek! Very affectionate people! I left for home with my first host family, and now I am all settled and unpacked and ready for the next step.. phone plan! .. then school.. then meeting other exchange students! I'm so excited and nervous for what lies ahead but can't wait for the storie