Slovenia, Czech Republic · 8 Days · 18 Moments · August 2017

Moravska stezka.. (Czech Republic, AU & SK)

28 August 2017

Always the last part of an adventure...the journey home...the end and nothing more than remaining memories that last 🙂 and good friends

27 August 2017

Belveder Wien..always worth visiting even though it is for the hundreth time or just for a strole.
We met some remains of a doorway on an old crossroad along our way. Later we had to cross Donava on a boat, it was quite interesing. After a well deserved beer in a shade we continue our journey twoards Wien.
We slept in a Austrian city called Hainbirg an der Donau just after the border. A lovely town with remains of a castle, though there is not much to see otherwise.

26 August 2017

Bratislava is an interesting city, but I must be very spoiled since, to me, it did not seem that special. I was much more taken in with a lot of smaller cityes or rather Olomouc. We have seen the old city centre and the castle. My favourite thing was the statue of thw guy looking out of the manhole 😁
From an early breakfast in Jakubov twoards the remains of castle Devin...and later on to Bratislava.

25 August 2017

The last town in Czech was Lanžhod where, after discussing, walking around and searching some more, we foumd a lovely museum and a good beer to cool down. The heat was almost unbearing. Our journey continues in Slovakia. Except the unnerving bridge there were fields and fields of sunflowers and corn...soo boring...and almost no city or pitstop..
Today we finally came upon some wineyards. The ride was interesting though very hot since there was no shade. The country is very bare, bare of restaurants, bars and attractions 😉 at least we came upon some people.

24 August 2017

We met a lot of churches, castles and lovely buildings riding along the last part of Moravska stezka before embarking further on our journey. The castle is from the city Stražnice and the church and city hall from Hodonin.
The day started with cycling along the Morava channel. We came to Uherske Hradište and made a short stop in this lovely town.

23 August 2017

Kromeriž trully has wonderful buildings and parks. Worth coming once there to see them in their full splendor, taking the time necessary for it, the time we did not have today. As we continued our journy, we met Morava river and rode alongside its full glory. We spend the night at Harley bar where the owner is, or was, a true Harley&Davidson fan. Everybody was very kind and the beer and food were extremly good. Especially for breakfast.
Along the road we came upon a town called Tovačev with a lovely smaller castle in the middle. We had a beer and went on our way twords Kromeriž.
Today could not start better. We had breakfast in a café on the main square in Olomouc. The next point on the itinerary was a guided tour of the tower in the City hall. Eventually it was over and the only site left for us to see there were the oldest set of organs in Czech.

22 August 2017

Closing the day with siteseeing Olomouc was a lovely choice. The city has planty of fountains and not to forget the churches and other ornamrntal buildings.
Continuing our journey we stumbled upon a gorgeous university with a lush pond inhabiting a horde of ducks. Happily the surprises were not over. The way got more and more diverse winding along embankments, through forests, comming along a activity poligon and to top it off we came upon a completely unexpected, and the very first opened today may I add, bar or rather pit stop.
A stop at Litovel, where a good beer brewery is situated. The city is lovely though a tad void of the turists or even locals. We found a few open restaurants and at the end picked the one in the main square. It seems strange though, here in Czech, there are so few restaurants and bars along the road and in the citys.
The day started with a short tour of the city. Later we found the Moravska stezka and finally started our trip. The roads were mainly with traffic, though luckily not much. However the countryside is beautiful and some lovely stops are arranged.

21 August 2017

Today we are starting a new adveture. A whole week of cycling through beautiful and collerful countries awaits us. But this first day is, sadly, all about traveling. We started early, the first train leaving at 7.25 from my home town. After changing trains 3 times we arive in Zabreh na Morave at 20.17. It will be a long and tireing day, however the trains are comfortable and on time making the journey much easier. Some Austrain trains even have free wi-fi. An exemplary idea is when you go to the city to wait for your next train and enjoy a beer and sustenance.