Greece · 53 Days · 186 Moments · June 2018

Morag & Laurence's voyage in Ionian Islands.

18 August 2018

It's time for the A Team to take over. Tom, Becki, Sarah, Steve stride forward with provisions for the Journi ahead. Morag and Laurence prepare for their flight home, and gently attempt to come to terms with an 8 week wonderful adventure ,drawing to a close.
Today was the day to pack ourselves off Eriskay. Sad farewells! Also, the day to tie up loose ends with Govia Marina and Sail Your Soul. We managed to do both, including a meeting with charming Marina Manager Dimitri. Annual contact sorted , with paperwork then completed at the desk.

17 August 2018

We join a convoy of yachts heading into Gouvia Marina on Friday evening. They might be busy but we are directed to a spot and enjoy the feeling of being on a marina. The restaurant is excellent and bodes well for our new home.
En route to Gouvia, we stop in a tranquil bay off east coast Corfu. Steve tests the new dinghy and the electric outboard.

16 August 2018

It's evening and we are upstairs in a balcony restaurant, overlooking pretty Gaios harbour.
Back again to Paxi
After a bumpy night on anchor, it transpires that an easterly blew up overnight and it was all a bit more turbulent than expected. Steve woke Laurence at 7.30 ish with the news that a thunderstorm was approaching - time to move. We motored up to Gaios on Paxos and enjoyed egg and bacon whilst on anchor in the approaches. It's good to be back in this pretty place.
The sun has gone - and a tropical storm Visits us today’

15 August 2018

By sunset, we are back on lovely Anti-Paxos, in a small bay just north of our overnight of a couple of weeks back. Morag enjoys a long swim in the crystal clear waters as Laurence opens a beer as his way of cooling down after prepping the even meal. Earlier today, Steve and Laurence had gone early morning shopping in Preveza, with wine glasses still on the shopping list. A good walk into the new town, but it transpired this is a public holiday, and everything was closed. As we motored out from Preveza and north towards Corfu, a gentle wind teased us to fly the big sail, and we have a lovely day on the water.

14 August 2018

A night out - eating delicious food - promenading ...
Today our journi starts on the quay at busy Nidri. We had been overnight beside the trip boats, and sharing electricity with them. Which of course our aircon tripped. The visit to the Barrel Restaurant the evening before had been lovely - taking up Norman's recommendation and having veal t-bone. Anyway, today we stop on the old Quay at Lefkas and meet Nicolas of Iberian r Rescue Equipment to assess our dying dinghy. dead he says - so we go to his works and choose a new one.
We say goodbye to our faithful but broken dinghy ... but say hello to our new boy!
We love food shopping!

13 August 2018

Good morning! It’s time for the bakery run ... and resisting the call of the donuts !
The bread run this morning expanded to include Spinach pies, semolina cake, backlava and of course, donuts. Katie will be proud of us....

12 August 2018

Evening stroll above Palleros.

11 August 2018

We're back in Astokos !

9 August 2018

We pinky hold only - any other embrace results in “dont touch me!” As we slither and slide our way through the hot days 😎
It's farewell to Vasiliki on Levkas. Perhaps one of the most enjoyable stops of the odesy? A good town Quay (even better when power comes later this year ) with a vibrant holiday town all around the quay. Good selection of shops, but not too touristy. And in the evening, the whole community appears and the place is buzzing with the chatting promenaders. Laurence is pleased to get a haircut before Eriskay pushes off and makes for Meganisi.
Lovely Vasiliki.
Lovely Vasiliki.
The busy, busy restaurant of last night is this morning, empty tables on a town Quay.

8 August 2018

At last! Somewhere that does laundry - our hero collected our many bags and returned some hours later with whiter than white laundry! Abetter planned day - lots of cool wind sailing and going for dinner at 9pm seems to work
Assos is quiet in the early morning as we dinghy ashore and walk towards the castle on the hill. We deserve breakfast overlooking the picturesque bay.
A beautiful - if not a bit sweaty - exploration of the foot of the fort - before our full Scottish breakfast.

7 August 2018

It's a motor over to Cephalonia, although for an hour or so there is a gentle breeze and it's perfect for the Shute. Exciting to come in sight of Assos and then to explore this beautiful wee village. Perched beneath steep cliffs, nestled around the blue waters of a protective bay and then up on the headland, an ancient fort.
Morag draws as we quietly slip anchor and head out into the bay. En route south, we decided to head over to Cephalonia and make Assos: benign conditions suggest this exposed harbour will be tenable.

6 August 2018

Flowing on from a couple of hours artwork and computing, we fill the water tanks and wave goodbye to this charming port. A 5 mile dawdle to Nidri, via a bay for swim and siesta. We arrive at Iris Quay and despite a reservation this morning, they don't have space. So, we head on down the inlet and drop the anchor outside Vlikho.

5 August 2018

Well this is a lovely little harbour to awaken in! And another day starts with lovely sunshine. The aircon is on, so Morag has a Morning of art, while Laurence goes to the Apico cafe for Internet and a little accounting work on xero. Well, the vat quarter has closed.... In the afternoon we wander along main street, finding cheese pies for a supper on board. Drinks on Gypsey Rose with Norman and Pam, and a little Star Trek film after dinner.

4 August 2018

A 6.30 start for the trip south and through the Lefkas Canal. Some 10 hours later we arrive in the wee harbour at Nikiana. Then moved position as a spot nearer to the electricity became available. A tanned figure that looked like friend Norman walked by. And it was! We had supper all together, at the taverna just at the end of the harbour. Table on the beach - brilliant.
Early start this morning - it’s all too much for skipper - thankfully competent crew is wide awake 😎

3 August 2018

Platarias on mainland Greece, just below Igoumenitsa, isn't that pretty a place. But with the aircon on all night, it's a good place to awaken if it's cool! Morag did a morning of art and I was on the laptop for the July Booking Hound analysis. After a shop and lunch, we nose around the bay and on to Mourtos. Here we anchor in one of the delightful bays. The village looks charming, too. Perhaps for the next visit....
It’s a beautiful overcast afternoon with enough wind for a gentle sail... ahead is our port for the night - very drawable for MoMo
Thunderstorm just beyond us

2 August 2018

We leave the quay underneath the Corfu Fort at 7.30 and have eased into a spot at Gouvia Marina by 8.30. Klaus is in his office when we arrive - as is the big Torqueedo box! Less luck with the strut we need. Back to Eriskay and we motor off for Platarias. Each port now carefully chosen to ensure there is power for air con.
Sailing past Corfu Old Town.
Good morning Corfu Yacht Club.

1 August 2018

This is to be a lazy day. And a sad one, for today Callum Katie and Arran fly home. First thing, Katie and Laurence walk through the Old Fort to get doughnuts and bread in town. Morag stays in the cold of an air conditioned Eriskay, nursing a sore eye (mossie bite of three days back). Some swim, others potter and then we all have a light lunch in the lovely Yacht Club Restaurant. Sad farewells as the young ones head off with suitcases for a taxi to the airport. Morag spends the afternoon and early evening in her studio, Laurence goes into the back of the club room and does some laptop work : Eriskay insurance, riverbed architect plans, marina overview spreadsheet re Eriskay plan for the next year. Supper is boiled egg and Rose : lovely.

31 July 2018

A morning of research. Into Gouvia Marina to firstly meet Klaus and discuss guardinage, then to the marina office to check into our winter reservation. After 5 weeks in the Ionian, this is the first real marina we have come across. And it's a bit of a culture shock! Big, commercial and bustling.
We know we want to stay close to Corfu Town, but where. And it needs electricity! Gouvia isn't romantic enough, lets go see Naok Yacht Club. They don't answer the phone or the VHF - we could just slide into a berth at this pretty place, but no shore power so we head back and into Mandraki. We insist on going stern to, which has us on an outside wooden pontoon and there's an exciting swell whenever a ferry or super yacht passes - but the shire power doesn't trip with all the current we pull. So we are happy - chilled, too! This evening Arran, Callum and Katie take their parents out for a thank you dinner. A memorable meal, right on a walkway in the old town.

30 July 2018

We spent just the best time with Jane, Emilio and Anna - who served us the best vegan meal of the holiday - with some retsina sampling thrown in. Perched on a hilltop - overlooking a beautiful bay,
An hour motor takes us across the big bay from the yacht club, to Agni Bay. Our day started with a walk out thru the castle, to the old town to search a gift for our lunchtime hosts, and basic provisions plus bread. We meet our hosts on the shore, as we swim in from Eriskay. Jane, Emelio and daughter Annie are warm and welcoming and following the vswim, we walk up the steep slope to their home, overlooking the bay. It's a delightful rural spot! Jane serves a tasty vegan lunch and we enjoy beers and retsina as we chat and discover more of their Corfu holidays. At 6pm, we potter up the coast and find a quiet, beautiful bay for the night. Boiled eggs and rose for dinner.

29 July 2018

We leave Lakka Bay at the north of Paxoi, before most folk have awoken on their yachts. It's a motor across the open water to Corfu and before we get in the Lee, there's a nasty rocking motion. Then it's up the sheltered side of corfu and a stop for lunch just south if corfu town, right underneath the flight path for thd nearby airport. We make a reservation at Mandraki Yacht Club and at 4.30, turn into the tiny harbour underneath the massive castle walls. What a spectacular location? Guided bows to, we pay the e45 fee (first real fee in a very long time), and work out how not to blow the electric trip with our aircon. Katie and Arran search a vegan Indian on trip advisor and we take a taxi.

28 July 2018

Pottering on northwards from Gaios, we call in at a remote bay for a swim, then nose into Longos before dropping the anchor in Lakka bay. This looks to be another very pretty Greek village. The bay we are in is certainly lovely, and the waters so clear and blue (just as Rod promised).
Getting rid of rubbish, on the bread run. Plus the early morning view north, up the creek.

27 July 2018

We awake in a tiny bay at the bottom of Anti-Oaxos. Only us, blue blue clearcwater and early morning sun. A leisurely morning starts with a swim, involves gluing a dingy rollick back on, then out in the bay, lifting the asymmetric sail. Too little wind. Instead of a sail, we pop into the narrow creek that is Gaios. What a charming place! And likely to get mote attractive ones the tripper boats take the hordes away.
Good morning

26 July 2018

We arrived in Anti Paxos yesterday lunchtime and discovered our own little bit of paradise. After destroying some ancient rock formations we settled into the bay and spent the afternoon swimming and exploring the surrounding bays.... sadly in all of this Katie’s face got a little too much sun so she spent the evening radiating heat like an angry tomato
Katie and Laurence set their alarms for 7.30, to go and get bread. A lovely walk through the couple of streets of old town, along the front, and then into the new town at the back. Two different worlds! Watered up, power cables in, we set off for Paxos at 8.30. Sharing two big sugar donuts between us.

25 July 2018

Sometimes we all need a little extra help - some angels came and cleared our blocked head —— much rejoicing all round 🤗
We go the half mile from Preveza old town Quay to Cleopatra Marina and check in for our technical service appointments. A relaxed day of hanging around on the boat, waiting. But by 3pm the air con is working and the port heads are unblocked, and we are heading back to the town Quay. Dinner is back at Ventura's. Callum wants to go somewhere new, not to return for a second night.Katie and Morag want those mushrooms again. And we buy 3 boxes of rose from his wine supplier: it's delicious.

24 July 2018

An evening out on Preveza waterfront.
Young love 💕
A wonderful old church discovered - just beside the fish farm 🤔

23 July 2018

The thunder and lightening storm leaves us.
Walk to the old fort.
An eventful morning at the “spa town for the elderly”. Failed to get a taxi to the ruins so left town pretty promptly .
Awakening in the grey flatland that is the marches of Ormos Koprainia, we motor over the silvery scene to arrive 9.30 ish on and old Quay at Menidhion. Geriatric swimmers all around us, and an old lady takes our stern lines and helps us to Moor. Callum pulling in the anchor chain as she valiantly holds against the pressure! What an odd, odd place. We walk along the seafront with its beach, restaurants and oap's on holiday. The bus to Arta doesn't go for 1.4 hours and taxi is expensive, so we press on. Over the bay to Vonitsa which is all together more charming. We manage to find a space in the harbour beneath the Fort, and wander the sleepy town. We table hop as the family search a restaurant everyone can be happy with. We stay at restaurant 3, and I enjoy rooster whilst our vegans have chips. Then they cook and eat back on board. Amazing thunderstorm and the new basil plant gets a watering.
I sleep in my inflatable bed on deck as it is so warm - but at 3am I run for my jumper! This morning Katie wakes me up planking on deck 😎

22 July 2018

Playing cards at sunset surrounded by little turtles!
Stormy end of evening at Vonitsa.
Arrival Menidhion

21 July 2018

The Levkas Canal floating bridge opens for yachts, on the hour. We have to wait about for 35 minutes, then the bridge swings and we pass through. A memorable passage. Thereafter, its a lovely sail on up the coast to Preveza. Evening light at 14 knots on the beam. Perfect.
Pictures of the lovely beach at Palairos, along with shots of the harbour and then Katie lifting the snuffer.
Today Katie and MoMo got some gas
Today's journey starts in Palairos, stops for lunch in Varko Bay, then heads up the Levkas Canal to end on anchor just to the east of Preveza Town. The day which ends with filo pastry parcels cooked by Morag, served to the hungry team at 8. 30pm, started with sketching for Morag and yoga on the shore for Laurence. Norman came on board in the morning for coffee, and his friend Doug came to look at the air conditioning problem. Norman suggested we could leave Eriskay with Dimitri on the pontoon, who did annual guardinage. And then he introduced John who was walking by, who kept his yacht on the pontoon, under Dimitri's protection. And had done for 5 years and recommended it.

20 July 2018

Lunchtime arrival into Palairos. Billed as Norman's favorite place. It's on the mainland and supposed to be cheaper shops and offer the charter route. Oh, look. A sunsail flotilla is slowly arriving!
Vathi is as lovely a place to wake up in, as to fall asleep. The local piazza last evening had children and parents happily mingling and chatting. A good sense of local community around yachtie tourists. We have a morning walk up above the harbour, before using the anchor.

19 July 2018

We have a ritual - beer in the nearest cafe in exchange for WiFi access - it’s the simple things ....
Tonight we are stern-to on the old town quay at Vathi on Meganisi. It's a laid back, charming place. The evening wind blew up 3 hours into our stay, and we had to re-lay the anchor in cross-winds. Appreciative of help from our neighbour.
Fun en route to Vathi.
Called into Spartakhori Bay for a swim. Looks a good place for an overnight, too.

18 July 2018

A lazy day waiting for a storm that never seems to come. The team seem to lie in until 10 quite easily; Laurence does financials for Fort Augustus and in the afternoon, the proposal for Itison. Everyone is happy to chill, play on computer, swim.
Swim in the bay at the end of the village.

17 July 2018

With the weather set to change to WINDY on Wednesday, we selected the port of Sivota on Levkas for a couple of nights. We arrived at the sleepy place around lunch, after a sail from Cephalonia. Stavros's pontoon has power, which is just what everyone is crying out for. Certainly it's a hot afternoon and having air on is precious. As the afternoon winds on, the pontoon quickly fills, as does the whole port! It's a pleasant place - a really protected anchorage with shops around the long wharf and no cars in sight. Pretty touristy, but far less so than Fiskardo.

16 July 2018

Dinner at Stavros. Morag and Laurence have the fresh fish platter, and need to leave some. Magnificent.
Eriskay on Fiskardo old town wharf.
As we arrive into the harbour, yachts are leaving and others coming. Luckily it's windless,so we can hover, think and plan. We go to one spot, then move in search of shore power, don't find it so move again. Getting hot, and Morag serves a lovely beetroot-ball lunch as we watch anchors being un-crossed. Off round the bay for a swim. What a charming spot!
We're away from Sami by 8.30 in order to get to Fiskardho before lunch . This, one of the prettiest towns of the Ionian, is also evidently a challenge to get a berth in. And we would quite like electricity for the air con. Enjoy route, we have an underwater adventure with the go-pro as Laurence clears the holding tank, and MoMo suns on deck.

15 July 2018

A motor over calm waters and safely ashore in sleepy Sami by 11am.
8.00 departure from island of Ithaca to Cephalonia. Destination is Port Sami, about 10 miles away. The wind has gone, and the boat batteries are happy for the 2 hour motor across flat seas. Arran and Katie lie up front on the deck. Callum at the helm while Laurence showers. Momo sleeps.

14 July 2018

Morag has pre-prepared a vegan dinner, so the plan is for a romantic bay this evening. We manage to get off the wharf at Frikes, against a 25 knot wind. Then headed out for a great sail - downwind and Arran seeking to outdo Callum's speed record. On the homeward leg, the outboard bounced overboard. Koutaria Bay for lunch siesta and swim, then round the corner to Sarakiniko Bay. It's as pretty as billed by Norman with 4 yachts taking a line ashore. We anchor in the middle of the bay and lay 70 metres of chain! Strong winds and forceful gusts down the mountainside, well into the night. The young ones watch Gladiator, and not sure which is more scary; the film or the swinging yacht.
The big birthday! Arran turns 22, celebrated with a big watermelon in the place of a cake which went down a treat. Callum tried to capture a “lady and the tramp” moment over dinner but all didn’t go to plan... yummy pasta though!

13 July 2018

Birthday dinner at Remenzo.
Arriving in the lovely small harbour of Rasi by lunchtime, it's an afternoon of relaxation . The swim is cooling and gorgeous and dinner on the shoreside restaurant, celebrating Arran's birthday, is special. Night one of Bridge, back on board.
Swimming in the Frikes ferry terminal 😏
Happy Birthday Arran! Lovely am in One House Bay. So, we let him sleep in, and raise anchor at 10.30. Callum at the helm powered us through the water to Port Rasi on Ithaca. 7.6 knotts in a 26 knott wind, with Eriskay fully reefed! Short Sail and alongside in the pretty, tiny harbour, for lunch. The winds keep up, and a charter boat comes in alongside. This wharf can evidently get 8 deep?!

12 July 2018

Astokos on the mainland to the island of Atoko happened mid afternoon, after the visit to the lovely veg market. One House Bay proved a bit of a challenge -getting the anchor to hold and eventually moving out of the main bay, to a quitter spot. Strand and Katie did well with the stern line.
We've left Astakos this afternoon, en route to little Nisos Atoko. It's supposed to be a pretty place, with One House Bay the place to make for. It's been a good sail this afternoon. 28 knows of wind, alongside good helming from Arran, Callan and Katie. Eriskay is well provisioned. The local market in town was special, with many a local farmer bringing in their fresh wares.
Night 1 aboard Eriskay... woke up to a beautiful still morning, sun shining and happy. Wandered into town and found a white aubergine in a market?! Who’d have thought!

11 July 2018

This proves to be a lovely relaxed place. It's a Greek holiday town, and as it's off the beaten "island" track, it doesn't get many sailors. Yet the town key is welcoming, with free water and Elecricity. With neighbour Norman's help, we got the port heads clear! A few times a day, the island ferry calls in.
It's 18.30 and the Athens coach pulls into the port. Callum, Katie and Arran are safely aboard Eriskay! The kids go for a swim, then we're out a Pizza cafe for dinner. England vs Croatia kickoff is 9pm. But this team is off to bed!
We arrive in sleepy Astakos mid morning, after an early departure from our overnight anchorage near the salt flats. It's a pretty harbour and we get onto the small town key easily. A little wander about the town, with an eat omelette lunch in the wharf-side cafe. This posting is thanks to their Internet....
We set off early from our anchorage just off the salt plains. The wind of last evening fell away overnight, so we awoke to flat calm and a gorgeous sunny peace. A calm three hour motor as we then approach Astokos in the morning sun.

9 July 2018

A hot walk into town to drop off laundry and oh, my!it's time for lunch already. Mesalonghi has a laid back and very "real Greece" feeling to it. Well, Byron liked it.
Laurence and I discover a shop that sells wine by the box and in plastic bottles - in readiness for les enfants!
Awake to a very quiet, calm Mesolongion. Morag downstairs with charcoal, me on deck listening to radio 4 and David Davis has resigned. Just beside us is a tiny converted fishing boat with an old couple living aboard. They chatter together in Greek as they listen to a wireless and enjoy breakfast.

8 July 2018

Good to relax over dinner after our late arrival.
The wee canal thru the salt plains.
Passing under the bridge is exciting. We need to radio up and get permission to transit first. Which piers to pass between ....?
After that walk up the hill, it's time for a short siesta before we up anchor, and head ever east. Laurence drops anchor in the bay as he puts flippers & goggles on, then uses newly acquired plunger under the boat, in an attempt to clear the blocked heads. no luck, time to Google the problem. Engine on, and Into a 25 knot wind, to pass under the huge, impressive Rion Bridge. Beyond it, another 2 hours and we find ourselves among huge salt flats, gliding up the 1 mile Mesolongion Canal to the town of the same name, at its head. We arrive in a wide bay, within what appears to be a flat parkland area. Luckily there's a lively, night spot nearby (very modern, swanky bar and restaurant, quite out of place in this laid back marshlandy wilderness) - it's 9.30pm and we are happily exhausted.
An early morning walk to the castle walls - passing partially hidden bee hives : cacti and interesting flowers and pavements .

7 July 2018

We dined in Captain Cooks Restaurant and had our first meat of the holiday - and a bottle of greek plonk - ahhhhh
Arrival in Nafpaktos. Tiny ancient Walled harbour.
We look so pleased as we have secured berthing in the tiny town harbour - skilled captain and crew skills utilised
Captain multi tasking
All the best jobs are the captains joy - clearing the blocked loo ☀️😷
Good morning Trizonia! You are a lush green and pretty island in the morning sun. And Rod is quite positive about you - however, I don't think we are going to launch the dinghy and explore you.

6 July 2018

Arriving into Trizonia Bay after some stiff winds, it's good to relax.
The Maritime Heritage Museum opens at 8.30, so we are there bright and early and take a look around. Interesting that my age qualifies me for oap rate....?! First time in life. Anyway, this lovely old town grew around a thriving wooden boat building industry. Making big, three masted cutter sailing ships, that traded around the world. We say a sad farewell to lovely Galaxidi as we slip the town quay and head out into the bay. Not far to travel today - about 12 miles ever west, to the island of Trizonia. Just as well it's not far, as a 30 knot wind gets up from nowhere and generates a swell with it.

5 July 2018

A drive on mountain bends brings us down to the coast. The not so attractive holiday resort of Itea, where we find an empty taverna on the shore, and enjoy a lovely platter of very fresh fish, and chips. Perhaps follow this with a swim, or a siesta on the beach? Or both.
MoMo has a fascination for these roadside shrines - many a sharp corner has Laurence had to stop at 🇬🇷
It seems a good idea to get up early and get to Delphi before the day heats up. So we hired the car last night to be ready, and are off by 7.15. I think we are up the windy mountain road, and on site, by 8.30. Lots of hewn rocks, arranged in spectacular shapes. But it's the overall setting that's most impressive High up in the mountains, in a huge natural amphitheater .... and the sea way, way below. It's called the womb of the world by the ancients, and for them it was also the centre of the globe.

4 July 2018

This is to be a gentle day, so we start it with a 5000 step walk around a wooded peninsula. Coolish in the early morning, and picturesque looking across the inlet to the bobbing yachts. Hungry work, so why not an egg and bacon breakfast at OK? Cafe, just at our stern. Back on board there's time for Morag to develop the sketches, and make some into little drawings with oil bar. Laurence enjoys the air on too, as he investigates winter marinas in Corfu and Prevezia. Then there's a little passage planning, to think where the little ones might join the adventure... We walk to a bay for a cooling dip, then wander thu the little town to the church in the hill, and the old taverna beside it. We enjoy an authentic dinner served on a wooden table on the pavement of the quiet street. Taverna Albatross. No 2 in TripAdvisor and just not sure how to report the unusual experience.
After our walk, what's wrong about a chilled orange juice and a wee plate of fried eggs and bacon?
Monument to the wives of sailors.
Early morning woodland walk.
Morag in the morning sunshine.
Stunning Galaxidi, from the woodland walk.
Eriskay, with Galaxidi behind.
Good morning Galaxidi.

3 July 2018

Arrival in Galaxidi port.
Approaching Galaxidi.
We've arrived into the town of Galaxidi. What a very special place! It's organised around 2 stunning harbours, and one of them has a wharf and a welcome for yachts like us. It's a truly laid-back place. The town is on a hillside would lovely stone solo houses; it used to be a great ship building centre in the 1800's. The Galaxidi shops were supplied all over the world.
Up and away by 7am, there's a 34 mile passage today, to get to somewhere that sounds fantastic. I'm keen to get the distance covered before Morag gets too bored. Yesterday was a long day, and I know I'm pushing my luck. Chris Miles said that Gakaxidhi was charming - we are about to find out. And fits a good launching pad to Delphi.

2 July 2018

Dinner in the tiny hamlet of Ormos Agiou Ioannou.
Leaving the Corinth Canal!
"Eriskay, proceed full speed. Full speed."
Approaching the canal entrance.
It's an early start for a very full day! The little harbour of Vathi is beautiful in the first light. Everyone is asleep and all is still as I wander up the hill out of the village to dump rubbish . The water tanks are filled, and we slip out from our Berth. It's 6.45. By 10 am we approach the cliffs ahead, and see the incisive slit that is the Corinth Canal. After calling in to do the paperwork and pay the 220 euro, we anch9rboff and await the call. The radio crackles, Eriskay, Eriskay - proceed, full speed. Proceeds, full speed. We are off! There's 3 more hours of motoring, to get to the tiny bay on the north coast, that is Ay Ioannon. Rod says its lovely, and it is. We catch a sleep, launch the dinghy and take a walk in the tiny hamlet. Luckily there is a sleepy taverna on the front and the fresh fish and calamari are oh! so very welcome.

1 July 2018

Dinner on board tonight.
Evening falls on Vathi.
Evening arrives in Vathi. Dinner cooking down below.
An afternoon walk in Vathi.

30 June 2018

Momo's good at the selfie.
Vathi, on an evening stroll.
It's time to leave magical Poros. We head to the Baker, the shop-that-has-everything as I look for the hose connector. Then off and out the west passage. It's windy, one the nose, and we find a lt Iittle calm behind an island for lunch and siesta. A lovely short sail down to Vathi - where we discover an idyllic small harbour and momo says"let's stay two night s".

29 June 2018

Vathi captured us for two nights. A magical, quiet out-the-way sort of place.
Eriskay is in the town Quay at Poros, where we hire a quad and head to enjoy the island. To the Monastery, and then Love Bay and a Russian Bay. But we find our own wee bay and have. we swim.
Poros narrows.

28 June 2018

Time to leave Newwleese's lovely mooring and go onto the Quay. A happy relief to fill with water, charge up on shore power and get provisioned. Having met Jeremy last afternoon, he has drawn our attention to a Greek Log that hadn't been stamped with the year. We go to smile at the Port Police. A E500 fine, or E50 if the original was lost, and need a replacement.

27 June 2018

We enjoy the warm welcome to this special Airbnb, and really do live the view over Pireus Harbour.