France, Italy, Germany · 749 Days · 63 Moments · July 2016

Moomenture 2018

11 August 2018

15 hours of driving 4 countries 1 German McDonald’s 1 crazy AutoBahn road And we’re back in France. We spent the night in a rather nice service station.

10 August 2018

The only good thing about German roads and the crazy AutoBahn
Lessons learnt from Germany: - traffic is bad - the have a lot of corn fields - they have Birkenstock stops where you can get them for £30 - Mitch didn’t like the Birkenstock idea - the McDonald’s are great - McDonald’s staff speak very good English and there is no need to translate “no onion and pickle” to German as they will look at you gone out - German drivers are crazier than Italians

5 August 2018

4 August 2018

Lazy mornings ❤️

3 August 2018

Evening sunset in Pinzolo, the Dolomites.
Drive through the Dolomites to get to our campsite in Pinzolo.

2 August 2018

Last night in Sorico and we had the most amazing pizza except for Matt who decided he’d have a burger.
Campsite fun ❤️

1 August 2018

Beautiful Bellagio
So humid. But the boat ride between Bellagio, Varenna and Menaggio was fun!
Aperol spritz ❤️
Croissant for breakfast every morning 🥐

28 July 2018

Passing through Mnt Blanc to Italia! 😍

27 July 2018

Such an epic day for saying we were bricking ourselves. Started with a near vertical climb down the valley. Massive vertical jumps, climbing, abseiling, scrambles and freestyle slides. But we did it! #AdrenalineAbi #DangerMegs #MardyMitch #MoodyMatt
Today the boys sunbathed and watched max and paddy while we spent an afternoon dipping in the lake.

26 July 2018

Annecy old town.
An evening in Annecy old town ❤️
We got to pedal. WE GOT TO PEDAL!!!!

25 July 2018

That view. Lake Annecy you are beautiful 😍❤️
Departing Saint-Nectaire

24 July 2018

23 July 2018

We’ve arrived at the next place... in central France. We had to drive through the alps to get there. Our campsite has a beautiful view of the Murol Chateau.

22 July 2018

Afternoon spent chilling out by the river reading and then jumping in the river to cool off. Matt persuaded us to go on a run in 27 degrees. I managed just under 3 miles before deciding that was enough and they carried on for another 1.7miles the crazy pair! Oh and these are the cakes from the amazing deli place 😍
One of my favourite days so far. Plodding along in the morning on a canoe down the Dordogne river seeing gorgeous villages along the way. So peaceful. We stopped on the way back into a village and had dessert at 1pm because why not!

21 July 2018

We arrived at the most beautiful campsite. We had ran out of money and milk so headed into the local town after setting up to get some. On doing so we came across the most amazing French cake shop and stocked up on cakes too!

20 July 2018

Today we visited the Dune of Pilates. We walked about a mile up hill and enjoyed the view. We then went to the total wipe out beach inflatable course which was amazing! We are all shattered and off to a friend of a friend’s house to spend one night before moving on to dordogna!

19 July 2018

Amazing few days at the seaside. Forest campsite was so cute, little shack for food and nice wine was great. They do the best strawberries and cream too! We did an epic cycle (14.2miles) to the beach through the forest. Good day all round.

18 July 2018

Arrived at place number 3. The best strawberries and cream we’ve eaten and a beach day tomorrow. Happy days

17 July 2018

Flat lay
Today we cycled 13.2 miles (round trip) into the local town of Saumur. We visited the chateaux of Saumur which was amazing and then onto a wine tour. We got 6 bottles of wine including an unreal fizzy red.
Another day another cycle to a cute French town. Next up a wine tour and a visit to Saumur Chateaux.

16 July 2018

Arrived on the Loire Valley. Set up on a campsite on the river. Bbq and evening walk along the beach to a small bit which was completely private. Lots of flys and bugs. Mitch has broken then kettle wrestling with flies and giving himself a burn in the process. 🤘🏼
Matt loves the toll roads 😂
On our way to Loire Valley
D day museums. Amazing

15 July 2018

The boys basking in the sunshine post France Croatia World Cup final
Evening view
When in France. Moules
Utah Beach running

14 July 2018

Day 2 campinggaz let us down and Mitch decided to shave his head
Arrival at Utah Beach we noticed farming of clams

25 July 2016

Another day at mid 30s temperature and we decided to head out on a pedal boat to jump in and sunbathe for a few hours. Megan decide to direct Matt and I on photos and splash us with water, told us what to do and asked for a wind machine. Hilarious!

23 July 2016

Epic climb up Puy du dome for epic views.