India · 58 Days · 3 Moments · November 2016

Monu's tour through India

28 December 2016

I totally recommend Samaj for a place to live in they normally have space and have not very luxurious rooms. Obviously not a place for someone who is not an Indian, Hindu or Gujarati

30 November 2016

I was so excited to go to India for the first time and to experience it. My imagination for INDIA was clean, for nature lovers and enjoyable; but then I heard it was dirty, polluted and unliveable for posh girls😞😰

1 November 2016

We went from Perth to Ahmedabad which was a 6 hour flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur and then it was a 5 hour flight from Kuala Lumpur to Mumbai then from Mumbai to Ahmedabad when we got to Ahmedabad we got picked up by my grandmother's sisters son that picked us up from Ahmedabad airport and took us to Samaj