United States of America · 3 Days · 7 Moments · August 2017

Johnny throwing out the First Pitch!!!

14 August 2017

Ok. Unreal. On the Jumbotron and everything. They made the announcement for everyone to direct their attention to the mound and announced that Johnny was the special guest throwing out the Opening Pitch. He was on cloud nine. He didn't bounce it!! What a night.
Just hanging on he field. They made it very clear for us not only set foot n the grass. But we're getting real close to the John doing his thing.
Ok 👌 now it's getting real. On the field. Really really cool!
Gave us a place for Johnny to practice and for us to hang out down the hall from the player's locker room.
Getting ready!!
At Coors Field for the Rockies game with Quinn and Ty and Jen and Johnny. He's throwing out the opening pitch and he's really nervous.

12 August 2017

You don't get to do this everyday. That's for sure.