United States of America · 4 Days · 15 Moments · March 2017

Monte's adventure in Palm Springs, CA, Uni...

5 March 2017

Sinatra's house was cool. I tried the old line that we worked for Acme and we were there to pick up some cable. I had the guy for maybe 4 seconds when he asked what kind of cable. I told him COAX and he snapped out of it and essentially told us we were full of it. But he did let me snap a picture of the pool. Good try.
Unbelievable. Never ever ever saw anything like this in my life. Probably won't again. Words don't due it justice. Right around the block from Frank's house too.

4 March 2017

Sherman's for desert
Saturday golf

3 March 2017

What a great time..left the museum with a whole lot of respect and admiration for the guys who flew these planes. Especially the B17 where the atrition rate at the end was something like 70%. How do you climb into that aircraft knowing that? Nothing but nerve.
McCormick 's Classic Cars. Good thing this truck was already sold. One of the nicest ones I've seen.

2 March 2017

Escena Golf Club
Escena golf club
Our new ride

1 March 2017

Just got to our house. Sweet.
Salami and eggs.remkbdd at Sky Harbor reminds me of the old days in New York.
New part of the terminal in Durango. Don't fly much so I haven't seen it before. Kinda nice.