United States of America · 1 Days · 1 Moment · October 2016

Monika Bhatt

Monika's trip to Italy Oct 9, 2016-Oct 17

9 October 2016

A life time dream---a journey of adventure, freedom, hope, spontaneity, courage, inspiration, happiness, self discovery! I always wanted to go to Italy when I was little and a young lass on a romantic journey with love of my life. When that didn't happen and acceptance came to fulfill my dreams with or without someone. I was scared to go alone, so I sought company and nothing was working out. I agreed to tag along with friends to Greece instead because I wanted to go some where for my 40th Bday. Greece didn't work out, trip got cancelled almost in a cosmic way. and Italy came and dropped in my special itinerary without a fore warning or time to prepare. This is one of the most adventurous trips I have taken with almost no preparation. I don't even know what I will when I land in Milan tomorrow morning. I'm hopeful this will be a journey of lifetime, my very special bday present from the cosmos💃🏽💋❤️❤️