United States of America · 7 Days · 20 Moments · July 2016

Mona & Marco Walkabout Oceanside to La Jolla

5 August 2016

Day 3 continued - While waiting for our 4 PM check in time we fell in love with a beautiful pink hotel right next to our sad one. On a whim I checked my Hotels Tonight app and the adorable pink Spanish hotel had rooms for less than we were paying for the crappy one. We were bummed but knew the hotel we booked wouldn't let us out of our reservation. So after a long wait we checked into the room at the terrible 1966 mess of a hotel and yes it had an Oceanview but it was also the size of a closet, with a sad old kitchenette in the corner and NO AIR-CONDITIONING, in late July, in Southern California. Marco sat down on the end of the bed near the crappiest, plastic fan and almost cried. I called the front desk and asked if they had a room with air available and they said no. I told them there is no way we could sleep here and would they let us out of our reservation without charge and they did. I booked the Spanish Hotel with one click and we ran out as fast as we could.
Day 3 - Solana Beach to La Jolla. Well the trip took a turn to Uber. We hopped in a car and rode the final 12 miles to La Jolla and I have to say even the car ride was long. Can't tell you how we could have made it 12 miles to the hotel, blisters or not. We got to La Jolla too early to check in so we dropped our bags at the hotel which was built in 1966 and they tried to slap a coat of paint on it but we were promised an Oceanview so we had a little hope. After a lovely brunch we walked around the town and waited for our room to be ready.

31 July 2016

The view of the stretch of Ocean we did not walk.

30 July 2016

Day 2 - Mile 7 Leucadia. Sadly we have hit the wall due to blisters. I think shoes have been the hardest part to figure out for this adventure. Seriously I have blisters on the bottom of my feet. I think water proof hiking boots and socks would have been the best. The water shoes were for the birds.
Finally Lunch. Fish 101 is amazing. The mussels were the hugest and most delicious thing. Worth a stop if you are in area.
Pretty much.
"Leucadia we Madeia" this joke was very funny to me when I was in pain and delirious from walking yesterday.
The beaches have a very Northern California feel through Carlsbad.
The rocks sound like little fireworks when the waves hit them.
Day 2 - Carlsbad to Solana Beach. Starting out today the beaches in Carlsbad are gorgeous, and a huge shoreline to walk on, pristine.
Little gem we found yesterday hoping to rent one next summer! https://yournorthcounty.com/oceanside-neighborhood-guide-saint-malo/

29 July 2016

Day 1 - Oceanside to Carlsbad. So today was an interesting adventure. Apparently when the book was written, Oceanside hadn't lost so much coast line so the crazy parts that were really difficult to cross used to be much easier. A few cuts and bruises but we made it. Glad for the first aid kit. Anyone embarking this adventure should have one and well worn water shoes. Don't bring electronics unless you seal them in plastic, other than that it's pretty special. Looking forward to seeing the parts that are more remote tomorrow.
Reward for day one.
Closer and also protected from gangs of angry rocks and waves.
Selfie - Post being accosted by a wave and some rocks.
Munsters vacation house.
Starting out Fresh Faced and excited!