Switzerland, Germany · 32 Days · 13 Moments · August 2016

Mom dad's trip to Switzerland

3 September 2016

Trip to Mt. Pilatus

8 August 2016

Reached home safe and sound on Sunday .

6 August 2016

Yesterday's marathon walking trip has tired mom dad a bit. Reached Dresden today. Haven't seen much but the city , which once was completely burnt and flattened during the world wars have been recreated to the exactly how it was before the bombing , with the help of old pics.
Even though we haven't walked a whole lot to see the city as such , this is what we did walked just till About 5 in the evening today.
Day 3 of Europe trip- a walking sight seeing tour of Berlin. Mom dad's awesome achievement of walking almost 12 kms. Meeting up with Babu chettan- the surprise worked . Mom dad were extremely happy .

5 August 2016

4 August 2016

Day 2 , an impromptu road trip to Berlin to meet Babu chettan. Also celebrating dad's 64th birthday. So spent 10 hours just driving to Berlin, followed by a wonderful treat from Dad at an awesome Indian restaurant .

3 August 2016

3rd August 2016. Swiss arrival .