North America, Asia · 13 Days · 18 Moments · September 2014

Mom and me from NJ to Vegas to Japan 9/16/14

30 September 2014

9/29/2014 Took bus tour from Conrad Hotel, Tokyo Took Tomei expressway driving to Mt. Fuji sky line 5 th station. Went to hakone lake hotel ate soba and tempura Them took sky gondola in Hakone to top of mountain to see Owakudani Valley saw ancient crater where you see and smell sulphur fumes and see clouds of steam rise from the crevasses of active volcano Then boat cruise on Lake Ashi on pirate ship Then bus back to train station Then to Tokyo on Shinkansen, ate at Hard Rock Cafe in Ueno Train station.
9/28/2014 - walk through hibiya park saw the Korean festival Walk through the imperial palace garden Walking to tokyo station. Overlooked Tokyo station from the rooftop across the street Exploring Ueno Walk through the small market streets in Ueno - saw unique japanese variety stores (Village Vanguard, Loft, and Muji) Saw Ueno park, Buddhist temple and baseball game. Return to the Conrad on the yamanote line - Tokyo's busies train line.

26 September 2014

9/25/2014 cont The Heian shrine was really large. It had lots of buildings each hosting a different worship place. Very beautiful. The last stop was the Kiyomizu dera Temple there was quite a hike to get to it. Mom was smart to stay on your bus. Boogie and I of course left the path and found some cool things but had to cut through some residential places to get back to where we were supposed to be. We made it!!! Once in the train station we were supposed to be in we found a pasta restaurant. We had good pasta and all were happy and full then to hotel to bed. They made a 3rd bed out of the couch Another great day in Japan with Boogie.
9/25/2014 Nice day Boogie came to Kyoto. We went down for breakfast and them to aftn tour. We saw Kyoto, SAnju sangen - do temple, Heian jingu shrine, and Kiyomizu-dera shrine Mom was a trooper she went off the bus and walked the 1st two sites but the last one has lots of steps so she stayed on the bus. Even though the driver spoke no English somehow Mom befriended him or vice versa. Either the driver or the guide not sure which gave her a lovely bookmark. She played Yahtzee on her phone and was a happy camper. We got to train station after going the wrong way first. I'm worried now that my pineal gland tumor is hereditary. Boogie was our guide not me. Lol We are Italian at train station Mom was happy she got creamy sauce and garlic bread but still no sweet tea. The sites we saw yesterday were beautiful. The Sanjusangendo temple is the home of 1000 Buddha statues all with different faces. They are in line like soldiers. Remarkable to see.

25 September 2014

9/24/2014 Forgot to mention Moms welcoming present. I was in the hotel room looking out the window and I heard her yell Whew I burned my butt. Lol As a welcoming treat they had turned on the seat warmer on the toilet or Mom may have been playing with all the bells and whistles on the toilet which of course are in Japanese. No matter, she had a warm surprise. Lol I figured out how to turn it off and laughed until my sides ache. First thing she said, when she cooled off, I hope Rhonda Dean don't find out about this For those of you needing an explanation when butt Warner's were first in cars , well actually when we could first afford cars with but Warner's in them, my Neice, Rhonda Dean, had Mom in her car and unbeknownst to Mom turned the butt warmer on high. All if a sudden Mom yelled, much like she did tonight, my butt is burning. Rhonda laughed first then turned it off. Poor mom.
9/25/2014 Note to self. Get out of bed and remember to close windows as they said window cleaners will be washing windows today. It's raining but with the Japanese work ethic they will probably still clean windows promptly at 10 am. Ok I am going to try to go back to sleep now Stay tuned. Rainy, fun adventures ahead. Paula will you share these posts with your Mom and Dad who are not on FB and your sister please. Karen I know you will share with Jerry Debbie will you share with Sis please Joanne and Barry will you share with Nancy in an email please. Lol trying to cover all my media networks and friends. And for Gosh sakes if 90 year old Granny can FB so can y'all. Love ya
9/24/2014 Rest of the story Made it to hotel. Kind of felt like Gilligan I though I was setting off fora 20 min taxi ride which turned out to be over an hour I kept using hand language for how long. Ok use your imagination on that one. I kept stretching out my arm saying Otsu? He would smile point forward and say Hay( yes). I would say arigato, thank you and sit back. Mom would say what did he say I would say I have no idea. We would both be silent and enjoy the ride again. Lol Finally arrived at beautiful hotel. They had not updated reservation for us but OK it worked out. We then found restaurant called something donkey. They served hamburger. Hmmmm ok we had chicken and pizza. Mom was in heaven she had black coffee and chicken nuggets. Then back to hotel to bed. It is raining here as typhoon in China is sending remain our way. That will not stop us as Mom always told us " you won't melt" and I never have and hopefully she won't either. Lol
Ok we made the train, ON TIME!!! Got on the train. Mom is do funny she will tell me what she heard someone say and it is what she thought she heard them say cause the persons actively speaking English here without being asked to are VERY VERY few and far between lol but she will argue that that is what they said. Last night she said that man said he would take Woody with him. lol. I think she or I know she has our cousin Woody and his wife on the brain and in her heart and prayers so she heard a Japanese man say his name. Also every can driver is the one that picked us up before or she sees his cab. Lol. She is a hoot and keeps me laughing. But everyone loves her here in Japan. As we do Bullet train is just that fast as a bullet. Mom looked out the whole way, I set the alarm on my phone for out ETA, turned on my auto book and slept like I do on all transportation, unless I driving. We arrived safely with everything in tact. Found a toilet and a taxi and headed out
Well we did it. These 2 ole southern gals made it to Kyoto and I think without any Harrison incidents. Lol. For those of you who don't know Harrison incidents is another phrase for missing the train or forgetting something important still sitting at home right where you left it. Lol Of course the train station was a bit trying. Watching out for Mom with her telling me Polly if y'all will leave me alone I will be better. Of course if we leave her alone she would have been following someone else and I would have lost her once again, much like Vegas. She is still refusing to use wheel chair so I told her Boogie and I maybe will do some walking tours on our own cause I paid $140 each one way for train, $70 for taxi and I WILL see as much as I can of Kyoto. She has an amazing view of the city and lake and her book and phone in the hotel if she chooses that over a wheelchair. Oh my am I mean?? Anyway we will ALL go on the bus tours but they have some amazing walking tours too.

24 September 2014

9/24/2014 Mom was up early and she tried to stay quiet but small quarters make that hard. We all got up and went downstairs for breakfast. Awesome buffet !! Then Boogs left for work with his huge duffle bag of goodies we brought him and we went to room. Of course I worked some and then rearranged hotel rooms for the rest of our trip. Mom watched out the window and fooled with her phone There is a typhoon hitting China and we are getting the wind and rain starting tomorrow. Checked my bags at hotel they will hold for me until 27th when we get back from Kyoto. We will stay in another hilton property 10 min from there as that property is not available. Mom and I are on an adventure to take the bullet train to Kyoto alone without Boogie. Funny when I am alone I don't worry I know I'll figure it out but with Mom it is worrisome as I can't run to catch train or have to move fast etc but we will make it We are in a taxi with a driver that speaks no English. Ok till we get
9/23/2014 Slept in a bit as this was Boogies first night in a reAl bed in quite a while. He sleeps Ina futon pad on the floor in his apt. Which by the way I will not get to see as it is too much with train transfers to take Mom there. Oh well I've seen it on Skype. I got to see Boogie that's better. We then took your of Tokyo. Saw ???? In earlier email. Had a really good day. Great tour guide and saw beautiful gardens, temple, etc. Then we tried to find a place to eat ok that is not easy with Mom We found tempura place in mall near hotel and had a good meal but it was not fried chicken and mashed potatoes if you know what I mean and NO sweet tea or bread. Ugh. Then back to hotel. Mom got ready for bed she was really tired and Boogie and I went down to lobby to work on schedule for rest of trip. Boogie friend Ben came by and we talked for a bit. He is very nice. He is from New Hampshire. Then to bed.
9/22/2014 Arrived in Tokyo Mom did great on plane. We lucked our and got 2 bulkhead seats together aisle and window. With the pillows we bought for her feet her legs did not swell she was able to keep them propped up and her pain was minimal. She managed every 2 hours to get up and walk the aisle and go potty. We made it through customs without incident and they were so kind at airport with wheelchair assistance and they do not accept tips. NICE!! Boogie met us at arrivals and I am so happy he did. We got to hotel with Boogie's translation for us. We ate at hotel and Mom was able to have American food. They fed us 2 meals on plane which were very good as well. Our room accommodated 3 twin beds which was great!! So we all slept well. Except Boogs said snored. Jerry had already told me that and I wake myself up so not surprised. Guess I'll sleep with a pillow on my head from now on. Lol

17 September 2014

So we have kept legs propped up and luckily she is NOT hurting or too swollen. We are heading out to grocery and later to a nice dinner with my salesrep and then to the casino for awhile and to see Vegas strip at night
New hotel!!!!
Once in room we started to settle in and begin to get things out to prepare for morning. Hmm Mom did you put your medicine in your carry on? Mom to Polly: No I thought you said you were going to get it. Polly to Mom: no I didn't Mom to Polly: I put it all in the bag and took the two I take 1 st thing downstairs and put it in the bag and zipped the bag. Polly to mom: so why didn't you put it in your bag Mom to Polly. Cause I asked you and you said you would Polly to mom. I don't remember that. At this point, it's a 90 year old relaxed memory vs my feeble busy mixed memory of 58. Guess who won. So at 11pm 2am NJ time I'm texting Fancy Nancy to please fedex moms meds to. Vegas. So $93.00 later meds will be here tomorrow at 10:30am. Dumb luck she had found some loose pills in her bag and they were just the correct ones for 1 day of meds but no LASIX. UGH. So after breakfast we moved to the new hotel WOW!!!!
Then we have to wait and wait in this lady who was the other person this gentleman was wheeling to get her ride but finally we decided she was OK,her car was picking her up. We left got our shuttle to hotel.
At airport met by wheelchair from plane. This poor guy had Mom and another lady he was wheeling and he got me a wheelchair for our luggage. However when we got to the elevators he put Mom on the elevator, I was holding the elevator, however it shut before we all got on. So Mom was in the wheelchair alone in the elevator. I'm freaking out the elevator finally comes back and no Mom. We get in the elevator with the man and the other woman we get off the elevator and no Mom Ok now I'm really freaking out. We look out by baggage and they she is wheeling herself around with her feet in the floor in the wheelchair laughing. Mom loose literally in Vegas. I think she was trying to wheel herself to the slot machines before I found her lol

16 September 2014

Left Philly Plane took a few major air pockets, our booties were bounced around a bit but we landed safely.