Australia · 252 Days · 229 Moments · May 2017

Moira's tour through Australia

28 January 2018

Last night in Paynsville at the Cruiser club for dinner with friends .

25 January 2018

Good bye Cedar Brush Creek End of our Australian house sits Now preparing a ew journi for the U K A few days Paynesville then Melb. Then off

21 January 2018

Nearing the end of our duties here it has been a lovely sit geese , young deer , horses and water foul Very special

19 January 2018

Being cuddles with Rosie & Poppy

18 January 2018

Good Morning from the two most lovely dogs.with a great outlook Only one more week and we leave this lovely place Then onto the OS adventure !,!

17 January 2018

Geese eating the left overs again !

16 January 2018

Shopping yesterday at Erina Fair Gosford.Walked past fruitier who had a tray of 12 punnets of blueberries for $12. Good price. $1/a punnet , 12 was too many for us, so it happens an older Chinese lady is next to me , “want to go halves I ask ?” Of course she does, so give her $6. She gets them, then comes back and we end up engaging for ages whilst she and Roger discuss all the other ABC Chinese families they know in both states ,. How random ,, and a lovely lady . Also a pic of the cheapest smoked salmon. $40. Per kilo down to $17 for the kilo pack. Good eating at our place for the next few days.

13 January 2018

Lawn man doing his thing

10 January 2018

This is the daily view I have to endure. Tough ...!,,

8 January 2018

Mild storm came through a bit cooler Enjoying outside on large balcony

5 January 2018

Life on the farm.
My charges for the next 21 days with two helpers ( geese ) at my side
Our view as we wake each day. Not too tough,,

4 January 2018

Commenced our final Aust house sit two beautiful Golden Retrievers. 4 horses one chook and a gorgeous location. 3weeks to relax

3 January 2018

So good
Last night in Sydney before next sit. Having Spanish. Yummy

31 December 2017

Kids fireworks. Pretty fantastic. Can’t wait to see the big ones
Our view for the next 8 hours Our little tent city with a view to the action

30 December 2017

Last check of secured place , all good met a local who confirmed it is all good. So feeling pretty happy about this arrangement. Night view of harbour and Opera House
Looking good. Tasting even better. No wonder it won best steak place for 2017. Absolutely excellent
Dinner at one of Rogers old haunts. Known for best steaks in town. Ordered steak of course. Let’s see how good they are.
Secured a front row spot for fireworks tomorrow night Great spot. Seems put your rug down and noone takes it and it’s yours for the evening. Good system. Now to arrange food. Etc.

29 December 2017

Tapas and wine in Sydney.
Arrived Sydney. Now for a relax.
Goodbye Tecoma. On our way to Sydney for NYE and beyond.

25 December 2017

Christmas Day Lunch. Too much good food. As always.

24 December 2017

Birds. Come to be hand fed so much wildlife here

23 December 2017

Our new sit for the 6 days in Tecoma. Gorgeous gardens and just one very old cat.

22 December 2017

Boarding the ferry Goodbye Tassy.
Beautiful morning in Devonport should be a good crossing today. On our way back to Melb

20 December 2017

Back at Larks whiskey distillery. Enjoying another or two !!!!
A very important pit stop at Lark Whiskey Distillery that has won many awards etc etc. mmmm
Old Buckland Church 1846 on the way to Hobart

19 December 2017

Hadleys Orient Hobart. And lovely smoked Salmon for breakfast. A bit cooler today.
Good bye St Helens. It’s been a pleasure. Hope to see you again End of great 3 month sit 😞

15 December 2017

Christmas lunch with our Art Class. What a great bunch of fun people.

13 December 2017

Christmas drinks and goodbye drinks. Fun night

12 December 2017

Christmas stalls at Neighbourhood House. They even had a male model from the mainland Model then tucked into scones

10 December 2017

Lovely night for a barbie, great food and people
My art progression whilst in S Helens Very enjoyable learning

9 December 2017

Look what Roger caught not bad for the off tide. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

7 December 2017

Great catch up with good friend

6 December 2017

We are being treated again by our art teacher with a lovely lunch. So sad to be leaving this great town and community

5 December 2017

Good food little pressies And a winner of Champers. Pretty happy all round.
Evan Santa turned up.
Christmas lunch at the neighbourhood house St Helens . Such a fabulous community we will miss this community

3 December 2017

Second day consistent rain no storms just rain about time really needed here

2 December 2017

Finally we are getting done rain.

26 November 2017

The Artists in the makeshift studio.

24 November 2017

Dinner Mohr & Smith. Excellent as always

22 November 2017

Fabulous lunch at Lichen again. And they had a show of 4 whales playing. Didn’t get them on camera though as too quick. For the click

11 November 2017

A send off for a local muso Great fun night Our friend Russ on the harmonica
Fish and chips at Bicheno very beautiful

9 November 2017

What a lovely birthday dinner. Great company and great food. Love this place.
Wet spoilt lovely breakfast for my birthday.

7 November 2017

Beautiful Chowder at Lichen @. Binalong Bay

5 November 2017

Our vegies are coming along

4 November 2017

What a great day at the Tasmanian Arts and Craft Fair in Deloraine. Long drive but well worth it Great weather and a very well organised event. Buses to take you around all venues that are scattered around the town with wonderful art works and crafts on display

2 November 2017

Our latest visitor.

31 October 2017

Red robin. Has set up home in the eves.
This housesit has no animals. But to keep our hand on we get a visit from Bear.our neighbours Rottie

29 October 2017

Beautiful spot on the way to Ansons Bay Fabulous ocean Lighthouse here still working but not manned Very remote though

28 October 2017

Cute Bush 9 hole golf course at St Helens. Lovely setting

25 October 2017

Beautiful Burns Bay Tassie is gorgeous.

24 October 2017

It’s not all relaxing here. There’s work to be done

22 October 2017

How good is this Paella. By Kanita. Yummy

21 October 2017

My catch today. Yumm
Fire under control. But now the Smokey aftermath remains

20 October 2017

Suns looks Lovely through the smoke
Fire alert 14 mins away from a burn off that’s out of control.

19 October 2017

Meeting the locals over lunch ??

18 October 2017

Getting the boat read to launch. How beautiful is the water
A successful mornings fishing Beautiful day to be on the water too Thankyou Russ

17 October 2017

Preparing for going out on a boat to fish tomorrow in 25 degrees. Watch out fish here we come

15 October 2017

White Sands Resort pool. Not quite warm enough for a swim today. But a divine day none the less
White Sands. Resort. Lunch. Yummy

14 October 2017

Today’s catch.

13 October 2017

Busy day down here. Art classes then fishing. 3 flathead. Retirement is sooo. Busy !!

11 October 2017

Chowder. Our fish we caught
Scottsdale pastie. Well worth the drive.
Photos don’t do justice to this place it’s gorgeous
The pub in the paddock. ??
On the way to SCOTTSDALE. detoured to Pyengana. Stunning landscape

10 October 2017

Oyster shucker one day. Fish monger the next. What a guy. Lucky aren’t I
Today’s catch. Now for chowder

9 October 2017

Thanks to Kanita & Russ for showing us the Bay of Fires absolutely beautiful. Lovely afternoon
If you ever come to st Helens it is a must to have the Fish and Chips at the wharf. Skippers They are by far the best I’ve. Ever had. Next time trying the Chowder

8 October 2017

More of beautiful Tasmania and it’s coastline.

6 October 2017

Another stunning Spring morning down here in Tassie.

5 October 2017

Bay of Fires.
Beautiful Binalong Bay

4 October 2017

Now for the taste sensation
Roger shucking oysters for tea. Yummy
Some veggies planted. View to the mountains
Some views of surrounding areas. Beach at Scamander

2 October 2017

Getting across things here A very welcoming community. We have lunch tomorrow with an eat and meet event Roger has found a cooking group. I have found a lovely Yoga class Brian’s cousin has been to visit and fishing is on the radar on his boat Have arranged to do Meals on Wheels going to be busy here I think , Prepared the garden bed for some planting’s for veggies :
Spooking around St Helens. Found what has to be the Best Buy. Oysters $10 per Doz Now will have to learn to shuck them as per how the owner showed us Could be messy !!!!

1 October 2017

Our house from the driveway
Settling in to our new home for next 3 months. Some pics of the 15 acres we are on 4 k out of St Helens All off grid so new style of living

30 September 2017

Arrived Devonport. By ferry whilst driving on the way to Launceston snow ,! Arrived St Helens to clear sunshine. Settling n for 3 month stay

29 September 2017

Leaving Station Pier rocky crossing expected ??
Next stop Tasmania

24 September 2017

Goodbye Canberra. You have been a surprise On the way to Paynesville for 3 days

23 September 2017

Last night in Canberra This city has been a nice surprise

21 September 2017

Great shopping precinct. Another gorgeous day here

20 September 2017

More Parliament. Beautiful woven mural by Arthur Boyd in Great Hall
Parliament. Where it all should happen !!
Enjoying Floriade. Beautiful day for enjoying this spectacle.

17 September 2017

How beautiful is this dog !!
The other dog a whippet Nellie. Very gentle.
Beautiful border collie Ange. Stunning colours
Our backyard at night. Shame it's not 30+ degrees. Fairy lights around the lit pool very pretty
Afternoon nibbles at our new sit Certainly looked after here. Loving this sit !!
Roger. Sorting himself out in the kitchen Our new dogs for the. Next 10 days. Gorgeous sunny day in Canberra

15 September 2017

Goodbye Holbrook. Hello Canberra. For 10 days.

12 September 2017

Dog had check up at vet as a follow up Good report. So now needs to get his appetite back He's happy in himself though.
Dave is a lot brighter now. Positively happy

9 September 2017

The HMAS. Otway. Which is on display on Holbrook Town named after the commander of this sub Interesting story.

8 September 2017

Patient is home settled and sleeping it off
Henri. The dog who is pining for his sick mate who is still in hospital. Hopefully home today.

7 September 2017

Arrived Holbrook. Big drama. One of the dogs is crook and at the vet. So sit hasn't started properly, we are sharing with owners ( lovely people ) for a day until dog is in all clear and is let home again from hospital. Then we will be on Nursing duty for him . Very cold here .

6 September 2017

Good bye. Main Ridge. Now onto Holbrook NSW

4 September 2017

Got chook fed and horses treated with carrots and with the help of my mate Cloude just prior to the hail.

3 September 2017

Fathers Day afternoon tea at Main Ridge.

1 September 2017

Perfect set up for horses stable and yard
View down to the lake. No fish yet but will keep trying.
Morning check on horses. All well on the farm
Success. At last my chook has laid an egg

30 August 2017

Arrived Main Ridge very comfy. Best. Bed ever super king and sooooo comfy. Old blue healer Cloude is lovely Pictures to follow of 35 gorgeous acres at this place.

24 August 2017

Good bye Milton. End of a lovely house sit.

22 August 2017

Dessert !!!
Last lunch st Bannisters Pavillipn Pool Bar Great spot

16 August 2017

Excellant Italian Cafe for lunch in Milton today Booked for Sat night as it was so good.

12 August 2017

Early morning Yoga, Free on Saturdays. Can't get. Better than that.

11 August 2017

Mollymook Beach at sunset. Gorgeous
Lunch at Mollymook Golf Club I really like this area.

10 August 2017

Mollymook Beach. Lovely spot
Rani and Suki. Our charges this time. Active proud dogs

8 August 2017

Fishing at Lake Conjola. No bites today.
Lake Conjola where it meets the ocean.

5 August 2017

Best Indian ever in Ulludulla

3 August 2017

Awesome day at Mogo Zoo. Private Zoo run to protect endangered animals. . Very good large natural settings and dedicated staff . Beautiful snow Leopard

1 August 2017

Birthday dinner at Tipsy Fig
Door bell rings ! Lady at the door with a warm homemade lemon meringue pie as she had noticed we were house sitting and thought we may want to feel part of the street How nice is that Looks good too !!

31 July 2017

Vegaterian brunch for birthday boy. Delicious

30 July 2017

Batemans Bay. Bit windy.

29 July 2017

Celebrating our wedding anniversary one week late because we both forgot lovely winery, outstanding outlook and very very warm 22°

27 July 2017

Another excellent winery and Fromagerie

26 July 2017

Still enjoying sensational weather and surrounds

24 July 2017

Another perfect blue sky day in Milton

23 July 2017

Loving this bowling club Won veggies for the week.
Paynesville bowlers in town. Catch up at the bowling club at Ulludulla. Small world.

22 July 2017

Wine bar Milton good company. Good wine good food

21 July 2017

Sisterly love

20 July 2017

Another stop at the Bakery. Sooooo good
Lovely fire burning as temperature drops and it rains steadily . The two dogs warm and comfy .
Beautiful Ulludulla coast And it's. Lighthouse. Weather perfect

18 July 2017

Looking for good fishing spots. Heaps around here

17 July 2017

A two minutes walk to the best bakery around. Already on first name. Basis with all staff . Roger very happy have a huge range of pies and his favourite Beesting cake

16 July 2017

Coffee. At. Beautiful Mollymook

15 July 2017

Our two new charges at a lovely home in Milton. Looking forward to the next 5 weeks

13 July 2017

Exciting news !!! We have just secured our first International house sit. March : April next year in UK. Eastbourne 4 Chooks and a bird and some fish in pond. Looks pretty cool. Now to get others to work around these dates .
Our belongings ! Amazing how much this car holds had to empty it for new tyre fitting. Good chance to rearrange again

12 July 2017

Leaving cold Daylesford. Cold cold cold Place Nice stay though

10 July 2017

Daylesford. Pretty nice accom. But cold
Good bye. Encounter Bay/ Victor Harbor very enjoyable house sit Now a few days break and up to Milton NSW

9 July 2017

Yes it's flat !!!
Of course e can't expect everything to go plan stopped on the Tourist Route Mc Claren Vale waiting for an RAA man for a flat tyre
How good does this look
Sunday lunch. Platters in the McLaren Vale wine area another lovely day.

8 July 2017

Not usually a pizza fan but this one is absolutely to die for.
Dinner at The Beach House. Cozy in here freezing outside. Pizza and curries are the specialties here. So let's see
Absolutely pouring at McLaren Vale
Marion Westfield.

7 July 2017

Friday night Happy hour $7 for two at The Beach House Encounter Bay nice spot

4 July 2017

Today's achievement solved a 1st World Problem. Where to get the nails done !!
Gracie very comfortable with us now. Was very timid at first but quite happy and at ease. Lovely dog

1 July 2017

Lovely lunch at Oasis Garden in Langhorne CreekWine area followed by successful whale watching at Port Elliott. Mother and calf playing right in front of us for ages

30 June 2017

Quaint horse drawn tram over to Granite island.

29 June 2017

The Bluff Encounter Bay. Whale watching. No whales today ! eateries on the foreshore. Sooo. Cold today though
Afternoon movie on Netflix with Gracie as my companion.

28 June 2017

First day of wet weather since we left . Managed to dodge rain for the dogs walk though

27 June 2017

Down to Adelaide Central Market. So much gourmet product. An excellant market

26 June 2017

The time one is now trusting us and is joining us in the living area. Gracie. A beautiful Groodle.

25 June 2017

My new buddy Beau watching TV with me.

22 June 2017

Thursday night footy with good snacks.
Now this is how one is greeted as a house sitter.
Walking our charges around the area in Encounter Bay. Gorgeous area and stunning weather

21 June 2017

Arrived safely. Enjoying a wine and dinner meeting our new animals. Two lovely labradoodle dogs Long drive but glad to be safely here
Crossing the Murray at Tailem Bend bypassing Adelaide to Victor. River looks magnificent

20 June 2017

On the road again overnight at my home in the Wimmera with brother and sister in law. Then onto. Victor Harbor. For 3 weeks

14 June 2017

Good bye Nullawarra Hello Melb for 5 days then Victor Harbor.

12 June 2017

This white rabbit had gone missing prior to us arriving. But look who we found this morning when down near the dairy. At least the fox hasn't got it Maybe it's on its way to the tea party !!

11 June 2017

Rest of feast.
Course 1. Anchovy
Yummy Tapas lunch. at Basalt Winery . At Basalt Wines Killarney. Very good

10 June 2017

Beautiful beach. Childers Cove. Start of great Ocean Road
All the family minus 2 cats and chooks who are already eating.

7 June 2017

Port Fairy. What a pretty place. A bit like Paynesville but with a lot more activity happening Oldest Pub. !!!

5 June 2017

Getting fresh straw to make chook brood boxes. So we can get some eggs.
More drama in the farmyard. Heard chooks cackling got all excited thinking we may have an egg. Go to check. Find one of the grey hens out and one of the dogs attacking it . Feathers going everywhere. Finally caught it and put it in coup hopefully it will get over the shock. Seems to be okay
Chooks. Getting ready for new home
My personal woodsman. For our open fire
Some of our charges.
Roger teaching the bird to sing

3 June 2017

Some pics of the home paddock of the farm we are house sitting with some of the animals that keep us busy.
Some photos of the grounds around the home
Who would think these peaceful little dogs could cause us two hours of mayhem ! They escaped, to the dairy where the farmer was milking. Much time spent luring them back then to find where they escaped from Area located at chook pen. Farmer Rog started to repair. Chooks escape !!! Return chooks. Repair. Area. Retrieve dogs. All good again Who says country life is boring !!

2 June 2017

Looking very serious. Watching this game

1 June 2017

Really getting into country life. Apples from the tree out the back. The chef has already stewed some and they are delicious

31 May 2017

A variety of animals all fed and bedded down. Now sitting by a lovely warm wood fire. For the night Very very cold outside

30 May 2017

On the move to our next house sit at Nullawarra. Near Warnambool.
The latest recruit. Needs a bit of intensive training
We had to stop to see the boys.

29 May 2017

Thought I'd lost the cat. Wasn't where it sleeps all day Searched everywhere no joy Then
Found it under doona. Too cold for this cat

26 May 2017

Roger and new mate Mick watching footy
Stopped at Ashcombe maze for a coffee on the way to meet House sit people for September.

25 May 2017

Roger happy now has his mobile pantry and spices organised !
Roger completing his duties.
Rabbits feed. Cute little things

24 May 2017

Mick. The beautiful Border Collie

22 May 2017

Just met second house sit family lovely people , pets and lovely home Will be. Very comfortable for next 10 days. In Upper Pakenham .
Breakfast. Yummy
First sit completed successfully. Now for a yummy breakfast before we meet the next house sit people in Pakenham

21 May 2017

The two charges we have. Pepe. and Squirt. For our first 4day house sit Very cute dogs. Also two cats mainly outside ones, a very comfy unit . All going well