Ireland · 4 Days · 6 Moments · September 2016

Moira's odyssey through Ireland

16 September 2016

Took the train into Dublin for Culture Night! First thing we did was of course eat:) (vegetable soup and Guinness for dinner) Our waiter said he was sorry we were from America😒 We walked around and passed a ton of street art and live music which was amazing. We ended up at the Temple Bar for drinks and listened to a live band play Galway Girl and Dirty Town and Wild Rover😍😍😍 with a Guinness in hand, I was in heaven. I could relive that night for the rest of my life and be happy! Cheers🍻

15 September 2016

First Thursday night we pre gamed in our room with some friends and played cards. Then Sarah and Meg and I went to Ashely's were we all met up for "prinks". Then walked to the stuun for a drink and the roost after that. The roost was super fun and it got really crowded. There was a live band which I loved!

14 September 2016

Went to see the president of NUIM welcome us to campus and then walked around a little bit with everyone. Later that night we went to Marta's room with everyone and had a wine and pizza night. Then the RAs shut us down bc they could hear us from "a mile away"🙄. There were too many of us there so we had to be out by 11 lol

13 September 2016

Our first night out in Maynooth!! We met in Kate's apartment and went to the stuun with Kate's roommate Sarah and her friends. They were nice and fun but once we got there we split up. I ordered a Bulmers and really liked it😋 it was a lock and key night where the guys got the lock and girls got keys and you had to find your match. It was a ton of fun!! Can't wait to go back soon
First (half) pint of Guinness with Marta!! Mr. Kelly took me, Marta and Kate out to eat and to the store after for groceries. I got fish and chips at O'Neil's. Kate got the vegetable soup which was really good and I'll probably get when I go back
My own room at the River Apartments on the north side of campus. I have 4 other roomies - Meghan (SMC), Kyla (Rhode Island), Kristine (Colorado), and Sarah (SMC). They are all super nice and we've gotten along great so far! A whole apartment of smicks live directly below us and I can see Kate's room from across the green