United States of America · 12 Days · 8 Moments · December 2016

Mohit's adventure in Miami Beach, FL, Unit...

6 January 2017

The Day at Savannah- Considered the city with most ghastly stories associated. One can be evident from the fact that this city is built over the deads. Yeah, the whole fucking city! You heard it right. Remember Haint Blue?! Most of the houses are painted with this color to ward off ghosts. @Shashank- Did you see a small little girl waving in pain from this house with all her hairs up on her face? The girl from the movie- The Ring. @Mudit- Yeah, I totally believe your 7 am room door opening story!

1 January 2017

Days at Miami- Bird watching area of the hostel. There was alcohol, there was pool and there were girls. By the way, no one showed any guts to approach a girl here.

31 December 2016

30 December 2016

Hyde Beach- Oh gosh! Pool party with lots of dream girls. Mudit's swag was of no use here! Every girl was looking like a Playboy model.
Mudit trying to show some swag! Ode, on the other hand, waiting curiously to show his swag.

27 December 2016

The Day at Savannah- The best falafels I ever had. Didn't expect from a South African counter serve food joint.
The Day at Savannah- Tried to capture the pic of the trip but Mudit was in a different mood. You truly look as cute as Pikachu in your jumping pic. Mudit- You should be in show business man!

26 December 2016

Started the trip with renting a Subaru Forester