Germany · 1 Days · 1 Moment · December 2015

Mohamed Sasvan Basheer

Mohamed Sasvan 's adventure in Germany

5 December 2015

Day 1 : 03/12/15 The last night in Vilnius railway station where I had an wonderful day where i went to md where I wanted wifi so went there and sat there for 1/2 hrs and then returned to railway station where her was no bus or train to oro uotos (airport) so had to wait a long time and I had luck where there was wifi in railway station and where I had browse Internet no other go so I had to wait abt 6 hrs then it's was 5am where I rushed out and where I had chicken to eat where I had no choice I was dead hungry and then 5:30 am there was a bus coming after that boarded that bus and then went to airport and then checked in and then the transit was in Ukraine and then had to wait 1 hours and then some how got wifi called home and spoke to mom and then I boarded flight and then I reached fra to be honest the police was checking each and everyone's passes and where I got down and saw daddy there where i could read him he was waiting for me abt 6 hrs or more than that but a