Vietnam · 1 Days · 2 Moments · September 2017

9 September 2017

We then went to imperial city, the pagoda, and finally the kings tomb. However, getting there proved quite the challenge. After walking to imperial city and being haggled by rickshaw drivers and motorcycle taxis, we decided we could walk 5km to the pagoda. However that would mean an over 8km walk from our hostel in 38 degrees. By kilometre 3 we knew we had to find a taxi. But it was so hard to find one we ended up getting a taxi for only the last 1km and then made the mistake of walking back. We realized we had made a mistake again and seriously wondered why we even decided to go to the pagoda, but it was very beautiful and the first monastery we had seen. By the end of the afternoon we were so exhausted!
The first night in Hue was an early one after all of the excitement of the Hoi Van pass. We settled into our extremely nice hostel, ready to tackle a new day. (Might I add, we each had our own double bed in a private suite for $6 a night each). In Hue opted out of the tours and decided to spend less money by walking from place to place. Boy was that a mistake. Firstly, it was the hottest it has been on the trip so far, easily reaching 38 degrees Celsius. Not to mention the city was incredibly large and sprawled out, making it deathly to walk from place to place. But we embraced it was a positive outlook. We headed to Dong Ba market to take a look around. This is a traditional market where locals buy their groceries. Interestingly enough, it is place right behind a massive superstore selling all the same items for a higher price. I guess it's one way the Vietnamese distinguish between the rich and the poor.