Indonesia, Malaysia · 20 Days · 21 Moments · October 2014

Mo and Rapha in the djungle of Borneo

3 November 2014

Kurzer Stop in Java: Reicht für ein gesundes Frühstück mit einem belegten Brötchen mit viel Gemüse, Soße, Käse und zwei Scheiben Tofu, serviert mit Gemüsestäbchen und zuckerhaltigen teeartigem Kaltgetränk aus Nordamerika. Nach der großen Insel mit wunderschöner Natur, wilden Tieren, unterschieden zwischen Malaysia und Indonesien feststellen, lokaler Küche, 20 Stunden Busfahrten mit ohrenbetäubendem Jungle Techno und vielen Kommunikationswundern mit der jeweils lokalen und fast ausschließlich sehr hilfsbereiten und freundlichen Bevölkerung sind wir jetzt langsam reif für die kleine Insel, wo eine saubere Toilette, Dusche, ein erfrischender Pool und das ein oder andere Bintang Pilsener zusammen mit underen Freunden auf uns wartet. Bevor der Ernst des Lebens am Mittwoch in der Uni losgeht. Das darf man natürlich nicht vergessen! 😉
Finally back to Bali :) Too much smok 🙊

2 November 2014

Nach 17 Stunden Busfahrt mal ein bisschen im Swiss Bellhotel die Beine hochlegen. Mal gucken wie lange wir hier geduldet werden 😄

31 October 2014

Borneo days 15-16: Jungle Cruise in Tanjung Puting national park: We chartered a boat with a very friendly crew and enjoyed a relaxed atmosphere of driving through the rainforest, sleeping on the deck and got served with three delicious meals daily. After lot of very easy accommodation and food it was the "luxury" we needed to come down after a very adventurous and sometimes exhausting trip. Finally we saw lots of orang utans 🙈🙊🙉 Just amazing and funny to watch them eating pounds of bananas and jumping from tree to tree :) Thanks to our guide Sony and the friendly Crew for the perfect service and friendly hospatility :)

29 October 2014

Lass das mal die Papas machen. Dank gutem Busfahrer im Super Deluxe Bus in Pangkalan Bun angekommen. Jetzt geht's in den national park. Unsere starken Freunde warten schon 🙈🙊🙉
Transport, brumm brumm! 🚲🚓🚜🚗🚖🚋🚍🚣🚁🚀 Motivation pur, 20 Stunden im Komfort plus Deluxe Bus* (*vegan und glutenfrei)

27 October 2014

Singgahasana Lodge - a great hostel In Kuching with friendly international backpackers and a rooftop bar with table soccer and a pool table :)

25 October 2014

Borneo days 9 - 11: | Pure nature in Mulu National park | We got there by a small propeller machine and made a three day hike to see the famous pinnacles. At the first day we visited to incredible big caves and had a relaxed way along the typical brown watered rainforest river through the national park. Arriving at the "camp 5" we had the possibility to cool for ourselves and prepare our stuff for the next day. So the second day consists of an 8 hours hiking and climbing (2400 meters up, and of course 2400 meters down again). The last part was just possible with climbing 16 ladders and ropes which were attached at woods and part of the mountain. Finally we made it upon the mount and had a stunning view over the so called pinnacles. The walk down was actually the hardest, not physically, but mental because you have to be careful for every single step you take. It is not unknown that helicopters have to rescue climbers who don't take care and fall down. But luckily we made it :)

22 October 2014

Borneo day 7: Kota Kinabalu nightlife with our Swedish hostel roommates ✌️

19 October 2014

Pulau Mantanani - so far the smallest and most beautiful Island I've seen :)
Propably that's what people call a postcard island 🌴☀️🌏
Traditional Festival in Kota Belud with some very friendly and funny local guys. The villages compete in dancing and decoration their traditional clothes. Besides we saw a short concert of a "very famous Malaysian rockstar" 👏😄 We finished the evening with drinking tea, eating fried bananas baked with cheese and watching premiere league 👌

18 October 2014

Day 5: A relaxed day of hitch hiking - driving on the back of a van and relaxing in the sun ☀️till it started to rain in the mountains ☔️. Thanks for all our drivers :) Now going out to a culture street festival with traditional clothing and dances.

17 October 2014

Day 4: hitch hiking from mt. Kinabalu to Kudat, north peak of Borneo. 400km, 1600 meter altitude difference, 6 different cars and very helpful and friendly Malaysian people :)

16 October 2014

Climbing up Mount Kinabalu, first world heritage of Malaysia and peak of whole Borneo. Exhausting but amazing :)

15 October 2014

Day 2: Trip from Kota Kinabalu to the bottom of Mount Kinabalu. Tomorrow is the big day :) 4098 meter / we're coming!

14 October 2014

First impressions of our Borneo Trip - Kinabalu at night. We enjoyed Chinese Food, Rapha teached me how to eat with sticks (finally I learned it), we bought two travel guides from lonely planet and strolled around the city and over night markets. The beginning is already perfect :)
Kinabalu back packers 👌
Hello clouds.
Hey ho - let's go! Flying to Malaysia (Borneo). We don't even know to which airport and what we can expect there :D We will find out and let you know ;)
Packing for two adventurous weeks in Borneo :)