Japan · 6 Days · 13 Moments · August 2016

Miyako Island Obon 15 - 20 Aug, 2016

20 August 2016

Final Day on Miyako Island. Able to capture a few photos with the relatives before leaving as well. Will try to deive to Ikema Island before leaving as well

19 August 2016

Yoshino Beach
Yonoha Maehama Beach
Kurima Island. Didn't see much on the island. A few small cafes and a few beach areas

18 August 2016

Pictures from Boragawa and the German Castle as well
Finally got some free time today and took Aimi on a little sighteeing. Boragawa had a nice little swimming pool for Aimi. Shiriga Beach was mainly for visitors but a nice beach. The German Village was pretty awesome. All places were close to Oji's house. Looking forward to spending more time here

16 August 2016

Aimi's new work boots, however there was more playing going on then work with this little one

15 August 2016

Nakayasumi Shoten San Mai Niku Soba. Took a break from cutting the hatake and went eat. There was a jar of powdered curry on the table and Aimi was wondering what it was. I told her it's curry and to smell it, aparently smelling it for a three year old means suck it up your nose like a line of cocaine! Cried for about 10 minutes and then passed out after eating a few bites of the noodles
One of them human size spiders gave me a little scare!!
Hatake work. Gotta tidy up Ji-chan's hatake since he hasn't been able to since he has been sick
Japan Transatlantic Air
On the way to Miyako Island!
Left Hawaii on 29 Jul, 2016 and landed in Okinawa, Japan on 30 Jul 2016. Today after a couple weeks of house cleaning and maintenance, headed for Miyako Island. Wifey, Daughter and Father-In-Law in tow.