Singapore, Malaysia, China · 10 Days · 26 Moments · November 2016

Mitch's tour through Singapore

27 November 2016

More from Beijing. It was really cold. And I had a hard time flagging down a cab to get to the airport. No Uber in China.
10 hour layover in Beijing. Time to explore!!

26 November 2016

Shannah took me to the pinnacle at duxton observatory deck and it was a perfect way to spend my last hours in Singapore. There were panoramic views of the island that I'll never forget. Then we went for a buffet at a hotel on east steeet and I even managed to sneak into the free hotel shuttle bus to the airport.
Had dinner at Jumbo Seafood and then walked to boat Quey to find some sports bars to watch premier league. After the Hoegaarden bar closed at 2, I walked up the street and found another bar that was still open so I bought a beer to continue watching Chelsea vs Spurs. This is where I met Shannah, Jan, and their friends. We ended up going out to another restaurant around 4 am and I took Uber back to my hostel with one of their friends. It was a great night and the first local people I had met. It was nice talking to new friends about my adventure.

25 November 2016

After the turtle museum, went back to Chinatown and had lunch near my hostel. It started raining heavily while I was eating but it was till very warm and humid. Constant thundering in the background though. I bought 2 new t-shirts as all of the ones I brought were now dirty and I didn't elect to do laundry while on the trip. He laundry machine in my hostel was broken.
Highlight of the trip, turtle museum! And for $2 you could buy a pack of food and feed the turtles! I bought 2.
Went back to the Chinese Gardens and the Bonsai garden

24 November 2016

More from Kuala Lumpur
Flew to Kuala Lumpur on Friday.
Checked out Maxwell Hawker Center for breakfast and then the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, which is within walking distance of my hostel. It was beautiful and I couldn't help but be captivated by its spirituality.
After I woke up from my nap I took the MRT to the Chinese Gardens but it was too late to go inside the monument so I pledged to come back again during the day time. I got back on the MRT and made my way to Haji Lane and got an a├žai bowl

23 November 2016

After I got back to my hostel from The museum I was tired so I laid down for a nap
Walked from Little India to The National Museum (after a pit stop at Starbucks to cool off). Spent about 2 hours in the museum. Learned a lot about the history of Singapore, and even bought a book called "Singapore: A Biography" Had lunch in the museum before I left.
Went to Little India for breakfast to start day 4. Also just wanted to explore the area so after stopping for food at a hawker center, i walked to the residence of the Tan Teng Niah and from there made my way back towards town and the museum I wanted to go to next.
Walked back out to Clark Quey for late dinner

22 November 2016

Walked around Clarke Quey to Raffles Hotel where I had a Singapore Sling (tropical sling, actually). It was very tasty but also very expensive. The outdoor bar, the Long Bar, was packed with tourists enjoying a cocktail in the humidity. Then I walked to the vintage toy museum where they had 5 different displays of vintage toys. Would be very nostalgic for anyone who grew up in the 1950-60s.
Relaxing cruise tour along the Singapore River
Wandering around boat whey looking for the Singapore River Cruise. I eventually found it.
Went back to Marina Bay Sands again to start my third day in Singapore and found breakfast at the food court before going to the artscience museum. They had a rad NASA vs Sputnik exhibit that chronicled the space race in the 1950s-1960s between USA and USSR. There was also an art exhibit featuring Escher.
Went back to Marina Bay Sands to spend a little more time with Nicole and Marty on their last night in town. First we hit up the bar and scored some happy hour drinks. Then we went to the casino. I lost $300 playing blackjack. Finally, we checked out the Sands' light show on the bay and also waked through gardens by the bay before parting ways. It was nice seeing Marty again. It's been over 10 years since we had seen each other.

21 November 2016

After the breakfast buffet I walked further up Orchard Road and eventually bumped into the botanical gardens. The complex was just amazing.
Took the MRT to orchard station and walked up Orchard Road to Orange Grove Road where I enjoyed a breakfast buffet at The Line Restaurant at the Shangri La Hotel
My friend Marty happened to be in town with his wife Nicole and they were staying at Marina Bay Sands so they smuggled me up to the infinity pool

20 November 2016

Spent the first half of my 2nd day in Singapore at Sentosa Island. To get there, I took the MRT to Horbourfront station and from there took Sentosa Express and got off at the first stop. I was so happy to find a Starbucks and get inside. I am not very accustomed to humidity. It also started to rain while I was inside starbucks, but the temps and humidity both remained high. I felt Sentosa is very touristy. There's an outdoor mall, Universal Studios, and casino. It felt like mainland America. There is also a beach and a water slides park, which i did not go to on this trip. I did go to the aquarium, which was quite fascinating.

19 November 2016

Spent my first day in Singapore at the zoo. They have a night safari that showcased nocturnal marsupials

18 November 2016

Exploring my new neighborhood for the first time. I wanted to walk around as much as possible and immerse myself in my local surroundings. I ended up loving Chinatown. It was a perfect place for me to stay on this trip. There was an MRT station within 5 minutes of my hostel, which I used frequently. There was also plenty of food stands in Chinatown where I could grab a quick bite at anytime.