Australia and Oceania · 9 Days · 44 Moments · October 2017

Mitchell’s Pacific Eden Tour 2017 PNG & SI

2 November 2017

Unfortunately we have been unable to get off ship and explore Island because of dangerous swell. Not safe to tender ashore 🌊🚢🛶. Very disappointing - were very much looking forward to adventure with white beaches and reef being so close to island beaches. Safety first though! Have had to settle with just pictures instead. Feel sorry for locals who had prepared a day of festivities and markets for us.
Day 10 - Gizo Island. Population 7177 (2009 census) A slice of paradise steeped in World War II history. Gizo is a fascinating destination boasting impressive dive sites, a unique marketplace and stunning tropical scenery. Gizo is most well known for its World War II history when a young lieutenant by the name of John F Kennedy landed on what became known as Kennedy island after his torpedo boat collided with a Japanese vessel. Gizo Island boasts an array of reef and wreckage diving sites odd its coasts. A mix of stunning coral reefs, deep dives, WWII plane wreckage and dive walls make this Island a must see for enthusiastic divers. Gizo Island was named after an infamous local head hunter.

1 November 2017

I was performing as a lion on stage.
I was having a photo with tc and skipper

31 October 2017

It was coconut heaven
I met so many kids
Day 8 - Rabaul Located on PNG's northeastern tip, this province - blessed with natural beauty but plagued with an unlucky past - has literally risen from the ashes. The former capital of New Britain is a town with a colourful history and no stranger to rebuilding itself from the ground up. It's been destroyed by volcano eruptions in 1937 and 1994, as well as being all but flattened by aerial bombardment in World War II. Its kilometres of underground tunnels built by the Japanese during its occupation in World War II are a testament to its wartime past. Since 1994, Rabaul has returned to life and its harbour is still one of the most impressive in the entire Pacific basin.

30 October 2017

Day 7 - Vitu (Garove Island) scenic cruising. The islands are volcanic ocean peaks, much as they are reef-ringed not atolls, and they are thereby highly fertile. Garove (Vitu or big Witu) and Unea (Bali) are the largest islands. The group was the chief copra Centre of PNG although cocoa is now the main crop harvested due to the depressed prices available for copra.

29 October 2017

I was relaxing with mummy and cameron.
I had a photo of me.
I was playing on the drum.
I was having a photo with the Papua New Guinea people.
There was lots of Papua New Guinea people and I had a photo with them.
We were at the sea we saw fish.
We were playing with the sand.
We were having a photo with people that liked us.
Day 6 - Wewak (Papua New Guinea) Population 433,500 Capital of East Sepik Province. Wewak is steeped in history, rich in culture and blessed with natural beauty. East Sepik Province is a wonderland of islands, beautiful coastlines, river system and mountain ranges. The mighty Sepik River runs 1126 kilometres from its source in the central mountains to the sea. The economy relies on agriculture, copra, cocoa, oil palm and vanilla farming, fisheries and some tourism.

28 October 2017

We had a photo on the balcony me and Mum and Cameron.
I was parkouring at the beach.
Me and Cameron saw eels.
Me and Mum and Cameron had a photo in a beautefel garden.
We saw a papa new Guiney house.
We saw lots of canoes.
We had a photo with the canoes.
My daddy was caring me when I was asleep!
We had a photo with the water.
Day 5 - Madang (Papua New Guinea) Population 430,000 Colonised by Germany in the 18th century then taken over by the British following World War II. Madang (the name of the town and the surrounding province) saw heavy fighting during World War II. Despite this the province remains picture perfect. It's framed by the awe inspiring 4,500 metre mountains of Bismarack Range carved by unspoiled rivers Ramu, Sogeram, Gogol and Malas and dotted by volcanic islands.

27 October 2017

Ahoy there me herty!!!
We had towel doggy
We had a mocktail when we were having a swim.
We were in a pool.
Day 4 - At sea

26 October 2017

We were off the boat.
Day 3 - Alotau (Papua New Guinea) Population 74,644 (2010 census) Capital of Milne Bay province, Alotau is steeped in history, rich in culture and blessed with natural beauty. The gateway to some of the most remote island communities remaining in the world today, this is a place that is enriched with age old culture and traditions. The area claims its fame in the history books where the Battle of Milne Bay took place in 1942 and an Australian digger was awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery - put these two elements together and add a beautiful harbour, relaxed atmosphere and friendly locals and you are left with a pretty destination

25 October 2017

Day 2 - at sea

24 October 2017

Summer Sailaway party animals!!!!
Day 1 - Depart Cairns