United Kingdom, Qatar, India · 16 Days · 82 Moments · November 2015

Mister.i's trip to India

18 November 2015

Doha Airport for the change over

17 November 2015

Mumbai Airport
To the airport for the homeward trip
The hunt for the Starbucks cup begins in Mumbai
We made it to Mumbai
Mosquitoes feasting on Mrs Simon
Pit stop
Bye bye Nasari

16 November 2015

Last day in Navsari, Went to town as with had a few last minute things to pick up and I also wanted to get another cut and shave.

15 November 2015

We are back here again 😳
Everyday the kids play cricket here on this field
Daily Rickshaw Pic
Morning Run, was 30 degrees by 8am today. Was a hot run

14 November 2015

After hearing the devastating about the Paris Attacks. I thought it was appropriate to wear my PSG shirt. I spent the day with the wife wondering around the local markets and shops, it was a lot quieter than usual with most of the shops still closed for Diwali. We came across a shop in the market which sells jewellery to wear with Indian sarees. It designed so that you can only sit down in you cannot stand at all making it far more difficult to just up and leave, who ever thought of this is a genius as with all shops in India once you buy one item you are then bombarded with another 5 or so similar items in a bid to 'sell up' whilst you are trying to leave the store, with this system since you are already sitting it gives the shop attended more time to throw more items at you and also makes it far more difficult to up and leave as you feel you are being rude or disrespectful. Wife went all out though leaving me to call the bank for reinforcements πŸ˜‚

13 November 2015

Scorcher today, was too hot to do much in the day, so late afternoon we headed to a neighbouring town to a restaurant the locals call Nandos, it wasn't actually called that but the food certainly gave the real Nandos a run for its money. The restaurant was in a massive outside setting although I'm not sure what they do when it rains though 😳 After eating until we possibly couldn't eat another mouthful, I tried to get a bit active by playing in the kids park with a local boy. I was pushing him on a rusty looking roundabout, however in reflection I'm not sure if he was crying out of excitement or fear 😳 (he didn't speak English) so I bought him an ice cream to say sorry.
Second run around the complex, nice flat course, finally went under 22mins for 5K πŸ˜ŠπŸƒπŸΎπŸ’¨

12 November 2015

Sal Mubarak (Happy New Year)
Real India in Navsari
Morning run around the complex

11 November 2015

Happy Diwali
So I broke my glasses, fixed for a fiver 😊
Trip to the India Barber as my beard is getting out of control
Good Morning Navsari
We finally arrive in Navsari

10 November 2015

So after crashing into a truck (no one was hurt) we take a a pit stop at probably the nicest service station I've seen so far. Our driver still means business though and is throwing this mini bus round bends quicker than Lewis Hamilton. Hopefully not long left now on this horror journey
Not sure this mini bus was designed for the type of speeds we a currently doing around these mountain corners
No words, picture says it all got to the worse toilet I've ever seen
Another mammoth 9.5 hour drive to Navsari 😳 loving the sunset thou
Lunch and Smiles at City Palace
City Palace (The Return) We returned to the City Palace for the official sightseeing tour. This involved a two hour walk around this wonderful palace
Royal Pratap Hotel Well what can I say, we was all part of an old school hotel scam, the hotel we booked used pictures and reviews of a hotel with a very similar name but of much higher quality, after being told by the nicer 5star hotel that we wasn't booked in their establishment, we was shown the way to the much lower star Royal Pratap hotel. Although the rooms wasn't quite up to our now very high standard we was to tired and hungry to arrange anything else by this point so we decided we would make do as it was only one night, we went for dinner at the City Palace and then to bed. Luckily the breakfast and the rooftop morning view more than made up for it the low standard room 😊 I thought long and hard about going for a run, but decided against it due to the narrow streets and heavy traffic.

9 November 2015

Another place another palace this time we are at the City Palace, half of it is under water and apparently it featured in a James Bond movie #udaipur #IndiaTrip2015 #india #WonderfulWorld #TheWife #DoSomethingYouveNeverDoneBefore
Back on the for bus 9 hours, this time to Urdaipur
As if ΓΌber works in India πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
GEMPORIA India Visit
Leaving Hotel Hilton Jaipur
Morning Gym Trying my hardest to keep some level of fitness whilst out here, even finding a hotel with a gym is proving difficult

8 November 2015

Elephant Feeding and Riding
Amber Fort
Loving the gym/wellness centre here πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸƒπŸΎπŸ’¨

7 November 2015

Arrived at Hilton Jaipur
Still going 6 hours later
So Google maps said 4 hours to Jaipur. So how are 4 hours in and over 80 miles away??? Meanwhile these 3 a driving me mad singing Disney songs πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ#SlowMiniBusDriver #GoodTimes
So Google maps said 4 hours to Jaipur. So how are 4 hours in and over 80 miles away ???
Most of the writing for this journal takes place on the this bus
Not quite the M6 toll But on the plus side the fee is only 50 pence
Bye bye Taj Hotel Resorts
Day 5 The Taj Mahal Wow wow wow, not many times in life do you get to see a wonder of the world. Look soo much bigger than I imagined and was even more beautiful.

6 November 2015

Playing the sitar 😊
Ok so running in the dark in India should be a discipline round on fear factor πŸ™ˆ But running next to the Taj Mahal ain't never gonna happen anytime soon. I had every intention of going before sunset however I just missed it. The night set in quickly and it was so darker than i had anticipated as I hadn't realised in the day that there wasn't any street lights at all. The plan was to at least get a 5k in but after 2k I realised it was far to dangerous and turn round to come back towards the hotel. After almost going the wrong way and almost falling into a hole in the road I arrive safely back to the hotel having completed 4K, Happy to have completed a goal but I really doubt I'll be running in the dark again in India.
Day 4 After an epic 9 and half hour drive we arrive in Agra home of the Taj Mahal. As we unloaded our luggage the porter asked what was our plans, the plan was to spend a day in Agra and go to the Taj early the next morning before travelling to Jaipur. His looked a little shocked and said 'THE TAJ MAHAL IS CLOSED ON FRIDAYS 😳' We all looked at each other in shock realising we would have to either miss out on seeing a wonder of the world or dramatically change our plans. We decided to stay in Agra an extra day so we could get to see the Taj. We spent our extra day visiting Fort Agra and traveling around the City on a Tuk Tuk. Dinner for the night was Pizza Hut. I then had the crazy idea of going for a run. I had every intention of going before sunset but just missed it, it was an experience in the dark to say the least. After a quick shower we had a late night drink on our roof top terrace where I had a jamming session on the sitar 😊.
Day 4 Taj Mahal Resorts

5 November 2015

Day 3 Here at last, after over 9 hours travelling we finally reached our destination of The Taj resorts in Agra.
Day 3 Still on the bus after 7 hours and still 80Km away 😳 Hoping the hotel we are arriving at has a sports channel that is showing the Spurs game
Maybe he didn't put that wheel on correctly 😳
Day 3 After an hour travel we have stopped for repairs to our minibus. The horn isn't working which is a major thing in India as its openly used to make others aware of your presence. Whilst stopping I witnessed a health and safety horror show with a man under a massive truck with what can only by discribed as a makeshift jack 😳
Day 3 Safari Trip completed its back on the bus for a 7 hour journey to Ajra which is the home of the Taj Mahal. 😊 #WonderOfTheWorld Fully loaded with podcast and to programmes for this trip, time to settle in for this looong journey.
Day 3 Woke up at 5am for a 6am start on the safari. Was pitch black when we left and quite a bit chilly, I had hope once the sun came up at 6.32 (according to my new Apple Watch 😊) that it would warm up however to my horror it started to rain. After 3 hours of safari the hunt for tigers proved less successful than yesterday and we return back to the hotel wet and cold. The amazing breakfast cheered me up though with porridge and toast on the menu, there were also Indian dishes and vegetables nuggets with chips 😳, after returning for a second helping of porridge we packed our bags and headed off for Japiur

4 November 2015

Day 2 Safari trip part 1 (Continued) The race was on to see the tiger, however the path was very narrow and we needed to be going in the opposite direction, not wanting to waste time turning around our driver proceeded to REVERSE at speeds up to 50 MPH back down a narrow path hill,which was slightly unnerving, but it seemed like it was something he done regularly as his driving skills were immaculate. We arrived just intime to see the tiger relaxing about 50 meters away from where parked. On the way back to base we also had a stand off with two wild elephants who insisted we took a different route back as they stubbornly defended the path they were standing on and we also caught a tiny glimpse of another tiger who appeared momentarily on our path only to disappear just a quickly. With the night darkness closing in we returned back to our hut style accommodation for an amazing dinner of chicken and rice downed a few beers and took ourselves to bed.
Day 2 Safari trip part 1 So after visiting the river Ganges for morning prayers, we set off on a 6 hour drive to Corbett National Park in Kashipur. This was a 2 Safari with an overnight stay. We arrived just after 1pm, After a quick lunch we were shown to our rooms the accommodation was wonderful with the hut style designed rooms having everything you could need. We then set off for the Safari trip. After being told that 6 people had been eaten by tigers on this trip a few years ago I was slightly worried, however the guide assured us there was nothing to worry about. We boarded our 4x4 jeep and was driven around this amazing national park, for the first 90 mins we saw deer and monkeys all in their natural surroundings and the fact that we was there didn't seem to bother them at all. Completely out of the blue another 4x4 jeep came flying towards us very quickly, word had spread that there was a tiger nearby.......
River Ganges
Bye Bye Hotel Park Grand

3 November 2015

Ok so we are cancelling this hotel as we cannot get 10 suitcases up past a sandpit and 10 bags of rubble.
Been travelling for 30 hours now 😳
Coffee and Drinks, stuck to the plan and had McDonalds
Subway was the food for today
Sixth Form Centre
Now for the 5 hour drive to Haridawar
Delhi Airport
Watching the Spurs on the plane 2-0 up #COYS

2 November 2015

Hmmm, what film to watch.
Internet on the plane, I like this 😊😊
Flying and watching the inflight films
Sleeping already haven't even taken off yet
Treated myself πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ
Check in, battery is dying very quickly
So here we go
Finally here 😊
Early morning wake up to make our way to the airport 😳 Hit mad traffic due to fog, so an hour journey took over 2 hours