Italy · 2 Days · 13 Moments · March 2016

Mister.i's odyssey through Italy

29 March 2016

Last Day. Wanted to go running in the wonderful park again before I left so I set my alarm for 6.15 for a quick morning run. I only had 6km to do today so it all worked out well with the times. Packed up and made my way to the airport. Luckily I got my times wrong and the train was 6 mins later than I planned, this was definitely a good thing given I only just made it. The 55 mins train journey seemed much shorter this time (it always does once you become familiar) Once I reached the airport I had a treat McDonald's breakfast of Pancakes with warm milk and chocolate. Goodbye Milan, I am already planning my next european trip, although I probably wouldn't come back to Milan unless it was for a race but I did have an amazing time here. I just about to land on my Flybe flight, which again has been seem less and simple. Flying is become so much easier these days with self check ins and boarding passes you can have on your phone. 👍👌

28 March 2016

Went out to visit the Milan Catheral as it was number 1 on every list of things to do in Milan. Also did some Tram Spotting which is a favourite pass time of mine 😊 Finished the afternoon off with some shopping
Woke up a little worse for wear after my night out. Put on my running gear and headed out. Was raining slightly and it wasn't bright at all. It's a lovely park to run in although it seems like you are always running uphill. Not the best hangover cure. Breakfast was a fruit selection and a yogurt from the local supermarket
After a short nap, I headed into the city centre to check out the clubs. I was recommended the area I went to by the porter at my hotel so wasn't sure what to expect. Not used to Queing I abandoned the long line I was standing in and went to a smaller car with the intention of coming back later once the line had died down, the small bar I went into was playing retro hits and sing alongs tunes. I manage to last 30 mins but Spice Girls Wanna Be finally signalled my time to leave. I returned to the club and the line had not moved at all with most of the same people stood outside as before. I decide that clubs wasn't gonna happen. I did manage to get into a club called 'MAMACITA' which played RnB and Reggaaton. I spent around 90 mins in the club partying with the locals. Th smoking laws seem much more relaxed in this club in particular and it was a very smokey atmosphere. At around 3am local time I was all partied out and it was food time.

27 March 2016

Looked on Trip Advisor for some recommended restaurants in the area. Of the two I liked and went to look for, one had closed down and the other was closed due to the Easter holidays. Came across a Chinese Restutant on my journey so settled for that although having Chicken Feet and Ducks Tounge on the menu almost put me off. He food wasn't anything to write home about and the whole experience pretty average. Price was good though I got 3 courses and a massive beer for €15 so can't complain
The stadium was massive, not as impressive as Ajax Arena or (Johan Cryuff Arena) but still impressive due to its sheer size. The baby sized museum was pitiful for such a big club. Was just a few bits placed in a dark room. Wasn't impressed at all.
Weather is amazing so much so I had to buy some sunglasses. I decided to go to the San Siro today as rain is forecast for tomorrow. Another simple trip thanks to Google Maps
Took a stroll around to get comfortable with the surroundings , found an amazing park to take a run in.
Getting the refreshments in since I have two hours to kill 😳👀
Hotel doesn't look amazing. The room won't be ready for a few hours so it's a bag drop and off for a drink. Not sure if it's because it's Easter or a Sunday but most of the shops are closed 😳
Used Goggle Maps which is my regular tour guide these days to make my way to the Hotel. Said 11 min walk but was only about 5 mins. Weather is bright but wouldn't say warm, at least it isn't raining.
Feel asleep and the airport and just made the flight was actually the last person on the plane. 2 hour flight followed by a 55 min train journey to Milan Central.
My Trip to Milan Begins. I start this trip coming straight from DJing at VelvetmusicRooms lots of vodka was involved therefor making me a little delicate so this should be fun. Flying this time with Flybe. Will update as much as possible in the next few days.