North America · 8 Days · 89 Moments · February 2017

Mission of Hope 2017

11 February 2017

Home sweet home

10 February 2017

The wiffle wiffle dr suess tree, the moon, and the ocean...
Bercy medical clinic day #2

9 February 2017

You want crabs?
Our clinic set up for the day
I love this TEAM!
It's a little quieter here in Bercy. About 50 people checked in so far. We are enjoying the more relaxed pace.
This is Bernadette and her family who drove 2 hours to see me at the prosthetic clinic today. She will be coming back in a couple weeks to get her leg. She was SO excited to begin this process. There are only about 3 prosthetic labs left in Haiti, so this is truly a gift to her:) I asked her what would it mean for her to get a leg and she replied "my heart would be joyful!" She also said she looks forward to doing "everything" with a new leg.
Medical clinic day 3 in Bersey!
Do you like my hat?

8 February 2017

Some photo's. ..the essence of Haiti
Thankful I'm not sleeping here tonight!
Mfb team. Mags is done for the day
Heather sterilizing the dental equipment
We re-opened the line. And managed to see an incredible 187 people. The team is exhausted and there aren't s lot of pictures from the day, but we will have a few this evening.
Minotrie day #2
Muscles the pharmacist.
It's lunch time and we have had to shut down check in at 152 people. There at least 20 more people hoping to get in, but it will depend on how quicky that we are able to treat everyone. Pray that everyone gets the care they need today. We have served about 90 people so far.
Today I was scheduled to see my sponsor student,Dachenie . I went to her school to meet her, but she didn't go to school today. So the translator and I found a friend of hers who was able to come with us as we drove to Dachenie's village. At some point, we pulled off the road and this little girl walked me down a dirt path. We yelled "Dachenie" and amazingly found her in her home not too far away. I spent a little time talking to her. She hadn't felt well in the morning so she stayed home from school. Usually her transportation would be on a tap tap . Her mom doesn't have a job, so her father who lives far away sends money for her to go to school and I help with the rest. I had a backpack of new school supplies, snacks, nutrition bars, and a large jar of peanut butter for her. She was shy, I could tell her family was hungry, but she did have a smile on her face when I left:)
@9:35 the line is up to 126.
Medical clinic day ✌🏼
It's 9am and there are 86 people in line already.
This AM we are heading back to Minoterie. We are unsure what to expect! When we left on Monday we told people we would be back yesterday, but then the national holiday was announced. Hopefully, the word will spread that we are coming back today! I think we are all in good spirits, but there are definitely a few sunburns and it's going to be extra important that we stay hydrated. Pray for health today. Ours, and the people who we will be serving.

7 February 2017

The scenery that never gets old.
How's that chair treating you Maggs?!
Beach day!
Haiti is randomly having a national holiday for the presidential inauguration. They decided this at 3:15 yesterday, so that means we get a random beach day today instead of Friday. :) the sun is shining, the water is cool and the fun has begun!

6 February 2017

Foosball champs....and stove
Intense Foosball game!
Got it.
Where the heck is the wifi?!!
No words...
Clinic at minotrie
Mobile clinic in Minotrie day #1
A very rewarding day 😍
A successful day!!!
Clinic at Minoterie
Clinic at Minoterie
Someone's gotta do the supervising round here...
We got bout wait...

5 February 2017

Super Bowl dinner!
I stepped on a thorn and impaled my foot to get this was worth it...
MOH village tours
Sundays agenda: church and tour of MOH properties and some villages
The classrooms and school buildings and playground.
The best Haiti team ever!
A great day!!!
Making friends at church.
Worship with the Haitian people, communion, such a blessing. Pics of the schools.
Haiti technology is hard.
Mission of hope. So many amazing things going on here!
Riding through town.
Day 1 🌞
Riding through town.

4 February 2017

Our transportation for the week!
Maggie - preparing to immigrate.
Over Haiti, just amazing!
Last time on American soil till next week πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβž‘οΈπŸ‡­πŸ‡Ή
Boarding the flight to Haiti. Joshua and Muscles.
Haiti is in our future πŸ˜€
Hanna wants a sandwich.
That's an ocean...we think...πŸ™ƒ
Above the clouds, a new horizon. The water was so calm, looked like glass.
Plane is delayed to fix the navigation system. Seems unimportant.
Freezing our faces off waiting for our bags.
Daniels muscles
The hunt for coffee...unsuccessful...
Step 1: Checking in all our luggage πŸ‘πŸ»